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What to Put on a Wedding Save the Date (and What to Leave Out)

You’re keen to make your wedding day as perfect as possible. But now that you’ve begun the process of wedding planning, you’re starting to realise how overwhelming things can get, especially when it comes to all the details that you need to think about.

Having a save the date has become essential when getting married these days. Sent weeks or months before the formal invitation, the save the date will let your invitees know to keep the date free, and to expect an invitation in the future. This vital piece of stationery also gives you the opportunity to set the tone for your wedding, so they can look forward to what’s coming on your big day.

It’s essential to get it done right, because the save the date is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. In this guide, we’ll talk you through what information needs to go on a save the date, and what you can leave out.

What Information Goes on a Wedding Save the Date?

When creating your wedding save the date, you need to remember one trick: “less is more.”
Since you’re sending out these cards at least six months before your wedding, you don’t need to give out too much information or details about the big day. At this early stage, you probably haven’t even finalised most aspects of your wedding yet anyway. You can save most of the little details for the wedding invitation, which you’ll send later on.

Here’s what you need to put on the save the date:
1) Your wedding date. This is, of course, the most important thing. Your guests will need to know which date to keep free in their calendars.
2) Who’s getting married. Don’t forget to include your names, so that your invitees know whose wedding it is!
3) Your wedding venue. You’ll need to book your venue before you can even think of sending out save the dates. You don’t want to tell everyone to keep March 10th free, only to find out that your venue is already booked up on that day!

Though the date and your names are the most important details, your guests will appreciate knowing the venue in advance. This is particularly true for destination weddings, or weddings held more than 1 hour away from where most of your guests live. This will give them extra time to plan their travel and accommodation.

If you’ve already created a wedding website at this stage, you can also include a link to it on your save the date. However, this isn’t strictly necessary, as long as it’s on the wedding invitation.

“Invitation to Follow”

As your wedding save the date could easily be mistaken for the actual invitation, it’s very important to put a note saying “invitation to follow” somewhere on the card.
This will let the guests know that this isn’t the invitation, and a formal invite will be sent out on a later date.

If you don’t include this detail, your guests may panic that they’ve missed some vital information about your big day – such as what time to arrive at the venue, where the reception will be held or the dress code.
A beautifully designed and professionally printed wedding save the date will get your guests excited for your upcoming nuptials, and give them time to plan their schedule so they can celebrate with you.

What About Destination Save the Dates?

Now, if you’re getting married in a foreign country, you also need to provide your guests with as much travel-related information as possible. This information would generally go on the wedding invitation, but for destination weddings, you want to give your invitees as much notice as you can.

For example:
1) The nearest airport
2) The best airlines and flights
3) What the weather will be like
4) Any vaccinations your guests will need to visit the country in question
5) The names of good hotels near your venue
6) Transit options to and from the airport

This way, you’re saving your guests a lot of time and effort. They can simply book their flights and hotels in advance without going through the hassles of figuring out the best options for their trip.
You should also ensure you send out your save the dates a lot earlier than you would for a domestic wedding (around a year in advance).

What NOT to Include on a Wedding Save the Date

Since your save the date isn’t your final wedding invitation, you can leave out the more intimate details – after all, you may not have even finalised them yet. For example, you don’t need to include:
1) The ceremony start time
2) The reception start time and/or end time
3) Accommodation or transport information
4) A map or directions to the venue
5) The dress code
6) Wedding breakfast menu or food choices
7) Where you’re registered for gifts

If you haven’t finalised the reception venue yet, it’s also okay to leave that information out. Since you’re still in the middle of wedding planning, you don’t need to be pressured into providing all of these details.
As long as you’ve mentioned that an invitation will follow, your guests will know to anticipate this information at a later date.

When Is the Right Time to Send a Wedding Save the Date?

Your save the date will serve as an advance notice for your wedding. So, as a general rule, you should send them out at least six to eight months before the big day, depending on whether your guests will need to travel.
This will give your guests enough time to block off their schedules, plan their budget and book their trip. Bear in mind that your guests may need a little more notice if they live far away.

