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Jon Snow What Do You Know?

Well, Game of Thrones fever has well and truly set in, with one question on everyone’s lips – is Jon Snow dead? Officially he is “as dead as dead” or “dead, dead, dead!”. One thing we do know however is that Jon Snow knows nothing – but to what extent does his lack of knowledge stretch? One thing he does know – is how to get good volume into those dark Stark locks of his. We found some examples that you might find interesting.


30 Funny Adverts And The Lessons You Can Learn

Marketing Joke

It’s not easy pulling off humorous adverts. There are so many issues a
marketer will need to iron out. Like, do we have the skills? Will comedy fit well with my brand? And often, do I simply have the balls to pull off a funny advert?

Fortunately, for our entertainment (and education), some of the braver marketing chiefs have pulled off some truly funny campaigns. Though these campaigns may be funny, they can also help reinforce some of the core marketing lessons.

From the local bars who really understand their target market, to the brands with perfect product placement; check out these 22 adverts and the lessons you can learn.

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