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Hen Party Invitation Wording (with 5 Creative Examples)

It doesn’t matter if your best friend is getting married by the beach, in a garden or a traditional church: you need to throw her an epic hen party!

The hen party, also called the hen do or the hen night, is a long-established British tradition designed to celebrate the bride’s transition from the single life to marriage. Traditionally, hen parties are attended solely by female guests (e.g. the bride’s sisters and girlfriends) – however, there’s nothing stopping you from inviting other genders in this day and age!

A hen do can be as big or as small as you’d like, and involve every kind of activity – from pub crawls to archery to pampering spa days. So when it comes to planning such an event, it’s an absolute must to send out hen party invitations to let guests know what’s going to happen and when.

But the question is: what exactly should you write on a hen party invitation, and how should you word it? Let’s find out.

What Information Do You Include on a Hen Party Invitation?

There are certain things that the hen party guests will need to know about the celebration. So, it’s important to take note of these details that should always be included in your hen party invitation. Double check you’ve included everything in this list to avoid being bombarded with phone calls from confused invitees!

The Date and Time

A hen party could be just a simple cocktail event or it could be an all-day event with different activities involved. This is why it’s very important to let guests know the exact date and time of the event and include a proper timeline if you’re doing multiple activities within it.

This will not only help guests navigate their way throughout the event, but also allow those who can’t make it in the beginning to know exactly where and when they can join in on the celebration.
You should also include an approximate end time. That way, people who need to book childcare or transport home will have a rough idea of when the party will finish.

The Name of the Bride and the Host

Obviously, everyone who’s invited to the party will need to know who the bride is, so make sure this information is prominent on the invitation!
Most hen parties are planned by the maid of honour, or someone else close to the bride. It’s vital to also mention the host’s name and contact details (such as a phone number or e-mail address), so that everyone knows who to contact if they have any questions. You don’t want them contacting the bride, because it may be a secret!

What’s Going to Happen

People will need to know what to expect at the party. Will it be held outdoors? Then you’d better mention it, so people know to bring appropriate footwear and wet-weather gear, just in case.

Will the party be held somewhere there’s a pool? People will need to know to bring their swimming costume. Are you going to be serving food? This will help everyone decide whether or not to eat beforehand. You get the idea!

The Location

Of course, it’s very important for you to let the guests know where you’re going to hold the hen party. Be specific about the exact location of the event (with the full address and post code), and give directions if possible, especially if it’s a remote or new location for most of your guests.

You should also include the travel time from the city to the location to give your guests an idea of how early they need to go to make it one time. Include information about parking and public transport if relevant.

The Dress Code

Most hen parties don’t usually require formal attire, but it’s still important to be specific about what you’d like guests to wear. This usually depends on the theme or vibe that you’re going for.

For instance, if you’re holding a hen party on the beach in the summer, you’ll want to let guests know to wear beach-appropriate clothes and footwear that won’t sink in the sand. They’ll also need to know to bring a bathing costume if they want to go in the water. This will help make choosing outfits easier for your guests.

Is It a Secret?

Most of the time, a hen party is a surprise for the bride – she won’t know exactly what’s happening or where the party will be held until she gets there. If this is the case you need to let the guests know on the invitation that it’s a secret, and not to tell the bride. Otherwise, they may casually mention it in conversation with the bride and this will spoil the surprise.

How to Word a Hen Party Invitation

Now that you know the most important details that you need to include on your hen party invitation, you can draw inspiration from these creative wording examples:

Our beautiful girl Anna Brown is tying the knot
Let’s celebrate her upcoming wedding with a night of fun!
On 21 March 2022
8:00PM ‘til Late
Forever Night Club
Brentwood, Essex
Dress Code: Cocktail
Any questions? Please contact the host Andrea Green on [number]


Let’s join our dear friend Amanda as she says goodbye to the single life!
A surprise party will take place on 15 December 2021, 06:00PM in her honour and we want you to be there.
Join us for dinner and drinks at Joe’s Italian Restaurant
London, United Kingdom
Dress Code: Semi-formal
Hosted by Madison Rogers
Please don’t tell the bride!


