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Covid-Busting Business Boosters: 6 Tips to Stay in Touch with Clients

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult than ever to connect with your clients and customers. Without real face to face contact, it’s much easier for a client to switch to a competitor, or to forget how much value you deliver with your service.
Whether your business is open as usual, operating at a reduced capacity, or has had to temporarily close, it’s vital that you keep in touch with your clients. Stay at the forefront of their minds, and they’ll never forget that you’re just a phone call away. Your aim is simple: keep your clients loyal throughout these unprecedented times.
We’ve made a list of six personalised business boosters that you can use to maintain that all-important relationship with your clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on to find out how!

1) Business Cards

The very point of business cards is to serve as a gentle reminder to a client of who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you.
In normal times, business cards are useful enough. Take a conference, for example; a snazzy business card helps somebody remember you even though they met a hundred other people that day.

If anything, they’re even more important now. Conferences are cancelled, many businesses have ground operations to a halt, and things are only just opening up again. With a timely, personalised and attractive business card, you put yourself at the front of the queue when things open back up.

But your clients probably already have your business cards stuck on their fridges, or filed away somewhere. So why send another one? Simple – to let them know you’re open!
Our personalised business cards let you fill out your address, company name, phone number, email address, and so on. But there’s also more than enough room to include a small message, like ‘Open for Business’, ‘Open during lockdowns’, or ‘Opening soon’. Mail one with a flyer to your list of former clients, and you might even win some business back.

2) Personalised Business Stationery

Personalised business stationery is the best way to convey your brand to customers. Something as simple as an envelope with your company’s logo on it creates an image of your business as one that’s big, organised and professional—all for the cost of pennies.
There are lots of ways that business stationery can help you keep in touch with clients during a lockdown. You can send reopening offers using branded envelopes and paper, for example. Email might still be the king of convenience, but nothing conveys quality branding like professionally printed company letterheads, appointment cards, notepads and address labels. People don’t want the new normal of the pandemic; they want to get back to what’s real, and quality stationery can help you provide that.

On a different topic, business stationery will also be a boost to your employees. If any are working from home, providing them with their own personalised stationery like notepads or paper with company letterheads will help them stay professional despite not being at the office.

3) Flyers

Throughout the initial pandemic panic, and the subsequent lockdown, the Royal Mail carried on. As a treasured national institution, and a vital way of keeping in touch, they couldn’t have considered closing.
That’s good for the country—but it’s also good for you. That’s because flyers are a fantastic way of reaching clients new and old.
They’re especially good for local businesses. With uncertainty over which businesses are allowed to stay open, how many people are allowed to visit, and how safe certain establishments are, you can talk directly to your clients or customers through a flyer! You can tell them:

1. That you’re open! Fewer people are out and about, so your clients may not have walked down the High Street to see that you’re open again. You can tell them directly! If you haven’t been able to open up again yet, why not include an estimated date?
2. The exact steps you’re taking to keep your business Covid-safe. Have you invested in a new air filtration system? Have you hired extra cleaners? Set tables further apart? Set up protective screens? Let your clients know and boost their confidence.
3. What current guidelines advise with regard to your business. There are lots of mixed signals, and official advice seems to change every day. You can spread a little certainty with your flyer.

The best thing about flyers, though, has always been how cheap they are. You have a choice of varying sizes up to A4, can choose your own imagery and font, and they’re still as cheap as chips.


4) Personalised Mugs

Mugs personalised with your business’ logo are nowhere near as popular as they should be! They might seem like an odd choice, but they work—just ask Sports Direct.
What’s great about personalised mugs is that they stick around. A business card might get crumpled, dog-eared and sun damaged. Papers with corporate letterheads get filed away or go missing. But a mug can last a lifetime!

What’s even better is that mugs get used. Every time your client makes a cup of tea, does their washing up or just looks around their kitchen, your brand is right there in front of them. Not every person who gets one will use theirs, but the percentage that do will have a constant reminder of who you are, what you do, and why they should care.
Personalised mugs are best used as promotional products. So, if you’re running a grand re-opening, why not offer one to every new client who signs up? Alternatively, send them out as thank-you gifts to all of your oldest and most loyal customers. And like personalised stationery, they’re great for the workplace too – perhaps to welcome back every employee who returns to the office.

