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What Are Compliment Slips and What Are They Used For?

Compliment slips are used to acknowledge or thank a customer or client when they purchase your product or service, recommended your business, or help you out in some way. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, with the primary purpose being thanking someone for their kind words or actions.

As any business owner knows, it’s vital to show your appreciation to your customers. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have a business at all!
Paying compliments to your clients and consumers is a great way to encourage their loyalty to your business. They know you appreciate them, and this helps you to stand apart from your competitors. In addition, it boosts people’s ego when you thank them personally – and they’ll be more likely to come back! Compliment slips can also be used to thank your business contacts, or your employees, for their loyalty or hard work.
Today, we’ll be discussing exactly what compliments are, and how you can use them to help boost your business.

What Are Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips are, as their name suggests, small slips of paper containing messages of thanks, or compliments. They’re used by businesses to show their gratitude to a wide variety of people (customers, clients, and employees, to name a few).
Normally, compliment slips feature the business’s logo at the top, as well as your contact details – email address, telephone number, and address, for example. This allows the recipient to quickly and easily recognise who the slip is from, and get in touch if they’d like to.

Underneath the business’s information is a space for you to write in a personal message to whoever you’d like to thank, or pay your compliments to.
A compliment slip may be any colour, design, shape, or size – but the standard size is 210 x 99mm. You should design your compliment slip to match your business’s aesthetic, so that it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your business stationery.

What Are the Benefits of Using Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips, being made out of a simple slip of paper, are very cost-effective and easy to make (compared to greetings cards, promotional products or multi-page flyers, for example).

They can be made in-house using a printer and design program – however, if you have them professionally printed by a company like 123Print, you’ll end up with a higher quality product. Fortunately, they’re not too expensive to order, even from a professional stationer.

The benefits of using compliment slips include:

1. They add an element of class and sophistication to your business, and also make you seem more of a ‘human’ company (rather than a faceless organisation)

2. It’s quick and easy to pop a compliment slip in the post, or include it with an order – meaning you don’t need to put much effort in to use them

3. They’re great for thanking people for their time (including those who may not have seen your work in action before)

4. They’re easy distribute at conferences, events, or trade shows as well as with customers’ orders

5. Compliment slips can be fully customised and tailored to your business, product, service, and your target audience

6. They encourage customer loyalty by thanking the people who give you feedback or testimonials

Handing out compliment slips is a great way to encourage existing customers to continue using the same company, rather than visiting a competitor. Everyone likes feeling appreciated for their patronage!

How To Use Compliment Slips

There are many different ways that compliment slips can be used, depending on the needs of your particular business. For example, they can be used to encourage repeat business, to thank longstanding clients for their continued support, or distributed at events as a thank you for the person’s interest in your business.
Here are some examples of how you might use compliment slips.

With a Customer’s Order

When a customer places an order with you, particularly if it’s a large or expensive order, you might include a compliment slip along with the products when you send them out – just to thank them for their patronage.
As well as containing a message of thanks, compliment slips can also be used to include custom offers or discounts for repeat business. You could also add a note encouraging the customer to leave a review if they enjoyed your product or service!

Sent In the Post

You don’t have to include compliment slips with an order – you can also send them directly in the mail to anyone who deserves your thanks. For example, “Thank you, Mr. Hurst, for closing your account with us recently – we hope you’ll remember us in the future if you ever need similar work done” or “Thank you, Mr. Smith, for sharing our business so extensively on your social media.” Always be specific when showing your gratitude – mention exactly what it is that you’re thankful for!


Compliment slips aren’t only for past customers – they can also be used pre-emptively, to thank potential customers, clients or business contacts for their interest in your company. This will help your business stick out in their mind, and encourage them to contact you again in the future.
They can also be included with advertising material, such as with a flyer. This allows the person you are sending them to know that you appreciate their help in spreading the word about your business.

For Employees

Compliment slips aren’t only for people outside the business! You can use them to thank your employees, too, for all the hard work that they do for you. Employees that feel appreciated by their bosses are more likely to have higher job satisfaction, and stick with the company for longer. Why not include a compliment slip with a gift, such as a personalised mug?

For Volunteers

Compliment slips are also a great way to show appreciation for volunteers who work with or for your business, whether part-time or full-time. They can include short messages such as “Thank you for being helpful and supportive” or “We appreciate your time/effort in helping us.” These compliments can mean more than just verbal thanks because the recipient has something to memorialise the sentiment.

