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Introducing (Free) Wedding Table Games at 123Print UK

There was a definite buzz around the 123Print HQ this week. Maybe it was the growing excitement for tomorrow night’s Great British Bake Off final, maybe it was the knowledge that our  content executive is heading off to Australia, but it may also quite simply be the fact that we are incredibly excited to reveal the latest edition to our wedding stationery range, Wedding Table Games.

Created by our fine friends over at Bride & Groom Direct, we are happy to announce that we have struck an exclusive deal with the ladies of luxury design; meaning that we are the exclusive low cost printer for their latest round of free wedding stationery designs.

Crafted for wedding fun and excitement, Bride & Groom created the Wedding game templates to offer a fun and affordable way for Brides to bring an element of excitement to their reception.

Speaking to their head of design Ian Stainthorp, we asked him why he chose 123Print for his latest wedding exclusive.

We originally offered the designs to ladies and gents for free, where they could download the design and print it off at their own leisure. Although this is a great offer, we understand that Brides want a level of quality above their home printer. That’s why we were happy to offer 123Print, one of our trusted UK business friends, the chance to print the games at the consumer happy costs they are renowned for.”

While we will be offering a small charge for print and delivery of the wedding table games, you can still download the four wedding table games at absolutely no cost, to print on your own home printer here:

I Spy: the wedding game

I SPY Wedding Table game in purple
Grab a camera and let your guests get snappy!

Simply click ‘Save As’ on the image above and print here from £13.95 for 25. Use code WEDDING20 for 20% off your printing!  Alternatively, to download and print from home for free, click here. 

Wedding Speech Game: Bingo! 

wedding bingo free downloadable template
A must have for the kids. Leave these out and let them dot off the typical speech clichés.

Simply click ‘Save As’ on the image above and print here from £13.95 for 25. Use code WEDDING20 for 20% off your printing!  Alternatively, to download and print from home for free, click here. 

Wedding Advice: For the Happy Couple

wedding advice game 1
Take in the advice you may one day need with this fun yet heartfelt Wedding Advice game.

Simply click ‘Save As’ on the image above and print here from £13.95 for 25. Use code WEDDING20 for 20% off your printing!  Alternatively, to download and print from home for free, click here. 

Wedding Speech: Sweepstakes! 

Wedding Speech Sweepstake 101Wedding Speech Sweepstake 201
A two parter! This game is great for breaking the conversational ice and will have your guests all ears during the speeches.

Simply click ‘Save As’ on the image above and print here from £13.95 for 25. Use code WEDDING20 for 20% off your printing!  Alternatively, to download and print from home for free, click here. 

Wedding Traditions: Why do we do that?

When it comes to weddings, everyone loves the traditions. The winter white dresses, the delicate diamond rings, and of course the wow worthy bridal parties. Each delicate element makes a wedding a big show for all and every couple has their own quirky vibe to add into the mix. With so many different wedding traditions, have you ever wondered where they originated from? Why do we have a best man? Why do brides and grooms get torn apart the night before?

Here at 123Print UK we did some investigating and from evil spirits to enduring beauty we have put together all we could find… Take a look and let us know if you can explain the mystery behind any more of these popular traditions which we still adhere to today…

Wedding Rings Continue reading Wedding Traditions: Why do we do that?

How to Make a Wedding Guest List!

Urgh, the dreaded guest list, easily the most stressful and guilt inducing part of wedding planning. It’s divisive and often controversial nature is at the core of most arguments and will often upset more than it pleases. You know you can’t invite everyone, so just how do you tackle a guest list?


The basics

Understand your budget

Understanding your budget, how big your wedding and reception venues are and how many people you can afford to cater for are three key factors in developing a guest list. It will obviously give you a clear number of how many people you can realistically invite and your guest list will have a structure.

Make rules before you start

A few people I’ve spoken to before writing this piece prescribe to the “go wild” at first, and make a fantasy guest list. Then a slash and burn approach is needed from there on in. For me, I find this is one of the most stressful strategies when developing a guest list. Instead, I prescribe first to a set of agreed rules:

Ask each other some questions like: do you want kids at our wedding?

Are we using plus 1’s for our single friends?

These types of questions will be different for each couple, but in most cases they will enable you to establish simple rules from the beginning and they will save you from the painful task of cutting people later on.

Day and Evening Guests
It’s also important to clarify whether you’re going to have separate evening invites or you want everyone invited to attend the whole day. This is a good chance for you to be strategic and can often be the answer too many of the tricky questions like Do we want kids at our wedding?

Make an A, B and C list
If you can’t resist making a fantasy guest list it’s best to start with different guest categories. Get the guests you want into the A list and get the invites out first. If you get any guests who drop out you can always strategically move people up from the B list.

familyPhoto Credit: The Endearing Designer


Make some rules for Mum and Dad

Traditionally speaking it’s usually the bride’s parents who pay for most or all of the wedding. Yet in today’s society we have become much more modern in our approach and most parents will expect to carry the burden of helping to pay for a wedding. However as a result of this you may end up with both sets of parents expecting to bring 20 of their own friends and co-workers, most of whom you’ve never even met before and will realistically never meet again. Make ground rules for your parents, such as how when was the last time you personally saw Dad’s supposedly best golfing buddy. Another good tip here would be to let them make a list of people they can invite if anyone, on your top priority list, unfortunately can’t come to your wedding.