5) Personalised Magnets

Just like personalised mugs, fridge magnets are a hardy product. They won’t get crumpled or torn like a flyer or business card might, and they’re designed to be used over and over again. However, the big advantage of magnets is that they’re significantly less bulky than mugs, and also much cheaper to buy (and to post). So, if you have a lot of clients you’d like to stay in touch with, magnets might be the perfect choice.
You can bet that each of your clients visits their refrigerator multiple times a day. What could be better than for them to see your company’s logo every time they prepare themselves a snack, or grab the milk for their cup of tea?

Design a personalised magnet with your logo alone, or include a personalised message wishing your customers well in these trying times. Send them out alongside a flyer, to remind your customers of the services or products that you offer.

6) Christmas Cards

Last but not least, you should consider personalised Christmas cards as a way to keep in touch with special clients.
While professionally printed flyers and letters on company letterheads look good, the expectation is that they would be sent to any client. But if you have certain special clients who you want to maintain an excellent relationship with, a Christmas card might be the answer.

This Christmas is shaping up to look pretty different to Christmases of the past. Even if we’re not in a full lockdown, we probably won’t be able to celebrate exactly as we usually do. Our usual festive activities, such as Christmas fairs and parties, may have to be put on hold this year – and for many of us, this may mean that Christmas spirit is a bit thin on the ground.

By sending out Christmas cards to your most valued clients, you’ll help to remind them that the season is still worth celebrating – and that someone cares for them. You’re letting them know that you’ll still be there for them throughout the festive season and beyond, bringing some semblance of normality to your clients’ lives. Choose a photo-upload card, and add your business’s logo – or even a picture of yourself in a Santa hat, for that extra personal touch.

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How to Use Promotional Products in Your Christmas Marketing

With the UK economy reeling from the double whammy of Brexit and the Covid-19 global pandemic, businesses need to make full use of seasonal marketing opportunities.
Christmas is the perfect example. For every £1 spent on Christmas advertising, the UK economy benefits by £6, which is an enormous boost.

The question is: how do you take advantage of the Christmas season in a cost-effective way that will benefit your business?

Christmas promotional products have always been a favourite way of engaging with customers—after all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts at Christmas! Read on to discover how, when and why you should use promotional products as a part of your Christmas marketing strategy.

How to Use Christmas Promotional Products

The important thing about using Christmas promotional products in your marketing is to set a SMART goal. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals ensure you achieve your aim within a set time—in this case, Christmas.

For instance, is your goal trying to sell something to your customer, or use Christmas good cheer to remind them about your company? Perhaps you simply want to thank them for being your customer? Whatever your goal is, there is a Christmas promotional product and strategy that’ll help you achieve it.

In the past, Christmas was always the major winter marketing opportunity, but now there are many Internet ‘Cyber’ type end-of-year events vying for the consumer’s eyes and wallets. The key factor for ‘Cyber’ events is that their sales offers have an expiration date. If you intend to include sales offers in your Christmas promotional product marketing, make sure you do the same. For example, you might offer a 10% discount if you buy before the end of Christmas – this will create excitement and drive sales.

Is Marketing using Christmas Promotional Products Effective?

These days a lot of companies rely solely on email marketing to get their message across. This is a fine marketing strategy; however, customers know the Christmas-themed email in their inbox is likely to have gone to hundreds or even thousands of others. They’re less likely to take it seriously, or even to read it.

However, a signed Christmas postcard or other promotional gift is prepared and sent by a real human being – not from an email list stored somewhere in the ‘cloud’. It is the personal touch that gets you noticed, and makes your business stand out from the rest.
Also, using Christmas promotional marketing isn’t only about selling to your customer. Sending quality promotional gifts to your own employees is a powerful way of boosting morale and engendering company loyalty.

What Kind of Christmas Promotional Products Can I Use?

There are many items you can choose from to promote your company at Christmas time. However, some of the most popular Christmas promotional products are postcards, vinyl fridge magnets, personalised mugs, and (of course) Christmas cards. Let’s discuss each one in more detail now.

How to Use Postcards for Christmas Marketing

Let’s deal with something right off the bat—don’t be the grinch! If you send promotional postcards to your clients at Christmas, use 1st class stamps. It is a small thing that won’t cost you much extra cash, but people will notice and appreciate it.

Postcards are a great way to promote your business at Christmas, and there are many imaginative ways to use them in marketing. Upload your own Christmas-themed artwork to catch your clients’ eye – you could even commission a custom drawing from talented freelancers, incorporating your business’s logo.

Here’s how to use Christmas postcards:

1. Say Thanks: Christmas is a great opportunity to show gratitude to your clients and increase customer loyalty by emphasising how important their business is to you.

