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What Title Should You Put on Your Business Card?

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good business card on hand. Being the extension of your business or career, you need to make sure that you’re sharing the right information on your business card, and in a way that entices people to get in touch.

Along with your name and contact information, one of the most important details in your business card is your job title. Whoever’s reading your business card will need to know who you are, and how you’re related to the company you work for! But the question is, what title should you use?

If you’re an employee, this is pretty self-explanatory: it’s whatever job title is on your employment contract. If there isn’t one, or your role has changed since you were hired, you can always ask your manager or your boss what you should put as your role.

But if you own your business, or are self-employed, things aren’t quite as simple. Today, we’ll discuss what job title options you have for your business card, and how each one might affect people’s impressions of you.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Good Business Card?

Although most of the information sharing that we do nowadays is digital, the business card remains to be one of the best tools for promoting a business, a brand or a person. Here are some of the many benefits of having a business card:

1) It helps you create a good first impression. You don’t know when you’ll get the opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential client, business partner or employer. When that time comes, you need to be ready to create a good first impression and a business card allows you to do that.

2) It helps you build and expand your network. Whether you’re an employer or employee, it’s very important to grab every opportunity to build or expand your network. A simple business card is a great tool that will allow you to exchange contact information in a more formal way than sending an email or text.

3) It helps you create the right image. With a business card, you have complete control of the design and information that you’d like to share with people. This gives you the opportunity to create the image that you want people to see, and that helps you build yourself up for success – whether you’re applying for a job or trying to impress a client.

When someone has your business card, it’s easier for them to remember to reach out to you. But you’ve got to start things off on the right foot by thinking hard about your job title.

What Is the Right Job Title to Put on a Business Card?

Since a lot is riding on that small card that you’re giving away to people you want to connect with, it’s very important to know what job title you should put on your business card. This may sound simple, but a lot of people actually get this wrong. Here are some of your best options, and when it’s appropriate to use them:


This title strongly conveys authority, so you should only use it when you’re already an established entity. The term “President” can be interchanged with “CEO” and putting that on a business card means that you’re on one of the highest ranks in your office.
When choosing between the two options, it’s best to think about how you’d want your organisational structure to be as you grow your business, as well as your legal business entity.


Chief Executive Officer or CEO is a title that will instantly tell people that you’re in charge of your business. Most of the time, CEOs also own the company, so if you’re going to use this job title, you need to make sure that you’re already well established in the business and that you’re managing a big team of employees.

But if you’re just starting out as a business, it’s best to avoid using CEO in your business card, as this could convey that you want to pretend that your business is larger than it is, and that you’re a “big deal” – when you might not be quite yet!


This is the perfect job title to put on your business card if you’re just starting as a small business, especially if you’re in retail. Although “Proprietor” is an old term that refers to the owner of a small business, it’s still used a lot today because it conveys the right authority to someone who owns the business without sounding too cocky as compared to using CEO when it’s just a small company.


Nothing gets more straightforward than this job title. It’s more than appropriate if you’re a small business owner that hasn’t filed your organisational documents just yet.
The term “Owner” has lesser gravity than “CEO” or “President,” but it still gives people the (correct) impression that you’re an authority in your business as its owner. This option is also perfect if you’re a sole proprietor, or if you’re working with only a handful of employees.


Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson are just some of the many famous entrepreneurs who are called “Founders” by people within and outside their companies. A “Founder” is essentially the person who first started the business.
This title is used a lot these days, especially in the tech industry where there are a lot of start-ups that grow to become bigger companies within just a few months. However, you should definitely avoid using “Founder” if you took over an established business or you simply own shares in it. This would be disingenuous.


The term “Administrator” conveys both authority and responsibility in the business. When you put “Administrator” on your business card, you’re telling people that you have authority in the organisation, but you also take care of core responsibilities that help with your day-to-day operations.

However, this may confuse people if you’re the owner as well, as someone can work as an administrator of a company without actually owning it. It’s a great option, though, if you don’t want to intimidate people and you want to emphasise the work that you actually do day-to-day.