When Should You Use Compliment Slips?

Here are some examples of when compliment slips can be used:

1. Whenever someone says something nice about your company or product

2. When a customer places a particularly large order, or signs a long-term contract

3. When a client closes their account with you

4. Whenever someone gives you a testimonial that you can re-purpose on your marketing materials

5. Whenever you want to show gratitude to anyone, inside or outside of your company, for something they’ve done for you

Always thank the person with a compliment slip immediately – don’t wait too long, or they might think you’ve forgotten about them!
If you’re ordering compliment slips in bulk (with your logo and contact details at the top), always hand-write your message below. It may take longer than typing a message, but it shows you care about the recipient, and adds a personal touch which will be appreciated.
Honesty is always crucial when using compliment slips (and business in general). Plenty of businesses use compliment slips as a chance to encourage their customers to leave a review, as well as thanking them. But don’t be tempted to offer a free gift or incentive for leaving a positive review – this could get you into trouble.

Compliment Slip FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about compliment slips.

What Do You Write on a Compliment Slip?

You can go into as much detail as you’d like on a compliment slip – whether you just write a quick note of thanks, or really go into detail about what the person did for you, and why you appreciate it. Personalisation is critical, so ensure the recipient knows you mean this compliment by referencing their actions specifically. By all means, have your compliment slips mass-printed – but always include a space to write a personal message.

How Do You Distribute Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips can be handed directly to customers with their order, to passers-by showing an interest in your business, or sent in the mail. You could hand out compliment slips at trade shows or events, or even use them as business cards (by including your contact details).

Are Compliment Slips Worth the Cost?

Compliment slips directly encourage customers to become repeat customers, and to spread the word of your business to others – through word of mouth, or by leaving reviews. They don’t cost much money to have printed, yet they could generate a lot of extra revenue for your business, and spread brand awareness. We’d say they’re worth it!

Will Compliment Slips Work for My Business?

The great thing about compliment slips is they can be used by almost any business or industry. So whether you’re in customer service, a consulting company, or just trying to encourage positive thinking and goodwill around your brand – compliment slips are one of the best ways to do it.

Where Can I Order Compliment Slips?

If you are looking for affordable, professionally printed and fully customisable compliment slips to use in your business, head to 123Print. Browse our extensive range of templates, or compose your own compliment slip design entirely from scratch! You can personalise the text and upload your business’s logo with the click of a button. It couldn’t be easier.
At 123Print, we aim to dispatch all orders within two working days of customer proof approval. What’s more, we offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your order. But with thousands of happy customers, we’re sure you will be!

A Guide to Custom Printed Magnets and Their Uses

Have you ever wondered how to elevate your business cards? Maybe you’re looking for unique wedding “save the dates” that your guests won’t forget about? Or you could just be wanting a custom way to decorate your refrigerator. Vinyl printed magnets can do all of this and more.

Investing in personalised, professionally printed magnets is a unique way to stand out and have important information stick where people need it. This guide will talk you through what custom printed magnets are, how you might use them, and a few key reasons why choosing a magnet can attract people to your business or party.

What Are Personalised Magnets?

Personalised magnets are, as you may have guessed, fridge magnets that are entirely customisable. They’re made of a tough, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl (with a magnet on the back, of course). Vinyl magnets are designed to last for years, unlike other kinds of stationery, such as cards.

Just as you can order a personalised business flyer or invitation to advertise your upcoming party, you can also order a magnet to do the same job – with the obvious bonus that it will stick to anything magnetic, like a fridge or filing cabinet. This puts it right in the line of sight of whoever owns it, rather than being stuck in a drawer!
You’re free to choose the images, colours, and fonts used on your personalised magnets. So, you can create something that not only sticks to people’s refrigerators but also sticks in their minds.

At 123Print, our magnets come in two different sizes. Our small magnets are 85 x 55 mm and are perfect for business cards. In comparison, large magnets are 140 x 108 mm and work great for when you need more space to share important information.

Attracting New Business with Promotional Magnets

Magnets are very much like business cards; they can be easily distributed, and they are something that customers can carry around with them in a pocket or purse. They also are effortless to circulate in the mail because they are small and thin.
However, vinyl magnets have much more functionality than a business card does, meaning it won’t get lost in that purse or pocket. On top of being easy to distribute, the magnets will also make you stand out against your competitors.

Why Order Magnetic Business Cards?

