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Electronic vs. Paper Party Invitations: Which Should I Choose?

Just a generation ago, we were sent to school with a pocketful of paper party invitations for all of our classmates. These days, physical invitations are becoming less and less common, in favour of e-cards, texts and emails. While there are certain occasions on which paper invitations are still common (weddings, for example), other events seem to have largely made the switch to digital (such as birthday celebrations, anniversary meals and hen nights).

We believe that paper party invitations are far superior to digital ones, despite our society’s growing tendency to conduct all interactions online. There’s something just so exciting about receiving a letter in the post, and opening it up to find you’ve been asked to a party. It’s much more personal than a Facebook message – not to mention, it gives the host an opportunity to set the tone of the party, and show off their style.

Today, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of digital party invitations, and explain the advantages of sending paper party invitations by good old-fashioned post.

Should I Send My Party Invitations Online?
Some people choose to send party invitations via the internet, rather than traditional post. One of the most popular mediums for sending online invitations is Facebook Events.

This service has a few noticeable benefits. It’s free to use, and allows guests to RSVP immediately, rather than sending a reply slip through the post. Guests can also see who else has been invited to the party, simply by checking the list of invitees.

The downside is that Facebook notifications are easily missed. Some people don’t have a Facebook account at all – and many that are signed up don’t check their notifications very often. There’s also no feature to invite ‘plus ones’.

The alternative is to send an e-mail or an e-card. Unfortunately, though, not all of your guests will check their inbox regularly – and e-mails can easily get lost in the ‘junk folder’. E-card services can also cost just as much as paper invitations, or even more.

And with any method of sending invitations online, the main downside is that it’s just not as exciting or personal as receiving a real card in the post. You can save a paper invitation as a keepsake, and cherish it for years to come – the same can’t be said for a Facebook event.

Why Send Paper Party Invitations?
So, why should you send out paper party invitations to your next big event? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary celebration, hen night, stag do or simply a house party, there are several distinct advantages to sending a traditional card in the post.

Not Everybody is Digitally Inclined
If you’re only planning to invite young people to your party or event, then digital invitations might be appropriate. But you have to bear in mind that there are plenty of people out there who don’t have a computer, smartphone, or access to the internet. It’s no good trying to send a Facebook invite to your Great Aunt Gladys when she’s never so much as signed up for an account.

Most people have e-mail addresses, but older individuals might not check their inbox very regularly. Your party could have come and gone by the time they even notice that they have a new message. However, they can’t fail to notice a card coming through their letter box!

Higher Attendance Rate
If you send paper invitations to your guests, you’re bound to get fewer no-shows, and fewer people ignoring your invitation altogether. Facebook events and e-mail invitations have a surprisingly high attrition rate – that is, people who don’t reply, or reply ‘maybe’ or ‘yes’ but then drop out at the last minute. Digital invites may be okay for casual gatherings, but for a planned event, you’ll need an accurate head count (especially when organising aspects such as catering).

If your invitees see that you’ve gone to the effort of designing, printing and signing paper invitations, they’re far less likely to ignore it. Include an RSVP slip or a reply card with the invite, and they’ll take it far more seriously.

Post is Harder to Miss
E-mails, e-cards and Facebook events are quite easy to miss, even for those of us who are comfortable with the digital world. Some people receive dozens, or even hundreds, of e-mails and social media notifications every single day – meaning that an invitation to a party often gets lost. Either that, or it’s redirected to the spam folder.

Although it’s possible for post to get lost, it is quite rare. Most people will find their invitation along with their morning post and write the date into their diary straight away, or stick the card on the fridge – meaning your party won’t be forgotten about.

Set the Tone for Your Party
Designing your own wedding invitation gives you a brilliant opportunity to set the theme and general aesthetic for your party. It’ll give your guests an idea of what sort of party it might be – how to dress, what kind of entertainment to expect, and so on.

For example: say you’re planning an elegant, Oscars-inspired New Years’ Eve bash. An elegant, black party invitation with a looping, cursive font and silver or gold embellishments would set the tone beautifully. You simply can’t do that through e-mail or Facebook.

Make it Clear Who You’re Inviting
A physical party invitation comes in the post. And because of that, it comes in an envelope – an envelope which you’re able to address, specifically, to whoever is invited. It also gives you an opportunity to offer your guest a plus-one – for example, “Miss Jane Smith and Guest”.