Let’s party!
Michelle is getting married soon! Let’s join together to honour her last few days of being a single woman, as we surprise her with an epic hen party on 11 September 2021, 07:00PM.
Ramsay Steak House
Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom
Dress code: Formal
Hosted by: Rachel and Jessie


Bon voyage! Lizzie is saying goodbye to singlehood!
Join us for a weekend filled with sun, sand and sea as we celebrate Lizzie’s upcoming wedding. A day of manicures and mimosas await you at the amazing Ibiza Beach Club on 07 June 2021.
Dress Code: Beach/Summer
Don’t forget to bring your swimwear!
Please book your hotel room ahead of time
Contact Jessie Richards with any questions on [number]


Here’s to one final drink to single life!
A hen party honouring Jane Smith, who’s about to become a wife!
21 April 2021
The fun begins at 06:00PM with welcome drinks
Dress code: Cocktail
Hosted by: Nicole and Christina


Feel free to play with different catchy phrases to make your hen’s party invitation more fun and exciting.
You can try lines like “Let’s put the party in bridal party,” “It’s almost time to kiss the miss goodbye,” “A hen weekend in honour of the bride” or “Let’s have one last fling before the ring.”

The Best Theme for a Hen Party

Now, if you’re still stuck with choosing the right theme for a hen’s party, here are some ideas to help spark your imagination:
1) Bubbly and brunch
2) Manis and mimosas
3) Slumber party
4) Glamping weekend
5) The 70’s
6) Flings and films
7) A relaxing spa day
8) Disney princesses
9) Glamour
10) Vintage afternoon tea party

To help you decide on the best theme to choose for the hen party, try to think about the bride’s personality or interests and plan the theme around that.
This party will be all about the bride, after all, so it’s very important to relate the theme to her own interests. You should also choose a themed hen night invitation that expresses the vibe of the party

Where Can I Order Hen Party Invitations in the UK?

A hen party may be just for fun, but it’s an important way of honouring the woman who will soon become a wife, especially if she’s waited a long time to be married to the partner of her dreams.

When it comes to writing the perfect hen’s party invitation, you need to keep things simple but concise. Make sure that you have all the most important details done right, and be as creative as you want to be with the wording.
Feel free to draw inspiration from our examples and have fun planning the most epic hen party for the bride-to-be. And when you’re ready to start designing your hen party invitations, head to 123Print to browse our range of templates.

We have hundreds of different designs to suit any hen night theme or colour scheme imaginable. Simply choose the design that speaks to you and click on it to begin the personalisation process. You can add photos or images, alter the wording and add details of the party quickly and easily from your device.
Always order more invitations than you think you’ll need, just in case! When you’ve approved the preview and placed your order, we’ll have it printed and dispatched within 48 working hours. What are you waiting for?

Personal Thank You Note

Do You Have to Send Thank You Cards After a Birthday Party?

It used to be the case that after any birthday party, be it a children’s party or an adult’s 50th shin-dig, the ‘done thing’ to do would be to send out a ream of thank-you notes after the event. These are designed to express gratitude to everyone who came and/or brought gifts.
However, in the age of mobile technology the art of the hand-written note seems to have fallen out of favour. Many people now, rather than sending out hand-written thank-you notes, will instead send texts or emails thanking people for the pleasure of their company. You can see why. Hand-writing numerous thank-you notes can be a bit of a time-consuming task!

However, we think it’s still important, even in this more digital era, to send out thank you cards after a birthday party – whether you’re young or old. Today, we’re going to explain the benefits of sending thank you cards, and discuss the proper thank you card etiquette.

What’s the Point of Sending Thank You Cards?