You should send a wedding save the date to everyone you want at your wedding: family, friends, colleagues. Even if you’ve already told these people about your wedding in person, you still need to give them save the dates as proper courtesy.
Never send a save the date to someone if you’re not 100% sure whether you’re going to invite them or not.

More Top Tips for Writing Save the Dates

Now that we’ve sorted out the basics of a wedding save the date, here are some of the most important things that you need to remember when putting together your card:

1) Don’t include your registry information. Of course, your guests will want to know where you’re registered so they can start thinking about your wedding gift. But that information should be included on your wedding website, not your paper stationery. It’s considered tacky to include this detail on a save the date.
2) How many dates need to be saved? You’re giving out a “save the date” but it’s very important to be specific about the number of days you want the guests to save. For instance, you could say “save the weekend” if you’re planning any activities before or after the big day itself.
3) Forget the RSVP. Although it would be great to get a glimpse of your headcount early on, don’t send out RSVP cards with save the dates. Save these for your proper wedding invitation.
4) Decide on plus ones and kids. When addressing save the dates, you need to be decide how many people you want to invite from that household (including kids), and whether your guests can bring a guest of their own.

For instance, if the guest doesn’t get a plus one, then you only need to print one name on the save the date card. But if you want to invite the entire family, then you can go with “the Smith family” for example. And stay consistent – don’t change your mind between now and the formal invite.

What If You Need to Change the Date?

Now since you’re sending out these save the date cards early on in the wedding planning stage, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that some details about your wedding might change between now and the big day itself. For example, you might need to change your wedding date or venue.

If this happens, you have the option to send a “change the date” card providing the new details. You can use a regular save the date template for this, and simply alter the wording.
You can also post updates on your wedding website, so that guests can easily check in on them whenever they need to recall the details of your wedding.

Where Can I Order Wedding Save the Dates?

Save the date cards are a necessary part of wedding stationery that not only helps your guests plan, but also gets them excited for your upcoming wedding.
Follow these tips to make sure that you get your wedding save the date wording just right. But it’s equally important to choose a beautiful, appropriate save the date card design that will match your wedding theme.

123Print has a wide range of over 200 wedding save the date designs, so you’re bound to find one that matches your wedding aesthetic perfectly. You can choose between small, medium and large cards, or even vinyl magnets!

Ideally, choose a save the date which features the colour your bridesmaids will be dressed in. This hint at your colour scheme allows guests that aren’t in the wedding party to make appropriate attire choices.

When you’ve picked your favourite design, simply open up our editor to input your wedding details at the touch of a button. Your save the dates will be with you within days!

Should You Order Address Labels for Your Wedding Invitations?

When it comes to planning a wedding, the importance of wedding stationery can’t really be understated. Sending out the perfect invitations can be a tricky thing to get right, and there are many important things you might miss if you aren’t careful.

The return address is one of the most essential parts of a wedding invitation, yet it’s something often overlooked. Having a return address will allow your guests to know where to send their RSVP, and also who and how to contact if they have any questions or concerns about the wedding.

Of course, you could write your return address by hand on every single invitation – but this is time consuming, and not the easiest job if you haven’t got perfect handwriting. A much easier method is to use return address labels.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about return address etiquette and why it makes perfect sense to order address labels. We’ll also share some frequently asked questions about the best way to use them.

What Are Wedding Invitation Address Labels?

As the name suggests, address labels are self-adhesive (sticky) labels that are printed with an address, whether that’s a home address or a business address. They are used for sticking on mail, to let your recipient know how to get in touch with you if they need to return something to you (such as a reply card) or contact you for whatever reason.
Address labels can be very basic (black text on a white background), or can be printed with a huge variety of designs to match your wedding theme and colour scheme. This means that, as well as serving a practical purpose, your address labels can actually serve as décor on their own!

