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14 Motivation Hacks for Small Businesses

Motivate Employees
Let’s face it when you have a happy employee who loves coming into work, you know you’re doing something right. Whether you’re a multi-national money making machine or a small business hustling on with 2 – 3 employees, a motivated workforce can be a critical factor to your success.

As many great men and women have said, ‘It is not thee who is great, it is they that surround thee that is great’.

With a crushing economic outlook and tough business competition, it can be hard to keep employees riled up and ready to go. The even bigger bad news? Employees can only really motivate themselves, and there is often little a manager can do to cultivate high morale amongst workers.

Luckily, as a business owner, we can try to remove the many common pitfalls that lead to a demoralised and demotivated workforce. Whether it’s the stress of day to day life, poor communication or quite simply boredom, eradicating these symptoms out of your business can bring the balance of morale back in your favour.

From the dog that makes people talk to the company that pays you $2000 to leave, here’s how to banish boredom, get employees talking and hunt out the causes of stress in your business. Continue reading 14 Motivation Hacks for Small Businesses

26 Business Jargons You Need To Erase From Your Vocabulary

New Client… Check. New Tie… Check. Big Smile… Check. Business Jargon… Check… wait, what?

Trying to gain the upper hand in the business world is no easy task. There’s an abundance of etiquette you have to adhere to and a lot of buzzwords you have to fit in. In fact, we’ve developed so much jargon that it can be hard to understand what people are actually saying!


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5 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!

A business card is arguably one of the most important tools in your marketing plan. They are an extension of you; a piece of you which a prospective customer gets to take away and the moment you exchange a business card,  you’re telling your potential customer exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

5 ways to make your business cards stand-1 Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!

The Small Business Guide to Google Plus [Infographic]

First we featured Facebook, then we gave you the expose on Twitter and now, I know you are probably thinking ‘not another social network I have to use!’,  we are outlining the importance of Google Plus.

I understand your hesitance, yet it is undeniable that social networks are powerful tools for businesses in today’s contemporary world, so it is beneficial to learn everything you can about their value.

Google Plus is an extremely significant social network service and standing at number 2 in the list of mega social networks its 120 million strong user base is something your business just can’t miss out on.

The Small Business Guid Continue reading The Small Business Guide to Google Plus [Infographic]