30 Funny Adverts And The Lessons You Can Learn

Marketing Joke

It’s not easy pulling off humorous adverts. There are so many issues a
marketer will need to iron out. Like, do we have the skills? Will comedy fit well with my brand? And often, do I simply have the balls to pull off a funny advert?

Fortunately, for our entertainment (and education), some of the braver marketing chiefs have pulled off some truly funny campaigns. Though these campaigns may be funny, they can also help reinforce some of the core marketing lessons.

From the local bars who really understand their target market, to the brands with perfect product placement; check out these 22 adverts and the lessons you can learn.

Lesson 1. Marketing Is Never About The Greater Good. It’s About Highlighting Visceral Needs That Have To Be Satisfied.

Funny Billboard with overweight man acting as a optimal illusion
Credit: MarketingAttitude

Lesson 2. Marketing Is About Stepping Away From Your Need To Feel It. Come At It From A Different Angle, Different Source.

Funny Bar advertisement

Credit: Funsted

Lesson 3. Fear Promotes Your Business. Greed Secures it. 

Fear Promotes Your. Greed Secures It.
Credit: YRA

Lesson 4. You Don’t Need Money To Be A Great Marketer. Just The Ability To Play With Words. 

ou don't need money. Just the ability to play w

Credit: Dumpaday

Lesson 5. Find The Hidden Advantage In An Otherwise Unfortunate Situation. 

Turn Bad Reviews To Your Advantage

Credit: Imgur

Lesson 6. Find The Hidden Promotion In An Otherwise Unfortunate Product.

Find the hidden promotion in a otherwise unfortunate situation
Credit: Fixex

Lesson 7. If You Can’t Show Your Audience How You Can Help Them How Are They Supposed To Tell Anyone?

If you can't show your audience how you can help them. How are they supposed to tell anyone
Credit: FunvsFun

Lesson 8. Understand Your Brand. Have A Voice. Have An Authenticity, A Self Definition And An Element Of Transparency. 

Understand Your Brand
Credit: Faxo

Lesson 9. Great Marketing Is Quite Simply The Ability To Understand The Customer.

Know Your Target Market
Credit: CollegeHumor

Lesson 10. Marketing Is About Competing Messages. Yours Needs To Be Different.

Spark The Imagination

Credit: Logoland

Lesson 11. What Makes You Unique? What Really Separates You From The Competition? Show The Customer *That*. 

The Unique Demonstration

Credit: TheFrisky

Lesson 12.  Make It Real. Make It Authentic. Make People Want To Say “Oh Yeah, I Saw That!”.

Sparking the imagination

Credit: CBSoutdoor

Lesson 13. There Is Truth And Then There Are Lies. Marketing Is Something In Between.

funny sign
Credit: Smosh

Lesson 14. Go Big Or Go Home.

go big or go

Credit: Pentax

Lesson 15. Great Advertising Doesn’t Need To Be Fancy Or Well Designed. It All Comes Down To Opportunity And Placement. 

Marketing 101 Placement IS Everything
Credit: Reddit

Lesson 16. Tell The Customer Why They Need It. But In Your Own Unique Way. 

Tell The Truth. Always.
Credit: FunniestMemes

Lesson 17. Be The First To Do Something. Whether You Win Or Lose, You Can Always Say You Tried Something First.

Competitors Should Never Be Able To

Credit: Imgur

Lesson 18. Don’t Just Sell Something They Want, Make It Something They Need. 

Advertisement showing a buy 1 get chocolate deal on offer
Credit: Reddit

Lesson 19. Make The Offer So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

Exam Go Well Marketing Idea
Credit: Reddit

Lesson 20. Yes, Sex Sells. However Outdated This Idea May Be It’s A Fact.

Sex Sells.
Credit: Vintage Ads

Lesson 21. It May Be Your Idea, But It’s The Customers Product. 

It May Be Your Idea, But It's The Customers Product
Credit: Volkswagen

Lesson 22. Marketing Quality May Mean Picking On Your Competitors.

Marketing Quality May Mean Picking On Your Competitors

Credit: CreativeCriminals

Lesson 23. Don’t Make An Offer, Tell A Story. 

Great Nutella Advert
Credit: DesignInspiration

Lesson 24. Have No Fear. 

Silly Whopper

Credit: ThumbPress

Lesson 25. Marketing Comes Down To People Paying Attention. 

When You Think Of Great Marketing, You Think Of Something That Stands OutCredit: Coloribus

Lesson 26. There’s A Box And You Should Never Try To Work Within It.


Credit: Eface

Lesson 27. If You Know Your Customer, Then You Know What Bores Them, What Pains Them And Most Importantly, What Seduces Them.

Trigger Memories
Credit: Adsoftheworld

Lesson 28. Marketing Is Not About Shouting, It’s About Bringing People To A Conclusion.

Credit: Lolwall

Lesson 29. A Really Great Advert Can Say Everything Without The Need To Say Anything.

Bandaid advert using the hulk with a plaster
Credit: Pokkisam

Lesson 30. Shock Your Audience, Then Sell To Them.

shock and awe
Credit: Dumpaday

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