For example, this Retro Camera address label would be ideal for any vintage or retro themed wedding. This subtle and pretty Screened Pink Flowers address label is perfect for any floral or romantic wedding with a pale pink colour scheme.

Why Should I Use Address Labels on My Wedding Invitations?

If you’re still on the fence about ordering address labels for your wedding invitations, here are some benefits to using address labels vs. writing your return address by hand.

Address Labels Help You Save Time and Effort

This is especially true if you’re inviting a lot of people to your wedding. Writing addresses by hand can take hours, and isn’t exactly a fun task – especially as you run the risk of getting hand cramp, running out of ink, smudging things and having to start again. On the other hand, you can order address labels with the click of a button, to be sent to your door.
Address labels are easy and quick to slap onto your wedding invitations or RSVP envelopes -this will help you save a lot of time and resources, and focus on the other more important aspects of your wedding.

Address Labels Make It Easy for Guests to Get In Touch

A lot of wedding guests might get confused about where to send their RSVP card, especially if there is no official return address written on the invitation. Should they send it to the bride, the groom, or whoever’s hosting the wedding (the bride’s parents, for example)?
But when you include an address label on your invitation, it will be a lot easier for your guests to know where to send their all-important reply. You can also include a telephone number on the address label, so that guests know who they can contact if they have any questions (such as inquiries about the dress code or the gift list).

Address Labels Help to Build Your Wedding Theme

When it comes to planning an unforgettable wedding, it’s really all about the details. An address label may just be a small element of your wedding invitation, but it will actually add a unique flair that will make your celebration even more special. As we’ve mentioned, you can order address labels to match almost any wedding theme out there, with the option to choose from many different font styles and colours.

When you add little details like this, it helps your guests anticipate and get excited for your big day, after seeing all the special touches you’ve put in (at very little cost to you) – and gives them a taste of what’s to come.

Wedding Return Address Label FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding address labels, answered.

Which Address Do We Use if we’re Living Separately?

If you and your spouse-to-be are still living in separate homes, it can be tricky to know which address to have the RSVPs sent to.
Honestly, it’s completely up to you. But if one of you is taking a bigger part in the wedding planning process than the other (this is usually the bride, but not always!) then perhaps have the RSVPs sent to them.

On the other hand, if one of you lives in a home that it’s more difficult to deliver mail to (such as an apartment building, where the postal workers frequently confuse your address for someone else’s) it makes sense to have them sent to the other partner’s home – you don’t want them to get lost!

How Do We Write Our Return Address?

If you’re already living together, you should use your existing address, but make sure that you follow the proper format for both formal and informal invitations.
You’re not married yet, so include both of your first and last names above the first line of the address (e.g. Miss Emily Jones and Mr John Prescott).

Be sure to include the house or apartment number, street name (in full), town/city, county, and postcode. And double-check everything to ensure there are no typing errors, otherwise your mail might get lost!

What About If Someone Else is Hosting the Wedding?

Again, it’s up to you, but your best bet would be to designate someone who will take care of these response cards and have their address listed on your return address. You can also choose to have it addressed to you or your partner’s residence and just have someone go through all the mail once they start arriving.

Don’t We Need to Write Our Return Address By Hand?

It is more traditional to write your return address on each invitation (or reply card envelope) by hand. But today, as long as you still hand-address the invitations themselves to each recipient, you can definitely get away with using pre-printed labels for your return envelopes. They make the whole process a lot smoother and faster.

Where Do We Stick the Return Address Label?

If you are sending out reply cards (also called RSVP cards) along with your wedding invitations, the proper place to stick the return address label is on the envelope that your invitees will use to post the reply card back to you.
If you aren’t using reply cards, you can stick the address label anywhere on the invitation itself (the back, for example) or on a separate note card that you include inside the main envelope.

What If I Want Guests to RSVP via Phone or E-Mail?

