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Covid-Busting Business Boosters: 6 Tips to Stay in Touch with Clients

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult than ever to connect with your clients and customers. Without real face to face contact, it’s much easier for a client to switch to a competitor, or to forget how much value you deliver with your service.
Whether your business is open as usual, operating at a reduced capacity, or has had to temporarily close, it’s vital that you keep in touch with your clients. Stay at the forefront of their minds, and they’ll never forget that you’re just a phone call away. Your aim is simple: keep your clients loyal throughout these unprecedented times.
We’ve made a list of six personalised business boosters that you can use to maintain that all-important relationship with your clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on to find out how!

1) Business Cards

The very point of business cards is to serve as a gentle reminder to a client of who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you.
In normal times, business cards are useful enough. Take a conference, for example; a snazzy business card helps somebody remember you even though they met a hundred other people that day.

If anything, they’re even more important now. Conferences are cancelled, many businesses have ground operations to a halt, and things are only just opening up again. With a timely, personalised and attractive business card, you put yourself at the front of the queue when things open back up.

But your clients probably already have your business cards stuck on their fridges, or filed away somewhere. So why send another one? Simple – to let them know you’re open!
Our personalised business cards let you fill out your address, company name, phone number, email address, and so on. But there’s also more than enough room to include a small message, like ‘Open for Business’, ‘Open during lockdowns’, or ‘Opening soon’. Mail one with a flyer to your list of former clients, and you might even win some business back.

2) Personalised Business Stationery

Personalised business stationery is the best way to convey your brand to customers. Something as simple as an envelope with your company’s logo on it creates an image of your business as one that’s big, organised and professional—all for the cost of pennies.
There are lots of ways that business stationery can help you keep in touch with clients during a lockdown. You can send reopening offers using branded envelopes and paper, for example. Email might still be the king of convenience, but nothing conveys quality branding like professionally printed company letterheads, appointment cards, notepads and address labels. People don’t want the new normal of the pandemic; they want to get back to what’s real, and quality stationery can help you provide that.

On a different topic, business stationery will also be a boost to your employees. If any are working from home, providing them with their own personalised stationery like notepads or paper with company letterheads will help them stay professional despite not being at the office.

3) Flyers

Throughout the initial pandemic panic, and the subsequent lockdown, the Royal Mail carried on. As a treasured national institution, and a vital way of keeping in touch, they couldn’t have considered closing.
That’s good for the country—but it’s also good for you. That’s because flyers are a fantastic way of reaching clients new and old.
They’re especially good for local businesses. With uncertainty over which businesses are allowed to stay open, how many people are allowed to visit, and how safe certain establishments are, you can talk directly to your clients or customers through a flyer! You can tell them:

1. That you’re open! Fewer people are out and about, so your clients may not have walked down the High Street to see that you’re open again. You can tell them directly! If you haven’t been able to open up again yet, why not include an estimated date?
2. The exact steps you’re taking to keep your business Covid-safe. Have you invested in a new air filtration system? Have you hired extra cleaners? Set tables further apart? Set up protective screens? Let your clients know and boost their confidence.
3. What current guidelines advise with regard to your business. There are lots of mixed signals, and official advice seems to change every day. You can spread a little certainty with your flyer.

The best thing about flyers, though, has always been how cheap they are. You have a choice of varying sizes up to A4, can choose your own imagery and font, and they’re still as cheap as chips.


4) Personalised Mugs

Mugs personalised with your business’ logo are nowhere near as popular as they should be! They might seem like an odd choice, but they work—just ask Sports Direct.
What’s great about personalised mugs is that they stick around. A business card might get crumpled, dog-eared and sun damaged. Papers with corporate letterheads get filed away or go missing. But a mug can last a lifetime!