If you want to be more specific about the role you play in the business, but you still want to convey a sense of authority, you can choose a more descriptive job title such as Managing Director, Creative Director or Technical Director. Some professionals also write it as Director of Operations or Director of Production.
Again, this role emphasises that you have a senior role in the company, but conveys slightly more information about the day-to-day duties that you oversee.

Managing Partner

You could own a business and not necessarily hold a core position within its organisation. This is when you can use the title “Managing Partner” or “Managing Member” that conveys that you’re still involved with the decision-making part of your business, although you’re leaving the operations to people you hired to be part of your team.

So, Which Title Should I Choose for My Business Cards?

The great thing about choosing a title to put on your business card is that you can be as creative as you want, except when you’ve been given a job title by your employer. Make sure to consider different factors before choosing the right label.
Remember that people place a lot of weight on the information written on a business card, so it only makes sense that you use the job title that will allow you to set good first impressions.

Whether you choose to go bold with CEO or subtle with Proprietor, remember that you have to back it up with credibility and experience.
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When you’ve chosen your favourite design, our easy editor will allow you to upload images (such as your company’s logo), add your personal details, and change the font colour and style to your liking. Alternatively, if nothing feels quite right, start with a blank template and create your own design entirely from scratch!

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10 Quirky and Colourful Business Card Templates You’ll Love

From books and cash to bus tickets and calendars, we’re used to doing everything online these days. If you own or work for a business, you’ll probably carry out the majority of your marketing and advertising over the internet, too.

But whether you work freelance or own your own company, having a physical business card is still necessary if you want to make an impression on your clients, customers and colleagues. It’s always worth standing out from the crowd: choosing a card that is visually engaging and unique will help your products or services stick in the minds of professional contacts. It is this first impression that will lead your prospective clientele to try your company over your competitors.

Quirky and colourful business cards may not be perfect for some of the more serious niches, but if you want to be memorable and catch the eye, they’re perfect. In this guide, we’ll share ten of our favourite vivid and unique business card designs that are sure to make an impression.

1. Deserted Beach

Our eye-catching Deserted Beach business card evokes memories of peaceful tropical holidays and summer fun. This photographic design features an exotic vista, with blue skies, a clear ocean, white sands and palm trees. It’s bound to leave anyone who receives it longing for a trip far away.

Maybe you’re an independent travel agent who will use these cards to advertise the type of sun-kissed holidays your company can provide. Or perhaps you’re a professional travel blogger or photographer who simply wishes to generate more traffic on your website. Either way, this bright and colourful business card is perfect to draw in the eyes and attention of anyone wanting to dream of white sand and warm waves.

2. Pointing to You

When a computer is not behaving as it should, letting your clients know that help is just a phone call away can be a comfort, especially when people rely on their computers for so much these days. Whether you work in software, hardware, or maybe you design websites for a living, this brightly coloured Pointing to You business card would fit the bill.
The cursor-style graphic on this bright purple business card looks as though it’s about to click on your website – and it also draws the reader’s eye to all of the contact information on the card, which is printed in a vivid orange font.


3. Embracing Education

When working in an education based role, chances are you will be spending your time working with children: whether you’re a nursery worker, babysitter, nanny, childminder, a teacher or even a private tutor. All of these roles involve having to expand your client base on a regular basis, as the children you look after will inevitably grow up and move on.

The best way to do this, and advertise your business is of course to have business cards made. This fun and colourful Embracing Education business card features a cute cartoon design which is perfect to show just exactly what the main focus of your business is: taking care of children!

4. Rainbow Lane

When you are an estate agent, a lot of your work involves face-to-face business with your clients. Therefore it is vitally important that your business card is not only a suitable way to give them your contact details, but also helps them remember you, and distinguish you from your competitors in some way.