At modern weddings, not everyone asks their guests to RSVP by sending a card or letter in the post. The good news is that you can still use address labels even if you’re asking your guests to reply through text, phone call, or e-mail!
When you’re customising your address labels, simply type in your e-mail address and phone number instead of your physical address. This will save you from writing out your contact details 100 times.

Other Important Tips for Wedding Invitations

Now that you know the importance of having an address label included on your wedding invites, here are some other tips that will help you create the perfect invitations:

1) Plan your send-out date ahead. The best time to send out your invitations is at least six to eight weeks before the wedding. This will give your guests enough time to respond through your return address and ensure that you have an accurate head count before the big day.
2) Address your guests properly. Use your guests’ full names on the outer envelope. You should also use the right social title such as “Mr.,” “Ms.,” or “Mrs.” Avoid using nicknames or just first names.
3) Follow proper address protocols. You need to follow proper address protocols when writing wedding invitation addresses. You should spell out all the words in the address like “Street,” “Apartment” or “Post Office Box” instead of just writing “St.,” “Apt.” or “P.O. Box.”
4) Use three envelopes per invitations. The outer envelope should hold your guest’s address while the inner envelope should contain the names of whoever’s invited, including plus ones. The third envelope, bearing your return address label, is for your guests to use to post their reply card.

There’s a lot that you need to think of when you’re planning a wedding. But it’s really the little details that will make your wedding special and perfect to both you and your guests.

Where Can I Order Wedding Return Address Labels?

When it comes to sending out the perfect wedding invitations, you just need to follow these tips. In addition, make sure that you give yourself enough time to put every single detail together before you assemble your wedding invitation and send them out to your guests.

If you’re ready to order your wedding invitations, reply cards and address labels, look no further than 123Print. We are a professional, UK-based printing company that specialises in printing wedding stationery and business stationery.
With over 100 years’ experience, you can trust us to print your wedding stationery to your exact specifications and to the highest quality. After you place your order, we aim to print and dispatch your items within 48 working hours – and we’ll offer a no-quibble replacement if you’re not satisfied!

Head to 123Print today to start browsing our wonderful range of wedding stationery, including return address labels. Every design we stock can be fully customised!

How Late is Too Late to Send Wedding Save the Dates?

Sending “save the dates” for weddings has become standard these days. Sent before the formal wedding invitation, this card serves as advance notice of the big day. It gives guests ample time to book the day off work or arrange childcare before all the little details are finalised on the invitation itself.

Save the dates also give guests a tease of what the wedding will be like, as you’ll choose a save the date card which reflects your wedding theme, colour scheme and overall vibe.
Because save the dates serve a practical purpose as well as a decorative one, it’s crucial that you send them out at the right time. Send your save the dates too early, and your recipients may forget all about it. But send them too late, and there’s a chance that some of your invitees will already have made plans for your wedding day.

In this guide, we’ll talk you through the perfect time to send save the dates, and what qualifies as too early vs. too late. We’ll also share some general tips for how best to word save the dates, and

When Is the Right Time to Send Wedding Save the Dates?

More than choosing the design of the save the date itself, it’s very important to decide on the right time to send them to make sure that they serve their purpose.
Most wedding experts would tell you to send out your save the dates around 6 months before the wedding, and we’d agree.

6 months’ notice is usually more than enough time for your recipients to:

1) Decide whether they’d like to come to your wedding
2) Book the day or the weekend off work
3) Organise childcare for the day, if they aren’t bringing their little ones along
4) Arrange transport to the wedding, or figure out the best driving and parking options
5) Buy a new wedding outfit, if necessary
6) Mark the date in their diaries so they don’t accidentally double-book themselves

This will also give you plenty of time to answer any questions your invitees may have about your wedding, before you send out your formal invitations later on.
If you have a wedding website, we’d recommend setting it up before you send out your save the dates. Including a link to your website on your save the dates will help drive more traffic towards it, so you can get important information to your guests that will be useful during your planning process.

