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13 Times You Really Need to Send Thank You Cards

When we were young, our parents always told us to say “thank you” whenever anyone bought us a gift, or did anything nice for us. But as we grow old, it seems like expressing gratitude has become a lost art and we’ve forgotten how to say “thank you” to the people who make a difference in our lives, no matter how small the gesture.

It’s not too late, however, to rekindle the practice of expressing gratitude to those who mean something to us and who have enriched our lives in various ways. We can all start by sending thank you cards to people who did something good to us, just as we did when we were kids.

These days, you might only really associate thank you cards with weddings. But they have so many more uses than that! In this guide, we’ll give you 13 great examples of times when you should send thank you cards.

1. When You’ve Received a Gift

This is a no-brainer and that’s why we’ve started off with this one. Whenever you receive a gift from someone – whether it’s a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or “just because” – you should always say thank you. And the best way to do that is by sending a card.

It’s especially important to send a card if you received a gift that was well-thought out or hard to find. This person could’ve just grabbed anything off the shelf, yet they took the time and resources to make you feel special. Thus, they deserve to be rewarded with a simple card that expresses your gratitude.

2. If You’ve Been a House Guest

Hosting family and friends isn’t easy, whether it’s for a few days or even longer. You’ve got less space, less private time, and you’re having to share your bathroom and kitchen with non-household members – not to mention the fact that they’ll use your electricity and water!

So, if you’ve been a house guest and you had a great time during your stay, it would be the least you could do to send a “thank you” card expressing how grateful you are for their generosity. You can even include a small gift, such as flowers, if you want to make them feel extra special.

3. After a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower

Baby showers and bridal showers are more American traditions, and haven’t long been established in the UK. However, they are becoming more and more common nowadays on this side of the pond.

As their names suggest, when you have a “shower” of any kind, you’ll be showered with gifts. Your guests will have spent time, effort and money on choosing the perfect present for you, as well as on attending the party itself.

So, you should always return their generosity by making the effort to send out thank you cards to everyone who attended. You should do this whether or not they brought a gift.

4. After a Job Interview

This may not be absolutely necessary, but sending a thank you card after a job interview is a sure-fire way for you to stick in the mind of the person who interviewed you.
Expressing your gratitude to a company for giving you the opportunity for a job interview gives the impression that you’re serious about taking the job, and you appreciate their time, even though you have no guarantees of getting an offer.

5. To Your Wedding Guests

One of the biggest perks of getting married is the gifts that you’ll receive. Anyone who gifted you something on your wedding, whether they attended the actual celebration or not, deserves a thank you card.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you received: the time and effort alone to buy you a wedding gift is enough to make the effort to express your gratitude. And don’t forget to send cards to any guests that didn’t send you a gift, too – they still sacrificed an entire day to celebrate with you.

6. After Receiving Condolences

Losing a loved one is probably the hardest experience anyone could go through, but it’s made a lot easier and more bearable by friends and family that help you during this sad time.

If people close to you showed you their love and support during these tough times, it’s only right to show them how grateful you are. So, send “thank you” cards to those who sent flowers, cards, notes and donations to return their kindness while you’re grieving. (But don’t worry about doing this straight away – they’ll understand if you need time.)

7. When Someone has Done You a Favour

If a friend, family member, coworker or neighbour has done you a favour, it’s always polite to give them a thank you card – and potentially a small gift, too, depending on how they’ve helped you out. For example, if someone:

1) Gave you a lift somewhere
2) Picked you up from the airport
3) Helped you move
4) Paid for something when you couldn’t afford it
5) Let you stay at their house
6) Helped you out with some work or housework
7) Cooked you a meal
8) Looked after you when you were ill

It would be the height of rudeness not to thank them sincerely. Favours are completely optional and the only thing in it for them is helping out a friend.

8. After Graduation

Graduating is one of your biggest accomplishments in life and the people who love you will always make it more special. Those who made the effort to give you some graduation goodies definitely deserve to be appreciated with a simple “thank you” card.

It’s also worth thanking anyone that attended your graduation ceremony, or hosted/attended your graduation party. Make sure that you send out these notes before you get caught up with your new life as a full-fledged adult.

9. After Attending a Dinner Party

It’s not every day that you get invited to a dinner party. The people who host these types of events really make the time to plan, prepare and execute their ideas so you can have the best night possible.

So, why not show them your gratitude? A simple thank you card after being invited to a dinner party is enough to make any host feel that all their efforts have paid off, and lets them know their hard work was appreciated.

10. To Birthday Party Attendees

These days, it’s not often that you receive a lot of gifts for birthday parties anymore. So, those who do take the time to buy you something special really deserve a simple reward in the form of a thank you card. This goes for any age – whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or a 50th.

Write a personal note expressing your gratitude not only for the gift itself but also the gesture, and your efforts will really be appreciated.

11. During Hard Times

We all go through difficult times in our lives, when we need extra support – some of the biggest upheavals include job loss, illness, divorce and caring for a newborn baby. It’s during these times that people who really love us step up to support, love and care for us.

So, don’t forget to let these people know that you see their efforts and that you appreciate them. Even if you’re busy with the obligations that come during these stressful times, you need to make time for sending out thank you cards to the people who have helped you cope.

12. For Christmas Presents

Of course, the holiday season means that you’ll be receiving a lot of gifts from family and friends. But don’t just text these people to say thank you for their gesture. Instead, take the time to write personalised thank you cards that will let them know how much you appreciate their kindness.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. As long as you add your personal touch to these cards, your recipients will appreciate them.

13. When Returning Something You’ve Borrowed

When someone lets you borrow something from them, it’s always right to send them a thank you card to show that you appreciate the favour. No matter whether you borrowed:

1) Money
2) Their car
3) Garden equipment
4) Kitchenware or appliances
5) Tools
6) Partyware

Or anything else, for that matter: always hand over a thank you card when you return the item (or cash) in question. This will not only let the person know they’re appreciated, but it will also make them more likely to help you out again!

Where Can I Buy Personalised Thank You Cards?

The truth is, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to show appreciation to the people who’ve been there for you. In fact, thank you cards can be given when you feel grateful for any reason at all.

You can send them to customers, frontline workers, friends, neighbours and just about anyone who touched your life in one way or another. This is why it’s smart to have extra thank you cards on hand, so you can quickly sign them and give them out whenever the need might arise.

At 123Print, we have a wonderful range of thank you card templates, all of which can be fully customised for free online before you place your order. So, whether you’re thanking someone for a gift, attending your wedding, or any other reason, we’ve got you covered.
After you’ve specified your chosen wording and approved the preview, your thank you cards will be professionally printed and dispatched to you within 2 working days.

Sending thank you cards not only benefits the recipient, but it will also help you practise gratitude and appreciation for everything you have in life. Why not thank those closest to you with 123Print?


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