This Rainbow Lane business card may be minimalistic in its design, but with its bold and vibrant colours, on its first impression it certainly will pack a punch. Whether you choose this business card in horizontal or vertical orientation it will leave your clients with a smile on their face, and a favourable impression of your business. The green base colour creates an image of your business as fresh, fun and friendly.

5. Mr Bones

Sometimes when handing out your business card, you need one that will really cause someone to do a double take. This unconventional Mr Bones business card is absolutely perfect for this “shock tactic” approach, with it’s deep red background and striking photographic image of a skeleton.

It’s perfect for someone whose job involves working with the human body. This design would be great when advertising your chiropractic business, or if you are offering private physiotherapy sessions. Whether working in the healthcare business or maybe even in the science sector, this card is bound to leave a memorable impression on someone. It would also work great for a party supplies company that specialises in Halloween!

6. Padlock

Although you could hire a handyman or carpenter when it comes to installing locks in your home, a locksmith is the only one that can offer a personal touch when it comes to the security of your household. That’s why it is so important to hire someone that is not only good at their job, but also has the relevant accreditations, which can be shown through their business card!

When you’re locked out, you don’t want to be scrolling through the internet trying to decide out of hundreds of businesses’ which one is reliable. So if you’re a locksmith, use this Padlock business card so that your potential customers will always know how to get in touch when they need you. It features a striking photographic design with contrasting white text that won’t soon be forgotten.

7. Built to Perfection

As a designer, builder or architect, you will need a business card that shows off just how creative and precise you can be. This unusual Built to Perfection business card can give your clients a subtle nudge into thinking about what they need from your company.

The periwinkle blue design featuring the white outline of a building plan is sharp, sleek, and perfect to give to clients thinking about expanding their home. Whether you are in architecture, construction or engineering, this blueprint-themed business card is an ideal example of how well it can not only grab someone’s attention, but also have them know what area of work you are in immediately just by glancing at the card.

8. Coloured Spools

In today’s world, there is a big (and well-justified) push for reusing and recycling as well as fighting back against fast fashion. More and more people are looking to get their clothes mended or tailored compared to before, where the alternative was to throw away and buy something new.

It is imperative then, that potential customers are able to easily contact you when your services are needed. This distinct Coloured Spools business card features a rainbow of vibrant spools of thread, instantly letting your clients know that you’re a dressmaker, tailor or seamstress. With its bold and stand-out colour scheme, you are bound to pull the clients in.

9. On the Chase

On the Chase is an adorable, illustrated business card that will instantly make anyone you hand it to smile. The offbeat design features three cartoon dogs who are barking and chasing after a bright red ball, which rolls towards your contact details on the left of the card.

This would be the perfect design for a dog walker, dog sitting service, breeder, groomer or kennel. It would also work well for a small business selling home-made dog treats, collars or accessories. Your customers will love the cute illustration and will keep your card on display for whenever they need you.

10. Funky Zebra

Finally, we have our last and perhaps most startling design of them all. The Funky Zebra business card demands attention with its shocking pink colour scheme. Above your contact details, a banner of flashy black and white zebra print runs along the top of this horizontal design, catching the eye of anyone who might notice it peeking out of a folder.

This bold business card would be perfect for a fashion designer, party supplier or any business that wants to make an instant impression with a flamboyant design. This card says, quite simply, that you’re not afraid to have fun – which will be instantly appealing to your customers!

Order Your Professionally Printed Business Cards from 123Print

If you’ve fallen in love with one of our colourful and eye-catching business cards, or want to have a browse through the thousands of other designs we have to offer, head over to 123Print today. You’ll find a huge range of business cards suitable for any professional niche or vocation imaginable, from solicitor’s offices to children’s party rentals, and everything in between.

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Business Card Colours – What Doesn’t Work

As you may already know, if you have been browsing our main website, we do love printing those business cards! Fabulous and marvellous designs, every last one of them! We print thousands of red, green, blue, orange, pink and purple cards every week. So when it comes to colours and what works well on a business card, we like to think we’re a bit of a know it all in this area. Which, let’s face it, we are!

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