As you finalise details about your big day, you can update the site in real time. You can also add a Frequently Asked Questions section if you find that your invitees all have similar queries.

Local vs. Destination Weddings

The 6-month rule for save the dates is a very general one, and may not apply to all weddings equally. Depending on where you’re getting married, and who you’re inviting, you might send out your save the dates anywhere between 4 months and 12 months before the big day.

If you’re getting married in your hometown, and most of your guests live nearby, you can get away with sending out your wedding save the dates closer to your wedding day (4 months in advance). This is for the simple reason that your guests won’t have to travel, or book accommodation. They’ll also only need one day off work for the wedding.
But if your guests will need to travel for your wedding, it’s best to send your save the dates out earlier than you usually would.

For UK weddings where your guests will need to travel for more than an hour each way, we’d recommend sending them 6-8 months in advance.
For international weddings, where your guests will need to fly abroad, it’s best to give everyone 8-12 months’ notice. It can take quite some time to plan a trip to a foreign country, and they’ll need plenty of notice to book at least a few days off work, if not a whole week.

Is There Such Thing as Sending Save the Dates Too Early?

With wedding save the dates, it’s best to stick with the ideal timeline of 4 to 6 months for a local wedding and 6 to 8 months for a destination wedding.
You may believe that there can’t be anything wrong with sending your save the dates too early. Surely, the more notice you give your invitees, the better? What would be wrong with asking them to save the date more than a year in advance?
Sadly, sending your save the dates more than 12 months in advance creates two big problems.

1) Your recipients may take one look at the date and say “that’s ages away, I don’t have to worry about that yet.” They’ll then file the card away and forget about it. When the wedding invitation turns up, they’ll realise they already made plans.
2) Most people won’t be able to book the day off work as soon as the save the date arrives. They’ll have to wait until the year of the wedding in order to access the holiday rota. This means they may completely forget to do it at all.

Another important point to make is that you must book your venue before you send out save the dates. If you rush into things and send save the dates before you’ve got a venue finalised, you may have to change the date. Then the whole thing will have been for nothing.

You also need to have fully finalised your wedding guest list before you send save the dates. Once you send them out, there’s no turning back: every single person that received a save the date must also receive a formal invitation. So if you aren’t completely sure yet who you’re going to invite, hold off until you are.

When Is It Too Late to Send Save the Dates?

On the contrary, sending save the dates too late is also a bad idea. It creates a massive problem in and of itself.
First and foremost, a save the date is supposed to be advanced notice. If you wait until 2 or 3 months before the wedding to send them out, there’s a very good chance that a lot of your invitees won’t be able to make it. They may already be busy that day, or may not be able to book the day off work.

Even if they aren’t busy on that day, they may decide not to come anyway because they haven’t been given enough notice. Attending a wedding, even as a regular guest, is quite a big deal. Sending out your save the dates too close to the day may not give your guests enough time to plan their travel, save up for a new outfit or arrange childcare.
Not only would sending save the dates too late render them useless, but it could also cause confusion among your guests. They may mistake it for the wedding invitation, and wonder why some of the details are missing.

So, as soon as you have the basic details of your wedding figured out, it’s best to start thinking about designing your wedding save the dates and ordering them from a trusted supplier.

What Do I Do If I Miss the Deadline?

If you completely forgot to send wedding save the dates, and you’ve now realised that it’s too late, don’t panic.
The best thing to do is to just try and get your formal wedding invitations sent out earlier than you usually would, so that your guests have as much notice as possible.
Normally, you’d send save the dates 6 months in advance, and then the wedding invitations would go out around 6-8 weeks before the wedding.
But if you haven’t sent save the date cards, simply send out your invitations as soon as possible – ideally at least 3-4 months before your wedding. You can include a link to your wedding website that you can update with extra bits of information if you haven’t got it all sorted out yet.