We all know how important it is to show our appreciation for the important people in our lives.
Many people enjoy and appreciate the personal, thoughtful touch that a hand-written note conveys. There’s just something so nice about opening a physical card that someone has taken the time to choose, design and write just for you.

Having your kids write thank you cards after their birthday has the additional benefit of teaching them gratitude and good manners – important skills that they’ll take far in life.
But expressing gratitude (as opposed to just feeling it) is more than just politeness. Receiving a thoughtful and genuine ‘thank-you’ triggers positive responses in the brain. In other words, the time and effort that it takes to write a brief thank-you note could really make someone’s day.

Personalised thank you cards make an even bigger impression – because you’ve taken the time to design them yourself, rather than just grabbing a generic card from a supermarket shelf.

When Should You Send Thank You Cards?

Here are some examples of occasions when it might be appropriate to send a thank you card.
1) After hosting a large party (e.g. a landmark birthday or anniversary) which your guests had to book time off work or travel some distance to attend
2) After any party where guests brought gifts – e.g., a kid’s birthday party or a Christmas party
3) When anyone has given you a gift for any reason (even if there was no party)
4) After your wedding, bridal shower or baby shower
5) When someone has done you a favour, for example they allowed you to borrow a household item, or they ran an errand for you to help you out

Essentially, if you feel thankful for someone who’s gone out of their way to help you or give you something, a thank you card would be the perfect way to show it.

Do You Always Have to Send Thank You Cards After a Birthday Party?

Birthday parties are the classic example of when you should send a thank you card. When people have taken time out of the day to attend your birthday celebration, sending thank you cards to everyone who attended is not only appropriate, but expected. This goes double if they bought you a gift!

Sending thank you cards after your birthday, whether you’re young or old, is a great way to practise expressing gratitude. Your recipients will be so grateful that you’ve taken the time to write them a personalised note, and this can help foster your relationship with them.
In the digital age we are living in it is now more commonplace to send “thank yous” in a digital format, which may be acceptable in some situations. For example, at very casual, last-minute-put-together gatherings at which no gifts were exchanged, it may be appropriate to send a thank you text.

The actual thanks is the important thing after all. However, the thought that goes into a hand-written thank you card should not be underestimated.

What Should You Write in a Birthday Thank You Card?

What you write in a birthday thank-you card depends on who you are sending it to and who is writing it!
If your child is writing a card, keep it nice and simple. For example:
Dear Joe,
Thank you for coming to my party, I had a great time and hope you did too!
Thank you for my new remote-control car – I love it!
From Sam
If your child is old enough, it’s also a great idea to mention something they like about the gift, or in the case of money, how they’re planning to spend it.
However, if you are writing the note yourself then you may choose to be informal or formal depending on the occasion and how well you know the recipient. Here are some examples.


Dear Samantha,
Thank you so much for the pleasure of your company at my recent birthday celebration. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did.
Thank you also for the incredibly thoughtful gift. The photo frame is simply beautiful and looks lovely on my mantle. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
I hope to see you again soon.
Best wishes,


Dear Suzie,
Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party last Saturday. I had a blast and it was so great to see you again.
Thanks also for the Starbucks gift card. You really shouldn’t have. I can’t wait to spend it on fancy coffees!
Let’s get together for brunch soon!
(Love) from Emily

What If the Birthday Party Guests Didn’t Bring Gifts?

Depending on the nature of the occasion some guests at birthday parties may not feel that it is necessary to bring gifts. Indeed, many adults are genuinely content with the pleasure of their friends and family’s company, and would not expect a gift.
If you are going out for informal drinks for a your birthday, for example, and have extended the invitation to work colleagues and acquaintances, they probably won’t bring gifts. In this scenario, while you certainly can send thank you cards if you wish, they wouldn’t be expected.