2. Update Information: Perhaps you’ve lost touch with your customer, they’re not answering your calls, or your emails are bouncing. A Christmas postcard can be a friendly way of asking them to update their details—don’t forget to add a special offer as an incentive!

3. Service Reminder: Large companies have many suppliers, and they won’t always remember your company name or what you do. A promotional postcard with a tempting sales offer can be great for reminding them of who you are.

Companies often start new projects after Christmas, and putting your company’s name fresh in your customers’ minds with a postcard helps you gain an advantage over the competition.

How to Use Vinyl Fridge Magnets for Christmas Marketing

The custom fridge magnet is another powerful promotional gift. They may be printed in any colour or design, and come in various sizes. You can even customise your vinyl magnets with your business’s branding, logo, and contact details.

Here are some examples of how vinyl magnets may be used:

1. Christmas Promotion: For Christmas promotions, the company’s unique image may be updated with a splash of Christmas colour and an appropriate seasonal message.

2. Magnetic Business Card: Magnets make an eye-catching and unique form of business card that may be printed in many colours and any shape or size. Being more substantial than a normal business card—and magnetic!—they are harder to lose.

3. Custom Sales Opportunity: Include a special deal or discount printed on the magnet itself to encourage your customers to do their Christmas shopping with you.

The big advantage of magnets, of course, is that your customers will almost certainly stick them to their fridge – meaning they’ll be reminded of your business every time they go to fetch milk for their cup of tea.

How to Use Personalised Mugs for Christmas Marketing

Personalised mugs are a good value and highly functional way of promoting your business. Consider the design and message carefully, as this item could be part of your customer’s everyday routine.

Some things to consider:

1. Quality: Ensure you order a quality product and not a mug whose handle falls off after two washes. As personalised mugs might be used every day, if it looks cheap or breaks easily, it sends a message about the quality of your company or service.

2. Make It Look Attractive: Take some time to think about your design. Your mug has to stand out and be nice to look at. Otherwise, the customer won’t be tempted to use it for their everyday cup of tea – what a missed opportunity!

3. Include a Call to Action: of course, upload your company’s logo and contact details to the design. But to make your mugs effective at drawing in customers, include a call to action, such as “visit our website today”.

4. Postage: Mugs are, of course, bulky and slightly pricey to send – so you can’t really post them to your entire mailing list. However, consider including them as free gifts with an order, or offer them as prizes at your company Christmas raffle.

If you get the above right, then the promotional mug is perhaps the most powerful gift of all. This is because ceramic mugs aren’t designed to single-use – they might remain in your client’s home for many years.

How to Use Cards for Christmas Marketing

Christmas cards are probably the most common form of Christmas greeting. However, in this day and age, someone might wonder why they send their customer a paper Christmas card. Wouldn’t an emailed greeting do just as well?

The fact is that emails are easily missed (and dismissed). Taking the time to print, sign, and post a physical card will show your customers that you truly value them. They can also display it on their desk, or somewhere around the office where colleagues would have time to read it – further spreading awareness of your business!

1. Standard or Unique Message: Depending on how many customers you’ll be sending cards to, have a standard Christmas greeting and then write a personal greeting at the bottom. Or if it’s a customer of particular value, you can have something more meaningful written or specific to the customer. This will add a personal touch that your clients will love.

2. Consider the Tone: Depending on how well you know the customer, consider how familiar to be in the greeting. For a customer that you don’t know very well Mr/Ms/Mrs might be the appropriate greeting, or use their first name if it’s someone you’ve known for a while.

3. Include Your Branding: Choose a customisable Christmas card that will allow you to plug in your business’s name and contact details. For a completely custom card, choose a photo upload design where you can add your business’s logo directly to the front!

Are you ready to start your Christmas marketing campaign? Head to 123Print, where we offer professionally printed, fully customisable business stationery and promotional products. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to deliver year after year.

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The Benefits of Sending Personalised Christmas Cards in 2021

The tradition of sending Christmas cards to friends, family, employees, co-workers and customers is a long-established one. Christmas cards help spread joy and cheer during the season of goodwill; they’re perfect for sending well wishes to those you care about, especially after a tough year.

But did you know that you don’t have to shop for generic Christmas cards at a busy card shop or supermarket? You can order Christmas cards online, and have them delivered straight to your door – and not only that, but they’re fully customisable.
You can edit the text inside, or upload your own image (such as your company logo, or a family photo) to send a completely bespoke greeting to anyone you want to wish well this year. Write a funny Christmas joke, a classic greeting, or a completely personalised message to your recipients – the choice is up to you.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can personalise your own Christmas cards, and how this simple gesture could benefit your small business. We’ll also describe the benefits of sharing bespoke cards with your friends and family for personal use.