When people go to a tradeshow, they are inundated with plain business cards to get lost in the bottom of their swag bag. However, receiving a magnet is always a positive and will set your business apart. Here are the benefits of using vinyl printed magnets for your business:

1. Unlike a business card, the magnet itself has uses for your customers; they can hold essential notes or drawings on fridges, or function as decorations themselves
2. Magnets are also durable and long-lasting. Unlike most traditional advertising methods, magnets are something that could last for years. Business cards can get lost or ripped, mugs break, and T-shirts go out of style. However, magnets being flexible combined with their sticking power will last much longer than any other promotional material

Since magnets last longer, they can create more impressions. If your potential customer puts the magnet on their refrigerator, they will see your business multiple times a day. The more time your information is on people’s minds, the higher the chance that they’ll contact you.

What Should I Include on a Magnetic Business Card?

To make the most of your custom printed magnets, here are some critical pieces of information you should include on the design:

1. Your business name
2. A logo
3. Business slogan, especially if it is not obvious what your business is from the name alone
4. Your phone number
5. Website or any business social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
6. If your business has a physical location that customers would visit, you should include your operating hours and address.

While magnets are often used as a business card, larger magnets can also boost business. Larger magnets can be used for such things as advertising a specific event or promotion. For these types of magnets, consider putting important information such as the event date and start time, and what you’re offering (e.g. 10% off).
As you can see, vinyl magnets are a great way to attract business. However, if you’re not a business owner, there are still ways that magnets can be used in your everyday life.

Make Your Party Stand Out with Vinyl Magnets

Are you planning a big party or wedding? Are you worried that your guests won’t show up, because they misplace the invitation or simply forget? Personalised magnets can help by acting as your save the date cards, or even as the invitations themselves.
No more worrying that your save the date will get lost in a drawer, crumpled, or torn. Our hard-wearing vinyl magnets are long lasting, and designed to be stuck in a memorable place, such as the refrigerator – meaning your invitees won’t soon forget your upcoming celebration!

The Benefits of Ordering Magnetic Invitations

There are many reasons why magnets make a good option for party invitations. For example:

1. They are entirely customisable. No more trying to make a pre-set design work with your theme. You can choose colours, fonts, images, and designs that will match whatever aesthetic you are going for.
2. If you don’t want to create a design from scratch, we also have a wide selection of templates you can choose from.
3. You can also use magnets as the actual invitations, rather than just the save the dates. This can save you money, as opposed to sending a full wedding invitation suite with all of its inserts and note cards. Simply print the date, time, and venue of your celebration on the magnet, and include a link to your wedding website, which will contain all of the little details.
4. Your wedding or party will instantly seem classier and more “upmarket” if you send a magnetic invitation, rather than a flimsy paper one.
5. Your guests won’t forget the date of your party or wedding if it’s staring them in the face every time they go and get the milk from the fridge!

An unexpected extra of having magnets as save the date cards is that they make good keepsakes for you and your guests to remember your special day. Due to the durability of vinyl magnets and their functionality, you and your guests can keep these magnets for years to come, and they can remind you of the fun you had that day.

What to Include on a Save the Date Magnet

Don’t be tempted to cram as much information as possible onto a magnet – you don’t want the design to look too busy or cluttered otherwise people won’t pay attention to it. Stick with the bare bones basics, such as:

1. Your names (and the names of whoever is hosting the event, if applicable)
2. The date the party or wedding is happening
3. Start time and an approximate end time
4. Location (venue): its name, address, and post code
5. An email address or a contact number that your guests can use to RSVP

You should also include a link to a website, such as a wedding website, where your guests will be able to find more information – such as the dress code and the gift list.

Where Can I Order Personalised Magnets?

Whether you are a business owner or planning a party, try out our vinyl magnets today at 123Print. With dozens of templates to choose from, or the option to create your own design from scratch, you can’t go wrong.

Before you place your order, we’ll show you a full-colour preview of your design, so you can make sure it’s perfect. We’ll print and send your magnets in under 48 working hours – and if you’re not happy for any reason, one of our professional team will be more than happy to help until you are!