If you held a intimate gathering and some of the guests didn’t bring gifts then you should still be courteous and thank the guests for the pleasure of their company. They have still made an effort to come and spend time with you, after all. It’s still polite to send a note thanking them for attending. This goes for kids’ birthday parties and adults’ alike.
After all, presumably you are having a party to celebrate the occasion with people you like, not just to get presents. They have still made an effort by the very fact that they are there!
If you’re sending a thank you card to someone who didn’t bring a gift, here’s an example of wording you might use.

Dear Jackie,
Thank you so much for coming to my recent 40th birthday party. It was so lovely to see you again and I had so much fun. I really appreciate you taking the time to celebrate with me.
I hope to see you again very soon!

How Soon After a Birthday Party Should You Send Thank You Cards?

If you choose to send thank-you notes after a birthday celebration then send them as soon after the event as possible. That way, you can be sure that you will remember what gifts each person has given you.

This will allow you to personalise the card by mentioning the specific gift they got you. The memory of the party will still be fresh in your mind, so you can also mention a special moment you shared with each guest.
The sooner you can send a thank you note the more personal and thoughtful it seems for the recipient. If you leave it too long, your party guests may think you’ve forgotten about them, or aren’t bothered thanking them – and this could leave a sour taste in their mouth.
However, if you had a large party with lots of guests, or you’ve got a very busy life, then your guests will completely understand if it takes a while for them to receive their thank you.
In any case, aim to send out your cards no later than four weeks after the event.

Where Can I Order Personalised Thank You Cards?

Although any thank-you is better than none, a generic pre-printed card is not as thoughtful as a personalised card, even if it is really brief.
It is much more pleasing to receive a personal note than a mass produced one. If you include specific details such as a special time you shared at the party, and mention the gift that they gave you, it will mean a great deal to the recipient.

You can order professionally printed, personalised thank you cards from 123Print. We’re an experienced UK-based printing company specialising in greetings cards and business stationery, and we stock hundreds of thank you card designs. We have templates suitable for weddings, birthdays, and any other occasion when you might want to say thanks.
Once you’ve chosen your favourite thank you card design, simply click on it to begin the customisation process. You can add your own text, upload pictures from your device, and alter the font style and colour. Make sure to leave room to add a handwritten message to each recipient!

Our thank you cards can be ordered in quantities of up to 120 – so why not order extra to have on hand for emergencies?

Thank you note

13 Times You Really Need to Send Thank You Cards

When we were young, our parents always told us to say “thank you” whenever anyone bought us a gift, or did anything nice for us. But as we grow old, it seems like expressing gratitude has become a lost art and we’ve forgotten how to say “thank you” to the people who make a difference in our lives, no matter how small the gesture.

It’s not too late, however, to rekindle the practice of expressing gratitude to those who mean something to us and who have enriched our lives in various ways. We can all start by sending thank you cards to people who did something good to us, just as we did when we were kids.

These days, you might only really associate thank you cards with weddings. But they have so many more uses than that! In this guide, we’ll give you 13 great examples of times when you should send thank you cards.

1. When You’ve Received a Gift

This is a no-brainer and that’s why we’ve started off with this one. Whenever you receive a gift from someone – whether it’s a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or “just because” – you should always say thank you. And the best way to do that is by sending a card.

It’s especially important to send a card if you received a gift that was well-thought out or hard to find. This person could’ve just grabbed anything off the shelf, yet they took the time and resources to make you feel special. Thus, they deserve to be rewarded with a simple card that expresses your gratitude.

2. If You’ve Been a House Guest

Hosting family and friends isn’t easy, whether it’s for a few days or even longer. You’ve got less space, less private time, and you’re having to share your bathroom and kitchen with non-household members – not to mention the fact that they’ll use your electricity and water!

So, if you’ve been a house guest and you had a great time during your stay, it would be the least you could do to send a “thank you” card expressing how grateful you are for their generosity. You can even include a small gift, such as flowers, if you want to make them feel extra special.

