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5 Tips To Help Perfect Your Work-From-Home Routine

Working from home is great on so many levels – from the 15 second commute to getting to wear sweat pants. Nothing quite compares to doing your job from the comfort of your own home. But there are challenges as well. How do you prevent yourself from being distracted? How do you turn off when you know your laptop is there all the time? Here are some tips for perfecting your work-from-home routine:

Have a Work Schedule. Most people who work from home struggle to turn off – which is completely understandable when your office is only a few steps away. Without a routine it can be easy to find yourself scrolling down your Instagram feed all day and then working into the early hours of the morning when you realise you’re behind. Without routine or boundaries your mind won’t turn off and your productivity will suffer greatly.

Get Some Fresh Air. Working from home in some cases can lead to you being sat at the kitchen table from 8am-5pm before you crawl onto the sofa to catch up on ‘The Chase’. It’s crucial that you take at least 30 minutes half way through your day to go for a short walk or nip to the shop not only to increase your creativity levels but to insure that you don’t go crazy. You don’t want to end up naming every bird that lands in your back garden and sharing their daily routine with all of your loved ones. All in all, a change of scenery is good for the mind and your health so, it doesn’t matter where you go, just get yourself out.

Create a Work Environment for Yourself. As appealing as typing away whilst you’re led in bed watching the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle might be – the chances are it’s not going to lead to you being productive. Find a spot in your home that is the furthest away from the commotion, or why not consider making space in the garage? Creating a work zone is one of the best ways to make sure you can remain focused and produce some work of a high standard.

Have Time Out. Working from home can feel like one big break however, it’s this kind of thinking which can lead to problems occurring. Even though you’re in the comfort of your own home, you still need some time off throughout the day – whether that be a read of a book, a short walk or simply relaxing for a while. Giving yourself time to recharge can allow your day to go much smoother due to your being refreshed and able focused.

Keep Work & Personal Time Separate. You work when you say you will therefore, you should give yourself time off when you have promised to. Even though your office is in your home it is super important that you clock out and stay clocked out, as tempting as it may be to add something to that spread sheet or quickly change an error you know you have made, it simply shouldn’t be an option. Over-working and not having enough time to yourself can burn you out and lead to an increase in stress levels.

With Great Power Comes A Great Business Card: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our superhero business card showcase. Our designers did such a great job, they even covered super soldiers and Asgardian gods! If you haven’t seen our previous designs, check them out on page one. If you have, let’s see what our team cooked up for the rest of our heroes, as well as one of our all-time favourite villains.

Check out our designs and click through them to see them in their full-scale glory!

Mr. Blake


Asgardian gods are no stranger to helping out us mere mortals, though contacting them is a little bit harder…

Mr. Queen


Sometimes you don’t need heat-vision or super speed. Sometimes, you just want an old fashioned hero, getting the job done with a bow and arrow.

Mr. Allen


For when you need a problem solved just a second after you’ve thought of it.

Mr. Rogers


Heroes stand as symbols of freedom, but they may not have caught up to the technology we use in our everyday lives.

Mr. Xavier


If we knew we’d get to be superheroes at the end of it, we would’ve paid more attention in Maths class too.

Mr. Curry


You’ve got to stay prepared for whatever environment you’re in, so if you’re a particularly water themed hero, laminate is the only option.

We don’t know how this one got in there…


You can browse our range of business cards (powers not included) as well as cards, invitations and wedding stationery and try to make yours as cool as these. Just remember, it isn’t what you are underneath, but what you do that defines you!

With Great Power Comes A Great Business Card: Part 1

Superheroes have flooded screens of every size, dominating the box office and our TVs at home. With so many heroes running around, it can be difficult to know who to contact if you ever need them. Luckily, we’re on the case, and one of our designers had some fun whipping up a couple of business cards for your favourite caped crime-fighters to leave once they’ve saved the day for us scared, helpless civilians.

Click through our designs to see them in full-scale. You’ll definitely need to for Mr. Lang!

Mr. Banner


Remember to take care of your cards, even if you’re tearing through tanks and buildings.

Mr. Murdock


For those of you wondering, the braille reads “don’t judge me by my movie”!

Mr. Kent


Kryptonite is a harmful substance that can cause mood swings, mutations, and even remove your superpowers (providing you’re from another planet).

Mr. Wayne


For those who work alone. Or at least refuse to acknowledge all of the help they receive.

Ms. Prince


Let’s hear it for the girls! And the next time you’re in danger, don’t forget about the Amazonians.

Mr. Lang


You might need a microscope for these designs, though just remember big things can come in small packages.

Mr. Stark


Not every superhero is humble. Sometimes you’ve just got to show off the goods

Mr. Parker


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and from all ages! Some people just have a little crazier ‘extra-curricular activity’ than others.

Be sure to check out the rest of our design over on page two. Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale, but why not try to make one of your own personalised business card?

What are your favourite movie characters doing now?

Have you ever wanted to know what your favourite movie characters are up to these days? Well, it’s lucky for you that a few of them have popped into our office and dropped off their business cards! (Note: Your favourite movie characters did not actually pop into our office and drop off their business cards, but for the sake of this post…)



Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, actually Elsa has put her icy powers to practical use and can build you pretty much anything! Just give her a call from this handy business card (we cannot be held liable if you find yourself with a frozen heart, however).

Mr. L. Tramp


Fun, lovable and more than a little bit cheeky, and that’s just his business card! Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Tramp’ character warmed the hearts of many in the early twentieth century with his mischievous grin and disastrous adventures. You may not trust the little tramp to do your odd jobs, but with a business card like this you’d have a hard time saying no – even if his trousers are a bit too big for him!

Miss T. Bell


A little sprinkle of fairydust helped to create this teeny tiny business card! Hire Miss T.Bell and all of your wishes will come true… (Maybe).

Mr. O.W. Kenobi

Obi Wan Kenobi

Worry not; Obi Wan Kenobi is here to take care of all of your jedi master needs. Are you having a pesky droid invasion? That’s one of his specialities! Or you could just take his business card and call him if anything comes up. This is the business card you’re looking for!

Mr. H. Potter

Harry Potter

Mr H. Potter may solemnly swear to you that he is up to no good, but it has not stopped him from becoming the Managing Director of Wizards Inc! What they do we are not 100% sure, but we bet his office is a bit nicer than the cupboard under the stairs!

Mr. R. Dolph


Why use a boring delivery van when you can get your parcels delivered from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! No-one will be laughing or calling you names with this quick and speedy delivery service coming to town!


Shaun of the dead

Take car. Go to Mum’s. Kill Phil. Grab Liz. Go to the Winchester. Have a nice cold pint and wait for all of this to blow over. Or you could just take Shaun’s business card and give him a call if you need any assistance with the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Edward S. Hands

Edward Scissorhands

What better way to make use of your creator dying before he had chance to finish off your hands than to become a hairdresser/gardener/ice-sculptor. He’s certainly putting those horrific deformities to use these days and with his business card, you will be able to get a terrific hair cut whenever you like! (Just don’t ask for a massage…)

Mr. Leon


Do you have a sensitive issue with your neighbour that requires the services of a professional ‘cleaner’? Or are your plants just in need of some love and attention?  Well…just give Mr. Leon (second name mysteriously unknown) a call and he will cater to your needs – he promises to be discrete, just make sure you have plenty of milk in the fridge.