Promotional Mug

8 Inspirational Uses for Promotional Mugs that You Haven’t Thought Of

Promotional mugs are exactly what they sound like—ceramic mugs with customised images, logos, contact information, and quotes representing your business. They’re a great way to promote brand awareness with a personable touch.
Customisable mugs can also be used in a personal context. For example, you could upload a family photograph to a mug as a gift for a loved one, or simply to have something very personal to drink tea from!
The great thing about personalised mugs is that they’re tough, and designed to be used again and again. Unlike many other kinds of promotional material (such as flyers), they won’t be discarded after a single use. They’ll be cherished for years, if looked after correctly.
If you’re keen to discover how ordering personalised mugs could benefit your business, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of 8 inspirational uses for promotional mugs that you might not have thought of.

1. Merchandise

Many businesses use promotional mugs within the office, but you might not have considered selling them as merchandise. If you’ve got a website where customers can purchase goods or services, why not let them add a company mug to their basket, too?
You could even offer the mug as a free or discounted add-on with orders over a certain amount. While it might sound counterintuitive to offer mugs for free (or for very little), you have to consider the benefits here. Your customers will have an incentive to order more from you than they otherwise would have, knowing that they’ll get a free gift out of it.
Another great benefit is that whoever buys your product will have a warm reminder of your brand in their kitchen. This will keep your business fresh in their minds, making them more likely to use you again. Sports Direct is an example of a company that already uses this amazing marketing strategy (with great success).

Promotional Mug

2. Welcome Gift Baskets

We all want to feel special. And there’s no better way to show someone that you think they’re special – whether it’s a customer, a repeat client, or an employee – than with a gift basket.
This idea for getting your promotional mugs out there might work particularly well with businesses with a membership or subscription service. Three month subscription? Here’s a gift basket containing a mug with the logo of the brand you love and support. What else? Maybe some coffee, hot chocolate, or a fancy kind of tea to enjoy in your new mug!
Even if your business doesn’t have such recurrent billing models, the gift basket never fails. After all, who has ever needed a reason to receive a gift? Maybe send it out with larger orders as a thank-you for your customers’ patronage.

3. Décor

This is more for our readers who own a physical store, or other place of business that allows customers to enter (such as a car wash or hairdressing salon). We’ve all seen mugs with the store logo printed beside registers, as placeholders on shelves, or available for customers to purchase.
Nowadays, more and more businesses are realising the importance of aesthetics. We see this applied to storefronts, logos, and décor throughout the shop. Many promotional mugs are used to advertise, and their success largely relies on the aesthetics of the design. Obviously, mugs are practical, but appearance matters too.
Make your personalised mugs look beautiful enough to be conspicuously displayed in your store or place of business, and your customers will notice. They might just ask for one to take home!

4. Host a Design Competition

You must have heard of big businesses that host competitions to allow customers to choose the latest products, or even name them. One of the most well-known examples of this is the crisp brand Walkers. Over the years, they’ve held several polls allowing their fans to choose new flavours of crisp to go on sale – whether taking suggestions from the public, or simply allowing them to vote on predetermined choices.
These kinds of competitions definitely get people talking about and sharing the company on social media. There’s no reason why you can’t do a similar thing, but with a company mug – allow your customers to submit their own design for it!
You could make it a children’s competition, or targeted more towards adult artists. Choose the winning entry yourself, or allow the public to vote – and have the final design printed on promotional mugs. Let your customers order them for personal use, and display them around the office proudly! (Just make sure you obtain copyright for the image before using it.)

5. Unconventional Uses

There are always people who don’t want more mugs in their homes. Here is where we circle back to the importance of a beautiful design and decoration.
Remember in tip #3 we discussed the idea of making your promotional mugs a decorative staple in your store? We can take it a step further by making unconventional uses out of them. For example, why not use your company mugs as succulent planters, or holders for dried flowers? For around the office, they can also be used as pen and pencil holders.
If you’re in the food industry, promotional mugs make great tip jars. You could also jump on the latest trend of “mug cakes” – take a promotional photograph of an employee eating a mug cake out of your company mug, and share it on social media! It’s all great fuel for brand awareness and recognition.

6. Parade Your Values

Sharing your company’s core values and beliefs, especially when it comes to social issues, is one of the best ways to gain loyalty. Today, there are so many opportunities to show what your business is about, other than making products and profits.
Do you value feminism? The Black Lives Matter movement? Perhaps you want your company to show its support for LGBTQ+ rights? You name it. Now put that on your branded mugs and let your customers know what you care about. You can even connect with one of the organisations behind one of the causes and make a fundraiser out of a mug sale.
Make a slogan for that cause side-by-side with your brand. Throw in that basket with hot cocoas and marshmallows in there, and that’s a promotional mug people are willing to buy.
It’s not just promoting your business, but a valuable cause for a better society. Now your business also has a conscience that connects with people.