3. After a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower

Baby showers and bridal showers are more American traditions, and haven’t long been established in the UK. However, they are becoming more and more common nowadays on this side of the pond.

As their names suggest, when you have a “shower” of any kind, you’ll be showered with gifts. Your guests will have spent time, effort and money on choosing the perfect present for you, as well as on attending the party itself.

So, you should always return their generosity by making the effort to send out thank you cards to everyone who attended. You should do this whether or not they brought a gift.

4. After a Job Interview

This may not be absolutely necessary, but sending a thank you card after a job interview is a sure-fire way for you to stick in the mind of the person who interviewed you.
Expressing your gratitude to a company for giving you the opportunity for a job interview gives the impression that you’re serious about taking the job, and you appreciate their time, even though you have no guarantees of getting an offer.

5. To Your Wedding Guests

One of the biggest perks of getting married is the gifts that you’ll receive. Anyone who gifted you something on your wedding, whether they attended the actual celebration or not, deserves a thank you card.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you received: the time and effort alone to buy you a wedding gift is enough to make the effort to express your gratitude. And don’t forget to send cards to any guests that didn’t send you a gift, too – they still sacrificed an entire day to celebrate with you.

6. After Receiving Condolences

Losing a loved one is probably the hardest experience anyone could go through, but it’s made a lot easier and more bearable by friends and family that help you during this sad time.

If people close to you showed you their love and support during these tough times, it’s only right to show them how grateful you are. So, send “thank you” cards to those who sent flowers, cards, notes and donations to return their kindness while you’re grieving. (But don’t worry about doing this straight away – they’ll understand if you need time.)

7. When Someone has Done You a Favour

If a friend, family member, coworker or neighbour has done you a favour, it’s always polite to give them a thank you card – and potentially a small gift, too, depending on how they’ve helped you out. For example, if someone:

1) Gave you a lift somewhere
2) Picked you up from the airport
3) Helped you move
4) Paid for something when you couldn’t afford it
5) Let you stay at their house
6) Helped you out with some work or housework
7) Cooked you a meal
8) Looked after you when you were ill

It would be the height of rudeness not to thank them sincerely. Favours are completely optional and the only thing in it for them is helping out a friend.

8. After Graduation

Graduating is one of your biggest accomplishments in life and the people who love you will always make it more special. Those who made the effort to give you some graduation goodies definitely deserve to be appreciated with a simple “thank you” card.

It’s also worth thanking anyone that attended your graduation ceremony, or hosted/attended your graduation party. Make sure that you send out these notes before you get caught up with your new life as a full-fledged adult.

9. After Attending a Dinner Party

It’s not every day that you get invited to a dinner party. The people who host these types of events really make the time to plan, prepare and execute their ideas so you can have the best night possible.

So, why not show them your gratitude? A simple thank you card after being invited to a dinner party is enough to make any host feel that all their efforts have paid off, and lets them know their hard work was appreciated.

10. To Birthday Party Attendees

These days, it’s not often that you receive a lot of gifts for birthday parties anymore. So, those who do take the time to buy you something special really deserve a simple reward in the form of a thank you card. This goes for any age – whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or a 50th.

Write a personal note expressing your gratitude not only for the gift itself but also the gesture, and your efforts will really be appreciated.

11. During Hard Times

We all go through difficult times in our lives, when we need extra support – some of the biggest upheavals include job loss, illness, divorce and caring for a newborn baby. It’s during these times that people who really love us step up to support, love and care for us.

So, don’t forget to let these people know that you see their efforts and that you appreciate them. Even if you’re busy with the obligations that come during these stressful times, you need to make time for sending out thank you cards to the people who have helped you cope.

12. For Christmas Presents

Of course, the holiday season means that you’ll be receiving a lot of gifts from family and friends. But don’t just text these people to say thank you for their gesture. Instead, take the time to write personalised thank you cards that will let them know how much you appreciate their kindness.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. As long as you add your personal touch to these cards, your recipients will appreciate them.