Now that you know when you should be sending them, let’s go over a brief list of what you should include on the wedding save the date.
Don’t confuse your wedding save the date with your wedding invitation. Remember that the purpose of this card is to let your guests know of your wedding date and location so they can start planning their schedule around it. Leave the more intricate details for your wedding invitation.

On a wedding save the date card, you should include:
1) The names of the couple getting married
2) The words “save the date” and “invitation to follow”, so it’s clear what the card is for
3) Your wedding date, including the year
4) The name of your venue and which city it’s in
5) A link to your wedding website, if you have one

You don’t need to include things like the food menu, the ceremony start time, the gift list, or the dress code.
An RSVP card isn’t also necessary at this point since you’re still several months away from your wedding. You don’t need to know the final headcount or any dietary restrictions just yet.

Order Your Wedding Save the Dates Today from 123Print

Wedding save the date cards are essential for keeping your guests in the loop for your upcoming wedding. It is also your chance to set the right tone and mood for your wedding, so it’s very important to do it right.

If you’re looking for a trusted wedding stationer to guide you in designing your very own wedding save the dates, look no further than 123Print. With over 100 years’ experience printing professional-quality stationery as part of our parent company, CCA occasions, you can trust us to make everything perfect for the biggest day of your life.

You can choose from a range of pocket-sized save the date cards, medium postcards, large postcards, and even vinyl save the date magnets. Head to our website today to browse our wonderful selection of templates, and start the easy personalisation process! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

Hen Party Invitation Wording (with 5 Creative Examples)

It doesn’t matter if your best friend is getting married by the beach, in a garden or a traditional church: you need to throw her an epic hen party!

The hen party, also called the hen do or the hen night, is a long-established British tradition designed to celebrate the bride’s transition from the single life to marriage. Traditionally, hen parties are attended solely by female guests (e.g. the bride’s sisters and girlfriends) – however, there’s nothing stopping you from inviting other genders in this day and age!

A hen do can be as big or as small as you’d like, and involve every kind of activity – from pub crawls to archery to pampering spa days. So when it comes to planning such an event, it’s an absolute must to send out hen party invitations to let guests know what’s going to happen and when.

But the question is: what exactly should you write on a hen party invitation, and how should you word it? Let’s find out.

What Information Do You Include on a Hen Party Invitation?

There are certain things that the hen party guests will need to know about the celebration. So, it’s important to take note of these details that should always be included in your hen party invitation. Double check you’ve included everything in this list to avoid being bombarded with phone calls from confused invitees!

The Date and Time

A hen party could be just a simple cocktail event or it could be an all-day event with different activities involved. This is why it’s very important to let guests know the exact date and time of the event and include a proper timeline if you’re doing multiple activities within it.

This will not only help guests navigate their way throughout the event, but also allow those who can’t make it in the beginning to know exactly where and when they can join in on the celebration.
You should also include an approximate end time. That way, people who need to book childcare or transport home will have a rough idea of when the party will finish.

The Name of the Bride and the Host

Obviously, everyone who’s invited to the party will need to know who the bride is, so make sure this information is prominent on the invitation!
Most hen parties are planned by the maid of honour, or someone else close to the bride. It’s vital to also mention the host’s name and contact details (such as a phone number or e-mail address), so that everyone knows who to contact if they have any questions. You don’t want them contacting the bride, because it may be a secret!

What’s Going to Happen

People will need to know what to expect at the party. Will it be held outdoors? Then you’d better mention it, so people know to bring appropriate footwear and wet-weather gear, just in case.

Will the party be held somewhere there’s a pool? People will need to know to bring their swimming costume. Are you going to be serving food? This will help everyone decide whether or not to eat beforehand. You get the idea!

The Location

Of course, it’s very important for you to let the guests know where you’re going to hold the hen party. Be specific about the exact location of the event (with the full address and post code), and give directions if possible, especially if it’s a remote or new location for most of your guests.

You should also include the travel time from the city to the location to give your guests an idea of how early they need to go to make it one time. Include information about parking and public transport if relevant.