What’s even better is that mugs get used. Every time your client makes a cup of tea, does their washing up or just looks around their kitchen, your brand is right there in front of them. Not every person who gets one will use theirs, but the percentage that do will have a constant reminder of who you are, what you do, and why they should care.
Personalised mugs are best used as promotional products. So, if you’re running a grand re-opening, why not offer one to every new client who signs up? Alternatively, send them out as thank-you gifts to all of your oldest and most loyal customers. And like personalised stationery, they’re great for the workplace too – perhaps to welcome back every employee who returns to the office.

5) Personalised Magnets

Just like personalised mugs, fridge magnets are a hardy product. They won’t get crumpled or torn like a flyer or business card might, and they’re designed to be used over and over again. However, the big advantage of magnets is that they’re significantly less bulky than mugs, and also much cheaper to buy (and to post). So, if you have a lot of clients you’d like to stay in touch with, magnets might be the perfect choice.
You can bet that each of your clients visits their refrigerator multiple times a day. What could be better than for them to see your company’s logo every time they prepare themselves a snack, or grab the milk for their cup of tea?

Design a personalised magnet with your logo alone, or include a personalised message wishing your customers well in these trying times. Send them out alongside a flyer, to remind your customers of the services or products that you offer.

6) Christmas Cards

Last but not least, you should consider personalised Christmas cards as a way to keep in touch with special clients.
While professionally printed flyers and letters on company letterheads look good, the expectation is that they would be sent to any client. But if you have certain special clients who you want to maintain an excellent relationship with, a Christmas card might be the answer.

This Christmas is shaping up to look pretty different to Christmases of the past. Even if we’re not in a full lockdown, we probably won’t be able to celebrate exactly as we usually do. Our usual festive activities, such as Christmas fairs and parties, may have to be put on hold this year – and for many of us, this may mean that Christmas spirit is a bit thin on the ground.

By sending out Christmas cards to your most valued clients, you’ll help to remind them that the season is still worth celebrating – and that someone cares for them. You’re letting them know that you’ll still be there for them throughout the festive season and beyond, bringing some semblance of normality to your clients’ lives. Choose a photo-upload card, and add your business’s logo – or even a picture of yourself in a Santa hat, for that extra personal touch.

A Guide to Custom Printed Magnets and Their Uses

Have you ever wondered how to elevate your business cards? Maybe you’re looking for unique wedding “save the dates” that your guests won’t forget about? Or you could just be wanting a custom way to decorate your refrigerator. Vinyl printed magnets can do all of this and more.

Investing in personalised, professionally printed magnets is a unique way to stand out and have important information stick where people need it. This guide will talk you through what custom printed magnets are, how you might use them, and a few key reasons why choosing a magnet can attract people to your business or party.

What Are Personalised Magnets?

Personalised magnets are, as you may have guessed, fridge magnets that are entirely customisable. They’re made of a tough, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl (with a magnet on the back, of course). Vinyl magnets are designed to last for years, unlike other kinds of stationery, such as cards.

Just as you can order a personalised business flyer or invitation to advertise your upcoming party, you can also order a magnet to do the same job – with the obvious bonus that it will stick to anything magnetic, like a fridge or filing cabinet. This puts it right in the line of sight of whoever owns it, rather than being stuck in a drawer!
You’re free to choose the images, colours, and fonts used on your personalised magnets. So, you can create something that not only sticks to people’s refrigerators but also sticks in their minds.

At 123Print, our magnets come in two different sizes. Our small magnets are 85 x 55 mm and are perfect for business cards. In comparison, large magnets are 140 x 108 mm and work great for when you need more space to share important information.

Attracting New Business with Promotional Magnets

Magnets are very much like business cards; they can be easily distributed, and they are something that customers can carry around with them in a pocket or purse. They also are effortless to circulate in the mail because they are small and thin.
However, vinyl magnets have much more functionality than a business card does, meaning it won’t get lost in that purse or pocket. On top of being easy to distribute, the magnets will also make you stand out against your competitors.

Why Order Magnetic Business Cards?

