The Rise of the Modern Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Some of us hate it and some of us love it.  Whichever side of the Marmite term Mumpreneur or Dadpreneur you lie on, you cannot deny that the tremendous rallying call for more Mothers and Fathers to start their own businesses has been a real entrepreneurial movement.

Since 2010 more than 600,000 people have turned to self-employment as a way of identifying their dreams and starting a business venture. Today the UK has a record breaking 4.5 million Entrepreneurs.

Modern Entrepreneur
Yet what does the Modern Entrepreneur look like? Now, I know you may be thinking it’s the ‘Tech Savvy 18-25 year old market’ who are picking up the entrepreneur reins, however, research has shown that it’s Men and Women aged 35-44 who are starting up businesses and turning their skills into profitable and successful businesses.

Read on to our Infographic ‘The Rise of the Modern Entrepreneur’ to find out more…

The Rise of the Modern Entrepreneur
Sources:, RBS


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