What to do with the kids?

With the cost of a wedding growing every year, it’s becoming hard for couples to accommodate whole families. Kids can be great to have at a wedding, but the cost of feeding an extra 2 or 3 people can just be realistically out of your budget. Be prepared, as there are risks for not inviting kids; people you love dearly may just simply not come, especially if they have to travel from out of town. Hiring babysitters to look after kids could be a better option than seating and feeding them at your reception. It’s also a great idea to make sure the wedding is segregated well, as inviting one set of nieces and nephews to your wedding whilst your brothers kids have been left at home is only going to cause rifts and upset.

friends at weddingPhoto Credit: Weddingfriends


Friends – Make decisions for them
I went over this a little earlier in the rules section, but it’s important to clearly define who gets a plus one and who doesn’t. Weddings can be great places to meet a friend’s new partner, but quite often a plus 1 is just inflating the size of your wedding when there is no need too! You may have been there yourself, you get the invite, your name +1 and you feel like you have to bring someone. Weddings can be great places for your single friends to meet people and have a good time, or even to just come to together. Maybe pick up the phone and let them know they’re free to invite a plus 1, but just make sure they let you know early on.

The Old “Friend” – Don’t feel obliged

This is one of the most stressful categories when it comes to building your guest list. Simply put, don’t feel obliged to invite old friends you’ve fallen out of touch with. Weddings can be a great place to reignite friendships, and you may regret not inviting them in the future if you do rekindle that old relationship. But this is definitely a part of the guest list you can make a strict rule. How much have you spoken to so and so in the last year or two? Strict rules do wonders, so make one for old ‘friends’ and stick to it!


Just do it
The office is always a difficult task to maneuver, especially when you’ve been talking non stop about how wonderful the whole day is going to be. If you happen to be in a close working environment, it’s always best to invite a few work colleagues and especially your boss. You don’t want to have to tell 10 people the same stories when you get back. Plus, your colleagues will make a great table together with your husband’s/wife’s work colleagues.

The Do’s and Do not’s of guests lists

do's and do not's

Do set up strict rule to abide by before making a guest list
Do invite work colleagues
Do make decisions for friends
Do make rules for your Mum and Dad
Do think about hiring a best sitter for children
Do stagger your invites

Do not…

Do not feel obliged to invite old friends
Do not rush your decision on whether you can accommodate children
Do not start making a guest list without a budget

The last thing you need when you’re planning a wedding is stress. The guest list is your chance to ask the people who you love the most to witness you embrace your love with another person. So trust me when I say everyone who gets an invite, whether it’s a day or evening invitation, will be flattered. Don’t worry about upsetting anyone else, because you most certainly won’t be worrying about it on your wedding day.

Do you have any Do’s or Do not’s of guest lists? Post them below or share on our Facebook Page!

4 Modern Wedding Cake Trends to Look Out for in 2014!

When it comes to the wedding cake, most of us Brides adhere to the age old tradition of a simple white wedding cake. Yet with more of us using Pinterest and the internet to build the wedding of our dreams picture by picture, our creative juices start flowing as we look to make our big day just that bit more extra special.

When it comes to the crunch though more often than not budget may triumph over our creativity, so, if you’re on a tight budget you may want to look away now as these Modern Wedding Cakes are just sooooo good!


Cupcake Wedding Cake

1. Pick It Up and Pass it On

Gone are the days when Brides were expected to invite the distant and long forgotten family members or friends, with typical weddings today being much more of an intimate celebration with Brides focusing on inviting the people they have close relationships with to share in their big day. With this in mind, the pick it up and pass it on Wedding Cake can be perfect for the small wedding. This style uses the ever fashionable cupcake as its slice, whilst still offering the traditional tiered wedding cake look.


Hand-Painted Wedding Cake

2. You’re taking the p*aint!

In the wild and wicked industry of weddings, cake designers keep springing surprises in the bid to build the perfect wedding cake for us Brides. From the intricate painted details to the fondant icing, these wedding cakes scream the ‘imagination is your limit’ and are perfect for the couple looking to incorporate a flashy theme or create a truly special memory with an extra special sweet touch.


Typographical Wedding Cake

3. A cake that speaks for itself.

When it comes to planning a wedding each of us has our own unique style and theme. This is what makes going to a wedding celebration so great; we’re not just celebrating the love of two people, but learning and becoming part of a story of how they fell in love and now want to spend the rest of their lives together. Tell your story with these typographical cakes, which can incorporate different dates, hobbies and memories which brought you and your partner together.

Edible Floral Design Wedding Cake
4. Blooming Edible

You may not want to eat them, but believe me they’re edible! Made from an assorted mixture of vibrant icing, pliable gum paste dough, trick beads and buttons these edible floral designs are becoming increasingly popular as Brides start to get even more creative with their wedding cakes. Starting with a white blanket cake you can build these designs yourself, and though they may seem tricky at first, you can buy (or make) simple casts and build a beautiful and unique cake for your wedding day.

Are you planning to have a modern wedding cake at your wedding? Make sure you send us a picture on Facebook, or let us know in the comments below!