When people go to a tradeshow, they are inundated with plain business cards to get lost in the bottom of their swag bag. However, receiving a magnet is always a positive and will set your business apart. Here are the benefits of using vinyl printed magnets for your business:

1. Unlike a business card, the magnet itself has uses for your customers; they can hold essential notes or drawings on fridges, or function as decorations themselves
2. Magnets are also durable and long-lasting. Unlike most traditional advertising methods, magnets are something that could last for years. Business cards can get lost or ripped, mugs break, and T-shirts go out of style. However, magnets being flexible combined with their sticking power will last much longer than any other promotional material

Since magnets last longer, they can create more impressions. If your potential customer puts the magnet on their refrigerator, they will see your business multiple times a day. The more time your information is on people’s minds, the higher the chance that they’ll contact you.

What Should I Include on a Magnetic Business Card?

To make the most of your custom printed magnets, here are some critical pieces of information you should include on the design:

1. Your business name
2. A logo
3. Business slogan, especially if it is not obvious what your business is from the name alone
4. Your phone number
5. Website or any business social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
6. If your business has a physical location that customers would visit, you should include your operating hours and address.

While magnets are often used as a business card, larger magnets can also boost business. Larger magnets can be used for such things as advertising a specific event or promotion. For these types of magnets, consider putting important information such as the event date and start time, and what you’re offering (e.g. 10% off).
As you can see, vinyl magnets are a great way to attract business. However, if you’re not a business owner, there are still ways that magnets can be used in your everyday life.

Make Your Party Stand Out with Vinyl Magnets

Are you planning a big party or wedding? Are you worried that your guests won’t show up, because they misplace the invitation or simply forget? Personalised magnets can help by acting as your save the date cards, or even as the invitations themselves.
No more worrying that your save the date will get lost in a drawer, crumpled, or torn. Our hard-wearing vinyl magnets are long lasting, and designed to be stuck in a memorable place, such as the refrigerator – meaning your invitees won’t soon forget your upcoming celebration!

The Benefits of Ordering Magnetic Invitations

There are many reasons why magnets make a good option for party invitations. For example:

1. They are entirely customisable. No more trying to make a pre-set design work with your theme. You can choose colours, fonts, images, and designs that will match whatever aesthetic you are going for.
2. If you don’t want to create a design from scratch, we also have a wide selection of templates you can choose from.
3. You can also use magnets as the actual invitations, rather than just the save the dates. This can save you money, as opposed to sending a full wedding invitation suite with all of its inserts and note cards. Simply print the date, time, and venue of your celebration on the magnet, and include a link to your wedding website, which will contain all of the little details.
4. Your wedding or party will instantly seem classier and more “upmarket” if you send a magnetic invitation, rather than a flimsy paper one.
5. Your guests won’t forget the date of your party or wedding if it’s staring them in the face every time they go and get the milk from the fridge!

An unexpected extra of having magnets as save the date cards is that they make good keepsakes for you and your guests to remember your special day. Due to the durability of vinyl magnets and their functionality, you and your guests can keep these magnets for years to come, and they can remind you of the fun you had that day.

What to Include on a Save the Date Magnet

Don’t be tempted to cram as much information as possible onto a magnet – you don’t want the design to look too busy or cluttered otherwise people won’t pay attention to it. Stick with the bare bones basics, such as:

1. Your names (and the names of whoever is hosting the event, if applicable)
2. The date the party or wedding is happening
3. Start time and an approximate end time
4. Location (venue): its name, address, and post code
5. An email address or a contact number that your guests can use to RSVP

You should also include a link to a website, such as a wedding website, where your guests will be able to find more information – such as the dress code and the gift list.

Where Can I Order Personalised Magnets?

Whether you are a business owner or planning a party, try out our vinyl magnets today at 123Print. With dozens of templates to choose from, or the option to create your own design from scratch, you can’t go wrong.

Before you place your order, we’ll show you a full-colour preview of your design, so you can make sure it’s perfect. We’ll print and send your magnets in under 48 working hours – and if you’re not happy for any reason, one of our professional team will be more than happy to help until you are!