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5 Starts Ups and Their Eureka Moment

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The Eureka Moment. Every entrepreneur has one. It’s that moment when a light bulb goes on in your brain and the business idea you have been searching for suddenly stares you in the face. Some people spend years searching for a gap in the market, or the niche they can get to grips with, and unfortunately for many entrepreneurs their eureka moment is a false prodigy as they fail to move forward from the small idea to a functioning profitable business. Continue reading 5 Starts Ups and Their Eureka Moment

Wedding Traditions: Why do we do that?

When it comes to weddings, everyone loves the traditions. The winter white dresses, the delicate diamond rings, and of course the wow worthy bridal parties. Each delicate element makes a wedding a big show for all and every couple has their own quirky vibe to add into the mix. With so many different wedding traditions, have you ever wondered where they originated from? Why do we have a best man? Why do brides and grooms get torn apart the night before?

Here at 123Print UK we did some investigating and from evil spirits to enduring beauty we have put together all we could find… Take a look and let us know if you can explain the mystery behind any more of these popular traditions which we still adhere to today…

Wedding Rings Continue reading Wedding Traditions: Why do we do that?

4 Flyer Marketing Ideas That Really Work!

For most small businesses flyers are an excellent way of marketing. With cost-effective production, a ‘take it or leave it’ nature and unlimited design space the flyer is one of the UK’s number one direct marketing tools.

In fact it’s estimated that over 500,000 flyers are handed out during the average working week, with 90% disposed of within town and city centres every weekend. That leaves a promising 10% to be carried home and transformed into sales!

For us there is no better direct marketing tool than the flyer. With outstanding economic viability, various diverse uses and best of all, the knowledge that they do lead to sales. Take a look at our 4 flyer marketing ideas below to help you find some creative marketing gems to use for your own flyers…

Orchid Studios Flyer Continue reading 4 Flyer Marketing Ideas That Really Work!