13. When Returning Something You’ve Borrowed

When someone lets you borrow something from them, it’s always right to send them a thank you card to show that you appreciate the favour. No matter whether you borrowed:

1) Money
2) Their car
3) Garden equipment
4) Kitchenware or appliances
5) Tools
6) Partyware

Or anything else, for that matter: always hand over a thank you card when you return the item (or cash) in question. This will not only let the person know they’re appreciated, but it will also make them more likely to help you out again!

Where Can I Buy Personalised Thank You Cards?

The truth is, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to show appreciation to the people who’ve been there for you. In fact, thank you cards can be given when you feel grateful for any reason at all.

You can send them to customers, frontline workers, friends, neighbours and just about anyone who touched your life in one way or another. This is why it’s smart to have extra thank you cards on hand, so you can quickly sign them and give them out whenever the need might arise.

At 123Print, we have a wonderful range of thank you card templates, all of which can be fully customised for free online before you place your order. So, whether you’re thanking someone for a gift, attending your wedding, or any other reason, we’ve got you covered.
After you’ve specified your chosen wording and approved the preview, your thank you cards will be professionally printed and dispatched to you within 2 working days.

Sending thank you cards not only benefits the recipient, but it will also help you practise gratitude and appreciation for everything you have in life. Why not thank those closest to you with 123Print?

10 Quirky and Colourful Business Card Templates You’ll Love

From books and cash to bus tickets and calendars, we’re used to doing everything online these days. If you own or work for a business, you’ll probably carry out the majority of your marketing and advertising over the internet, too.

But whether you work freelance or own your own company, having a physical business card is still necessary if you want to make an impression on your clients, customers and colleagues. It’s always worth standing out from the crowd: choosing a card that is visually engaging and unique will help your products or services stick in the minds of professional contacts. It is this first impression that will lead your prospective clientele to try your company over your competitors.

Quirky and colourful business cards may not be perfect for some of the more serious niches, but if you want to be memorable and catch the eye, they’re perfect. In this guide, we’ll share ten of our favourite vivid and unique business card designs that are sure to make an impression.

1. Deserted Beach

Our eye-catching Deserted Beach business card evokes memories of peaceful tropical holidays and summer fun. This photographic design features an exotic vista, with blue skies, a clear ocean, white sands and palm trees. It’s bound to leave anyone who receives it longing for a trip far away.

Maybe you’re an independent travel agent who will use these cards to advertise the type of sun-kissed holidays your company can provide. Or perhaps you’re a professional travel blogger or photographer who simply wishes to generate more traffic on your website. Either way, this bright and colourful business card is perfect to draw in the eyes and attention of anyone wanting to dream of white sand and warm waves.

2. Pointing to You

When a computer is not behaving as it should, letting your clients know that help is just a phone call away can be a comfort, especially when people rely on their computers for so much these days. Whether you work in software, hardware, or maybe you design websites for a living, this brightly coloured Pointing to You business card would fit the bill.
The cursor-style graphic on this bright purple business card looks as though it’s about to click on your website – and it also draws the reader’s eye to all of the contact information on the card, which is printed in a vivid orange font.


3. Embracing Education

When working in an education based role, chances are you will be spending your time working with children: whether you’re a nursery worker, babysitter, nanny, childminder, a teacher or even a private tutor. All of these roles involve having to expand your client base on a regular basis, as the children you look after will inevitably grow up and move on.

The best way to do this, and advertise your business is of course to have business cards made. This fun and colourful Embracing Education business card features a cute cartoon design which is perfect to show just exactly what the main focus of your business is: taking care of children!

4. Rainbow Lane

When you are an estate agent, a lot of your work involves face-to-face business with your clients. Therefore it is vitally important that your business card is not only a suitable way to give them your contact details, but also helps them remember you, and distinguish you from your competitors in some way.