7. Anniversary Mugs

Anniversaries make people excited and nostalgic. We celebrate anniversaries to remember special occasions marked by dates. Within a business, there are anniversaries around every corner.
So, why not add an anniversary series to your collection of promotional mugs? For example: employment anniversaries for your senior employees, customers’ birthdays, membership/subscription anniversaries, or even the anniversary of the day you opened your business. Give them away with a congratulatory email or a promotion, and your clients (and employees) will feel loved and appreciated.

8. Advertise a Promotion or Sale

Sales and special promotions are super important for almost any business – especially those that sell products directly to the public, whether that’s through the internet or a physical shop. The lowered prices draw in new customers, who then become repeat customers if they like what you offer – even when you put your prices back up.
Most businesses, when they want to advertise an upcoming or ongoing sale, will default to sending an email out to their mailing list, or advertising through social media. But emails end up in spam folders all too often, and when was the last time you really paid attention to a Facebook ad? Can you even remember the last ad you saw?
What if that advertisement, however, was on a free mug? I’ll bet you’d remember it then. Design a mug advertising your latest sale and hand them out for free – outside your place of business, for example, or on the street. Just check with your local council first!

Where Can I Order Personalised Mugs?

Everyone’s got a go-to mug that they’ll choose other any other for their hot beverage. There’s no reason your company mug can’t become your customers’, clients’ and employees’ favourite!
Order your personalised promotional mugs today through 123Print. Choose from dozens of single-image or wraparound templates – or create your own design from scratch. You can upload your own artwork and customise the text, font and colour to your liking.
Our easy editor is extremely simple to use, and you’ll be shown a preview of your mug so that you can ensure it’s perfect before ordering. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll love our products!

Creative Edible Candy Canes Spoons

How to Use Promotional Products in Your Christmas Marketing

With the UK economy reeling from the double whammy of Brexit and the Covid-19 global pandemic, businesses need to make full use of seasonal marketing opportunities.
Christmas is the perfect example. For every £1 spent on Christmas advertising, the UK economy benefits by £6, which is an enormous boost.

The question is: how do you take advantage of the Christmas season in a cost-effective way that will benefit your business?

Christmas promotional products have always been a favourite way of engaging with customers—after all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts at Christmas! Read on to discover how, when and why you should use promotional products as a part of your Christmas marketing strategy.

How to Use Christmas Promotional Products

The important thing about using Christmas promotional products in your marketing is to set a SMART goal. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals ensure you achieve your aim within a set time—in this case, Christmas.

For instance, is your goal trying to sell something to your customer, or use Christmas good cheer to remind them about your company? Perhaps you simply want to thank them for being your customer? Whatever your goal is, there is a Christmas promotional product and strategy that’ll help you achieve it.

In the past, Christmas was always the major winter marketing opportunity, but now there are many Internet ‘Cyber’ type end-of-year events vying for the consumer’s eyes and wallets. The key factor for ‘Cyber’ events is that their sales offers have an expiration date. If you intend to include sales offers in your Christmas promotional product marketing, make sure you do the same. For example, you might offer a 10% discount if you buy before the end of Christmas – this will create excitement and drive sales.

Is Marketing using Christmas Promotional Products Effective?

These days a lot of companies rely solely on email marketing to get their message across. This is a fine marketing strategy; however, customers know the Christmas-themed email in their inbox is likely to have gone to hundreds or even thousands of others. They’re less likely to take it seriously, or even to read it.

However, a signed Christmas postcard or other promotional gift is prepared and sent by a real human being – not from an email list stored somewhere in the ‘cloud’. It is the personal touch that gets you noticed, and makes your business stand out from the rest.
Also, using Christmas promotional marketing isn’t only about selling to your customer. Sending quality promotional gifts to your own employees is a powerful way of boosting morale and engendering company loyalty.

What Kind of Christmas Promotional Products Can I Use?

There are many items you can choose from to promote your company at Christmas time. However, some of the most popular Christmas promotional products are postcards, vinyl fridge magnets, personalised mugs, and (of course) Christmas cards. Let’s discuss each one in more detail now.