If you send an invitation online, however, it’s a lot trickier to be specific about who is invited and who isn’t. Your guests may not know whether they’re welcome to bring their children, for example, and it can cause a fair amount of confusion.

Let Loose Your Creativity
Are you an artsy or creative sort of person? If so, you’ll love the freedom that comes with designing and personalising a paper party invitation. You can be as specific as you want with your colour scheme, decorations, border, and artwork. You can choose from a range of font styles and design an invite that will really ‘wow’ your guests. By contrast, it’s a lot harder to be creative if you’re using online invitations.

Where Can I Order Party Invitations?
At 123Print, we specialise in affordable, high-quality, and totally customisable printing. We’re an established company that has been trading for over a decade, so we know exactly what it takes to produce the perfect party invitations. We’re extremely proud of all of our products, in fact – everything you order will come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

We stock a wide range of party invitations to suit every occasion, from children’s birthday parties to weddings. But if you feel creative, we also offer you the ability to create a completely bespoke invitation, right on our website. Design it from scratch, or base it around one of our popular templates – the choice is yours.

Our beautiful party invitations come in two sizes – standard (A6) and large (A5). Prices start from just 40p per invitation, and we always aim to dispatch orders by the next business day (if ordered before 11:00 GMT). Why not get designing today?

6 Free Fonts To Help With Your Christmas Marketing

For many businesses Christmas can be the make it or break it season. The rise in Christmas shoppers offers the perfect antidote to a tough year in sales and it’s important that every avenue to increase sales is explored and utilised to maximise sales. Yet, with the huge increase in customers during the Christmas season there is also a huge increase in competition. More businesses than ever before are depending on Christmas to keep their business afloat and the competition to grab every last sale is growing into a fierce fight.

Thus making sure your marketing is top notch and is resonating with every single customer has never been more important. One element is simply making your advertising materials, like flyers or posters, that bit more appealing to the average Christmas shopper. One question we keep getting asked here at 123Print is, ‘Where can I find Christmas fonts to use in my artwork designs?’ Well, after recently releasing our very own font Debbie (and seeing as it’s Christmas) we have chosen 6 of our favourite Christmas or seasonal fonts, all of which can be downloaded and used for free. A little gift from us to you.

Santa’s Air Mail –

Jump straight into your Christmas advertising designs with this Santa Air Mail font. Offering a quirky 3D design, this font brings a little winter scenery to your design by adding a little snowfall to each letter.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

Candy Cane –

The Candy Cane is an iconic image of Christmas and this Candy Cane font is sure to awaken your customers’ sweet tooth. Add this font to your Christmas marketing designs and you are sure to pull in the Christmas shoppers.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

Christmas Flakes –

Will it be a white Christmas? The news seems to think so! Give your Christmas designs the chills with this elegant Christmas flakes font design. This tidy script design uses both large and small snow flakes to tie up a wintry font.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

Snow for Santa –

Whether you love it or hate it, snow is an iconic image of Christmas and you can get your marketing designs in the jolly mood with this Christmas Flakes font design. Perfect for businesses looking to stay in Santa’s nice list, this font uses a little snow design on each of the letters and also has flakes falling throughout the lettering.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

Ornamental –

Put the final touches to your Christmas marketing with this super fun Ornamental font design. Using (you guessed it!) Christmas Ornaments and baubles as the outer of the design, this font has a quirky fun-like lettering inside of each bauble.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

Dickensian Christmas –

For a different type of target market this Dickensian font is less Christmas tree and more aged design. We can see this design being perfect for a customer base of over 40 years of age, as it uses a smart holly design round each of the Dickensian designed letters.

Terms- Free for personal use. For commercial use please contact creator.

4 Flyer Marketing Ideas That Really Work!

For most small businesses flyers are an excellent way of marketing. With cost-effective production, a ‘take it or leave it’ nature and unlimited design space the flyer is one of the UK’s number one direct marketing tools.

In fact it’s estimated that over 500,000 flyers are handed out during the average working week, with 90% disposed of within town and city centres every weekend. That leaves a promising 10% to be carried home and transformed into sales!

For us there is no better direct marketing tool than the flyer. With outstanding economic viability, various diverse uses and best of all, the knowledge that they do lead to sales. Take a look at our 4 flyer marketing ideas below to help you find some creative marketing gems to use for your own flyers…

Orchid Studios Flyer Continue reading 4 Flyer Marketing Ideas That Really Work!