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Women Mean Business – Statistics of Women In Business [Infographic]

For most people in today’s world, imagining the business industry without the role and presence of women is simply infeasible. Yet, a mere 30 years ago women only made up 4.6% of the UK’s entrepreneur numbers. Today however, the role of women in business has changed vastly. From the classrooms of our nation’s schools, to boardrooms and the engines of start-ups; the role of women in business is integral to the success of much of the UK’s new found entrepreneur spirit.

Statistics released this year directly support this statement, with figures showing that out of the 600,000 new self employed individuals, between 2008 and 2011, up to 80% were women.

To highlight the rise of women in the business world, we have created this infographic which details the role and importance of women in business today, in 2014.

Are you celebrating the growing role of women in business? Let us know in the comments section below.

Infographic detailing the role and importance of women in business

30 Funny Adverts And The Lessons You Can Learn

Marketing Joke

It’s not easy pulling off humorous adverts. There are so many issues a
marketer will need to iron out. Like, do we have the skills? Will comedy fit well with my brand? And often, do I simply have the balls to pull off a funny advert?

Fortunately, for our entertainment (and education), some of the braver marketing chiefs have pulled off some truly funny campaigns. Though these campaigns may be funny, they can also help reinforce some of the core marketing lessons.

From the local bars who really understand their target market, to the brands with perfect product placement; check out these 22 adverts and the lessons you can learn.

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Which Dragon From The Den Are You? Take The Quiz!

From the fearsome and sharp sighted personality of Deborah Meaden, to the relentless and unforgiving attitude of Duncan Bannatyne; I’m sure we have all imagined ourselves sat in the chair of a dragon, breaking the hearts of wannabe entrepreneurs on the famous BBC show Dragons Den.

To celebrate the latest season coming to an end, take our quiz and find out which dragon from the den you would be!

Dragons-Den Header
Photo Credit: BBC

Find out which of the Dragons you would be with our quiz! Continue reading Which Dragon From The Den Are You? Take The Quiz!

How To Choose Colours That Work Well Together – Infographic

How to Choose Colours

It’s not easy choosing colours when you’re designing a logo, website or even your business cards. There are so many elements that you have to consider. Elements such as does the artwork align with my brand, will the psychology behind the colours resonate with my audience, and, of course, will the colours simply work together. 

For most of us artistically immobilized fellows finding colours that match can be a real head scratcher. I personally have spent many an hour umming and ahhing over seemingly dull and lacklustre designs, frustratingly scrolling around the colour palette hoping a shade or hue will strike me as right, but often, alas, it’s not to be. Continue reading How To Choose Colours That Work Well Together — Infographic