How to Use Postcards for Christmas Marketing

Let’s deal with something right off the bat—don’t be the grinch! If you send promotional postcards to your clients at Christmas, use 1st class stamps. It is a small thing that won’t cost you much extra cash, but people will notice and appreciate it.

Postcards are a great way to promote your business at Christmas, and there are many imaginative ways to use them in marketing. Upload your own Christmas-themed artwork to catch your clients’ eye – you could even commission a custom drawing from talented freelancers, incorporating your business’s logo.

Here’s how to use Christmas postcards:

1. Say Thanks: Christmas is a great opportunity to show gratitude to your clients and increase customer loyalty by emphasising how important their business is to you.

2. Update Information: Perhaps you’ve lost touch with your customer, they’re not answering your calls, or your emails are bouncing. A Christmas postcard can be a friendly way of asking them to update their details—don’t forget to add a special offer as an incentive!

3. Service Reminder: Large companies have many suppliers, and they won’t always remember your company name or what you do. A promotional postcard with a tempting sales offer can be great for reminding them of who you are.

Companies often start new projects after Christmas, and putting your company’s name fresh in your customers’ minds with a postcard helps you gain an advantage over the competition.

How to Use Vinyl Fridge Magnets for Christmas Marketing

The custom fridge magnet is another powerful promotional gift. They may be printed in any colour or design, and come in various sizes. You can even customise your vinyl magnets with your business’s branding, logo, and contact details.

Here are some examples of how vinyl magnets may be used:

1. Christmas Promotion: For Christmas promotions, the company’s unique image may be updated with a splash of Christmas colour and an appropriate seasonal message.

2. Magnetic Business Card: Magnets make an eye-catching and unique form of business card that may be printed in many colours and any shape or size. Being more substantial than a normal business card—and magnetic!—they are harder to lose.

3. Custom Sales Opportunity: Include a special deal or discount printed on the magnet itself to encourage your customers to do their Christmas shopping with you.

The big advantage of magnets, of course, is that your customers will almost certainly stick them to their fridge – meaning they’ll be reminded of your business every time they go to fetch milk for their cup of tea.

How to Use Personalised Mugs for Christmas Marketing

Personalised mugs are a good value and highly functional way of promoting your business. Consider the design and message carefully, as this item could be part of your customer’s everyday routine.

Some things to consider:

1. Quality: Ensure you order a quality product and not a mug whose handle falls off after two washes. As personalised mugs might be used every day, if it looks cheap or breaks easily, it sends a message about the quality of your company or service.

2. Make It Look Attractive: Take some time to think about your design. Your mug has to stand out and be nice to look at. Otherwise, the customer won’t be tempted to use it for their everyday cup of tea – what a missed opportunity!

3. Include a Call to Action: of course, upload your company’s logo and contact details to the design. But to make your mugs effective at drawing in customers, include a call to action, such as “visit our website today”.

4. Postage: Mugs are, of course, bulky and slightly pricey to send – so you can’t really post them to your entire mailing list. However, consider including them as free gifts with an order, or offer them as prizes at your company Christmas raffle.

If you get the above right, then the promotional mug is perhaps the most powerful gift of all. This is because ceramic mugs aren’t designed to single-use – they might remain in your client’s home for many years.

How to Use Cards for Christmas Marketing

Christmas cards are probably the most common form of Christmas greeting. However, in this day and age, someone might wonder why they send their customer a paper Christmas card. Wouldn’t an emailed greeting do just as well?

The fact is that emails are easily missed (and dismissed). Taking the time to print, sign, and post a physical card will show your customers that you truly value them. They can also display it on their desk, or somewhere around the office where colleagues would have time to read it – further spreading awareness of your business!

1. Standard or Unique Message: Depending on how many customers you’ll be sending cards to, have a standard Christmas greeting and then write a personal greeting at the bottom. Or if it’s a customer of particular value, you can have something more meaningful written or specific to the customer. This will add a personal touch that your clients will love.

2. Consider the Tone: Depending on how well you know the customer, consider how familiar to be in the greeting. For a customer that you don’t know very well Mr/Ms/Mrs might be the appropriate greeting, or use their first name if it’s someone you’ve known for a while.

3. Include Your Branding: Choose a customisable Christmas card that will allow you to plug in your business’s name and contact details. For a completely custom card, choose a photo upload design where you can add your business’s logo directly to the front!

Are you ready to start your Christmas marketing campaign? Head to 123Print, where we offer professionally printed, fully customisable business stationery and promotional products. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to deliver year after year.