The Dress Code

Most hen parties don’t usually require formal attire, but it’s still important to be specific about what you’d like guests to wear. This usually depends on the theme or vibe that you’re going for.

For instance, if you’re holding a hen party on the beach in the summer, you’ll want to let guests know to wear beach-appropriate clothes and footwear that won’t sink in the sand. They’ll also need to know to bring a bathing costume if they want to go in the water. This will help make choosing outfits easier for your guests.

Is It a Secret?

Most of the time, a hen party is a surprise for the bride – she won’t know exactly what’s happening or where the party will be held until she gets there. If this is the case you need to let the guests know on the invitation that it’s a secret, and not to tell the bride. Otherwise, they may casually mention it in conversation with the bride and this will spoil the surprise.

How to Word a Hen Party Invitation

Now that you know the most important details that you need to include on your hen party invitation, you can draw inspiration from these creative wording examples:

Our beautiful girl Anna Brown is tying the knot
Let’s celebrate her upcoming wedding with a night of fun!
On 21 March 2022
8:00PM ‘til Late
Forever Night Club
Brentwood, Essex
Dress Code: Cocktail
Any questions? Please contact the host Andrea Green on [number]


Let’s join our dear friend Amanda as she says goodbye to the single life!
A surprise party will take place on 15 December 2021, 06:00PM in her honour and we want you to be there.
Join us for dinner and drinks at Joe’s Italian Restaurant
London, United Kingdom
Dress Code: Semi-formal
Hosted by Madison Rogers
Please don’t tell the bride!


Let’s party!
Michelle is getting married soon! Let’s join together to honour her last few days of being a single woman, as we surprise her with an epic hen party on 11 September 2021, 07:00PM.
Ramsay Steak House
Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom
Dress code: Formal
Hosted by: Rachel and Jessie


Bon voyage! Lizzie is saying goodbye to singlehood!
Join us for a weekend filled with sun, sand and sea as we celebrate Lizzie’s upcoming wedding. A day of manicures and mimosas await you at the amazing Ibiza Beach Club on 07 June 2021.
Dress Code: Beach/Summer
Don’t forget to bring your swimwear!
Please book your hotel room ahead of time
Contact Jessie Richards with any questions on [number]


Here’s to one final drink to single life!
A hen party honouring Jane Smith, who’s about to become a wife!
21 April 2021
The fun begins at 06:00PM with welcome drinks
Dress code: Cocktail
Hosted by: Nicole and Christina


Feel free to play with different catchy phrases to make your hen’s party invitation more fun and exciting.
You can try lines like “Let’s put the party in bridal party,” “It’s almost time to kiss the miss goodbye,” “A hen weekend in honour of the bride” or “Let’s have one last fling before the ring.”

The Best Theme for a Hen Party

Now, if you’re still stuck with choosing the right theme for a hen’s party, here are some ideas to help spark your imagination:
1) Bubbly and brunch
2) Manis and mimosas
3) Slumber party
4) Glamping weekend
5) The 70’s
6) Flings and films
7) A relaxing spa day
8) Disney princesses
9) Glamour
10) Vintage afternoon tea party

To help you decide on the best theme to choose for the hen party, try to think about the bride’s personality or interests and plan the theme around that.
This party will be all about the bride, after all, so it’s very important to relate the theme to her own interests. You should also choose a themed hen night invitation that expresses the vibe of the party

Where Can I Order Hen Party Invitations in the UK?

A hen party may be just for fun, but it’s an important way of honouring the woman who will soon become a wife, especially if she’s waited a long time to be married to the partner of her dreams.

When it comes to writing the perfect hen’s party invitation, you need to keep things simple but concise. Make sure that you have all the most important details done right, and be as creative as you want to be with the wording.
Feel free to draw inspiration from our examples and have fun planning the most epic hen party for the bride-to-be. And when you’re ready to start designing your hen party invitations, head to 123Print to browse our range of templates.

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