Why Should I Send Personalised Christmas Cards This Year?

Now that you know what personalised Christmas cards are and the various ways you can customise them, why should you consider ordering them? Here are four great ways in which sending out corporate Christmas cards can really boost your business.
And if you don’t have a business, but are simply wanting to send custom Christmas cards to friends and family, skip ahead – we’ll explain why personalised cards are great for personal use, too, and where you can get them from.

1. Spread Brand Awareness and Recognition

A key marketing strategy that all businesses need to take seriously is building up brand recognition. By sending out Christmas cards to your clients and customers, you’re not aiming to get them to buy from you (immediately, at least). Rather, you’re simply keeping your company fresh in their minds. That way, you’ll pop into their head when they’re in need of whatever you sell.

This is especially important at the moment, when many businesses have been closed for a long time. You need to remind your past consumers that you exist, and you’re open!
Sending out Christmas cards brandishing your company’s logo is also a great way to spread the word to potential new customers. If you’re lucky, your recipient will display their card on their mantle or windowsill, and anyone who visits their home will see it.

2. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Marketing studies have shown time and time again that consumers are more likely to buy products or services from a company that has given them a gift or incentive. Whether that’s a promotional product like a mug, or something as simple as a Christmas card, it will cause them to think favourably about your company. Though it might not prompt them to shop with you straight away, they’ll be more likely to choose you over a competitor in the future.
Giving a gift or card to a client (or potential client in your target market) will create a ‘psychological debt’ – whether they realise it or not, they’ll feel on some level as though they owe you their business. Upload your company’s logo to the card and, if possible, sign it by hand – your recipients will appreciate the personal touch.

3. Show Clients that You Care

Christmas is the perfect time to show your clients and customers that you care about them and value them, and this year it’s more important than ever. The world has been through a terrific upheaval lately, and everyone has been affected by it in one way or another – whether it’s their health, work, mental wellbeing or social life (or any combination thereof).
Custom Christmas cards will demonstrate to your clients that you care enough about them to spend time, money and effort on them. When they’re looking for the services or products that you provide, they’ll remember that, and come to you.

4. Reveal the Human Side of Your Business

Consumers tend to think of companies, no matter how small or large, as just a name and logo. Simply put, they forget that there are real humans running the business. Sending out personalised Christmas cards can remind people that you’re not a company – you’re a person running a company. It’ll make your target audience more likely to support you if they see you as a human rather than a faceless entity.

The best way to get this message across is to handwrite a personal message to each of your clients. By all means, personalise the card with your business’s logo, but handwrite the greeting if you can. Try to include a private joke or mention something personal about each recipient, so they know you see them as a person, too (not just a name on a list).

Can You Get Custom Christmas Cards for Personal Use?

Personalised Christmas cards aren’t just for corporate use. If you’re looking for a special way to send festive greetings to your friends and family this year, customised Christmas cards are the perfect choice. There’s no better way of saying “Merry Christmas” in 2021.
Sending unique, custom cards to your loved ones is a brilliant way to add a personal touch to this year’s festivities – especially as we’ve all had a tough time recently. You can use personalised Christmas greetings cards to stay connected to the people that matter most to you, let them know you’re thinking of them and can’t wait to see them again soon. You’ll also help spread Christmas spirit and keep festive tradition alive!

Why not choose a photo upload Christmas card, such as this Christmas Frame design, to send a snapshot of your family on the front of your cards this year? If you’re the artistic type, you could even create your own piece of artwork and upload it to the front of your design.
Choose from a variety of greetings, or write your own personalised message on the inside of the card for a truly personal touch. You can also customise the font and colour to your liking.

Where Can I Buy Personalised Christmas Cards In the UK?

Whether you’re looking for customisable Christmas cards for personal use, or you need corporate Christmas cards to send to your business’s clients and employees, look no further than 123Print. We offer a fantastic range of designs for you to choose from and personalise according to your own tastes.

Select from hundreds of different Christmas cards, including funny Christmas cards, photographic designs, traditional and contemporary art. You’re sure to find a design that perfectly suits your needs. The process of customising your cards couldn’t be simpler with our easy editor, and we’ll show you a full preview of your design to approve before we print it.

At 123Print, we print our Christmas cards on the highest quality 330 gsm cardstock, and offer 2 day shipping with all orders. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not completely happy with the quality of your Christmas cards, you can send them back to us for a full refund or exchange. Why wait? Visit 123Print today and start personalising!