This Rainbow Lane business card may be minimalistic in its design, but with its bold and vibrant colours, on its first impression it certainly will pack a punch. Whether you choose this business card in horizontal or vertical orientation it will leave your clients with a smile on their face, and a favourable impression of your business. The green base colour creates an image of your business as fresh, fun and friendly.

5. Mr Bones

Sometimes when handing out your business card, you need one that will really cause someone to do a double take. This unconventional Mr Bones business card is absolutely perfect for this “shock tactic” approach, with it’s deep red background and striking photographic image of a skeleton.

It’s perfect for someone whose job involves working with the human body. This design would be great when advertising your chiropractic business, or if you are offering private physiotherapy sessions. Whether working in the healthcare business or maybe even in the science sector, this card is bound to leave a memorable impression on someone. It would also work great for a party supplies company that specialises in Halloween!

6. Padlock

Although you could hire a handyman or carpenter when it comes to installing locks in your home, a locksmith is the only one that can offer a personal touch when it comes to the security of your household. That’s why it is so important to hire someone that is not only good at their job, but also has the relevant accreditations, which can be shown through their business card!

When you’re locked out, you don’t want to be scrolling through the internet trying to decide out of hundreds of businesses’ which one is reliable. So if you’re a locksmith, use this Padlock business card so that your potential customers will always know how to get in touch when they need you. It features a striking photographic design with contrasting white text that won’t soon be forgotten.

7. Built to Perfection

As a designer, builder or architect, you will need a business card that shows off just how creative and precise you can be. This unusual Built to Perfection business card can give your clients a subtle nudge into thinking about what they need from your company.

The periwinkle blue design featuring the white outline of a building plan is sharp, sleek, and perfect to give to clients thinking about expanding their home. Whether you are in architecture, construction or engineering, this blueprint-themed business card is an ideal example of how well it can not only grab someone’s attention, but also have them know what area of work you are in immediately just by glancing at the card.

8. Coloured Spools

In today’s world, there is a big (and well-justified) push for reusing and recycling as well as fighting back against fast fashion. More and more people are looking to get their clothes mended or tailored compared to before, where the alternative was to throw away and buy something new.

It is imperative then, that potential customers are able to easily contact you when your services are needed. This distinct Coloured Spools business card features a rainbow of vibrant spools of thread, instantly letting your clients know that you’re a dressmaker, tailor or seamstress. With its bold and stand-out colour scheme, you are bound to pull the clients in.

9. On the Chase

On the Chase is an adorable, illustrated business card that will instantly make anyone you hand it to smile. The offbeat design features three cartoon dogs who are barking and chasing after a bright red ball, which rolls towards your contact details on the left of the card.

This would be the perfect design for a dog walker, dog sitting service, breeder, groomer or kennel. It would also work well for a small business selling home-made dog treats, collars or accessories. Your customers will love the cute illustration and will keep your card on display for whenever they need you.

10. Funky Zebra

Finally, we have our last and perhaps most startling design of them all. The Funky Zebra business card demands attention with its shocking pink colour scheme. Above your contact details, a banner of flashy black and white zebra print runs along the top of this horizontal design, catching the eye of anyone who might notice it peeking out of a folder.

This bold business card would be perfect for a fashion designer, party supplier or any business that wants to make an instant impression with a flamboyant design. This card says, quite simply, that you’re not afraid to have fun – which will be instantly appealing to your customers!

Order Your Professionally Printed Business Cards from 123Print

If you’ve fallen in love with one of our colourful and eye-catching business cards, or want to have a browse through the thousands of other designs we have to offer, head over to 123Print today. You’ll find a huge range of business cards suitable for any professional niche or vocation imaginable, from solicitor’s offices to children’s party rentals, and everything in between.

When you’ve chosen the design that appeals to you, simply use our free online editor to enter your company information and contact details. You can alter the font style and colour to your liking, and upload your business’s logo or any other artwork that you so choose.
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