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Jon Snow What Do You Know?

Well, Game of Thrones fever has well and truly set in, with one question on everyone’s lips – is Jon Snow dead? Officially he is “as dead as dead” or “dead, dead, dead!”. One thing we do know however is that Jon Snow knows nothing – but to what extent does his lack of knowledge stretch? One thing he does know – is how to get good volume into those dark Stark locks of his. We found some examples that you might find interesting.


Women Mean Business – Statistics of Women In Business [Infographic]

For most people in today’s world, imagining the business industry without the role and presence of women is simply infeasible. Yet, a mere 30 years ago women only made up 4.6% of the UK’s entrepreneur numbers. Today however, the role of women in business has changed vastly. From the classrooms of our nation’s schools, to boardrooms and the engines of start-ups; the role of women in business is integral to the success of much of the UK’s new found entrepreneur spirit.

Statistics released this year directly support this statement, with figures showing that out of the 600,000 new self employed individuals, between 2008 and 2011, up to 80% were women.

To highlight the rise of women in the business world, we have created this infographic which details the role and importance of women in business today, in 2014.

Are you celebrating the growing role of women in business? Let us know in the comments section below.

Infographic detailing the role and importance of women in business

The Rise of the Modern Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Some of us hate it and some of us love it.  Whichever side of the Marmite term Mumpreneur or Dadpreneur you lie on, you cannot deny that the tremendous rallying call for more Mothers and Fathers to start their own businesses has been a real entrepreneurial movement.

Since 2010 more than 600,000 people have turned to self-employment as a way of identifying their dreams and starting a business venture. Today the UK has a record breaking 4.5 million Entrepreneurs.

Modern Entrepreneur Continue reading The Rise of the Modern Entrepreneur [Infographic]

The Evolution of the Pound Coin [Infographic]

As news spread of a new 12 sided one pound coin, that is set to be introduced into the UK currency, we have to say we started getting a little bit excited here at 123Print HQ.

In fact, we got ourselves so excited that we did a little research. After all, it’s not everyday a new coin gets introduced and we were amazed to find out so many facts about this little coin.

Described as a ‘giant leap into the future’ we couldn’t help ourselves but look into the past of the pound coin and look at its evolution over the years, into the new 12 sided version set to be released in 2017. Continue reading The Evolution of the Pound Coin [Infographic]