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Personalise your Business

Personalising Your Business

In times gone by, popping down your local shop or shopping on a high street was regarded as an absolute pleasure. Small local shops thrived and you could regularly find yourself chatting for hours with store owners whilst queuing in an orderly fashion for a rental video of Tom Hank’s latest thriller, Hooch.

This was a true personalised shopping experience, where you were valued as a customer, lavished with friendly cheer and attention and your buying decisions rested solely on the comical genius of the butcher in question or how well a florist could make you feel like Romeo when purchasing a dozen roses.


Unfortunately, due to the birth of the internet and the dramatic rise of business to customer platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, it seems the personalised shopping experience we allude to has been well and truly left behind.

Fact: We believe a personalised shopping experience is more important than ever.

As more businesses disappear from the high street, due to a lack of foot traffic, and appear only in the online world the competition to stay at the top of the online landscape becomes fierce. Even if you are one of the lucky businesses with your high street presence still intact, as an offline business your audience is shrinking daily.

Fact: Developing a personality throughout your business is more important than ever.

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to leave every customer in hysterics with your witty charm. It simply means projecting an image of being more than a business solely focused on money and actually interacting with your customer as a real and valued person. Yes – you’ll still have a brand. Yes – you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your market research. But the inescapable fact is people are far more likely to buy, and perhaps more importantly, remain loyal, to a business that shows they are real person taking care of their needs.

Maybe take the time to pop in a hand written thank you note with your next couple of orders or a complimentary thank you personalised pen. It’s an element of customer care that is missing from today’s online landscape and the businesses who are implementing a personalised interaction are having real success.

Question: How would you feel if you received a personalised item saying ‘Thank you NAME – From all the guys at 123Print UK’?

You don’t even have to stop with the odd personal interaction; you could expand this concept into every single transaction. We personally love the idea of styling the envelope or packaging of every order, depending on its content.

It shows you’ve taken the time to think about your customers and illustrates that you are more than just a robotic business taking money with the left hand and giving the service with the right.

Power of the Pen

The Power of a Pen

How you can harness pen power in your business…

When the ancient Egyptians first invented the pen it’s impossible to know whether they understood the influence its creation would have on the world. The pen’s ability to document and share information in a tidy format revolutionised our world as it has acted as a pillar of knowledge and played a key role in distributing important knowledge.

Fun fact: Pens are  mysterious little buggers! Have you ever experienced the moment where you needed a pen and they all just suddenly vanish from existence? We always need a pen and yet we can never find one.

Since the invention of the computer, the vast rise of the internet and the conquering of this new exciting space by apps like Twitter and Evernote, pens have seen an unfortunate decline. Handwritten letters have quickly been replaced by text messages and emails, and notepads are disappearing from your weekly meetings as iPads and Notebook computers pop up in their place.

But we believe the power of the pen is still alive and especially so when it comes to marketing your business. The decline of pens may even be an opportunity for the right business to take the market by storm, as the pen now has an aura of beauty and that personal touch around its use.

Pen idea: Consider that we only receive hand written items on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, it may be worth contemplating the effect a pen can have when trying to impress, influence or appease your customers.

The pen’s use as a marketing tool doesn’t have to stop there either, as when considered as a promotional item it is both affordable and very useful to the person who receives it. Research by the BPMA seems to agree with this as well, as they discovered 80% of people in receipt of a promotional pen will keep it for over 6 months! That’s an astonishing amount of time your brand can be placed in front of your target market and not something that should be underestimated.

So the power of pen is still there, it just needs a little thought and perhaps an extra bit of clever personalisation to really make a difference/work for you!