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Business Card Tricks!

4 business card marketing tricks that really work!

There is no doubt that when it comes to direct marketing tools, business cards are number one. The ability to keep you fresh in a clients mind is second to none and when research shows that people are 90% more likely to work with someone they’ve met face to face, it’s obvious how important business cards really are.

With this in mind, more people than ever before are stocking up on business cards; but getting them into future client’s hands is also much harder. It’s all about getting a little creative and giving your client a reason to not only pick up your business card, but remember it (and you)!

Take a look below at a few of our own business card marketing tricks that really work!

Competition time… No we don’t mean a Facebook competition where everybody has to Like, Share and tell you how wonderful your profile picture is to enter! We mean a real competition, which takes place in the real day to day life of your future clients’ world.

For this, you’ll need a standard size glass fish bowl and a stack of your wonderful business cards. The idea is simple: ask people to drop their business cards into the bowl for a chance to win your services. This way you’ll end up with all the details of people interested in your business and hopefully they’ll take away a few of your cards at the same time.

Discount time… This marketing trick is all about utilising the reverse of your business card. The front will detail all your usual contact information, branding and logo and you can make excellent use of the reverse by displaying a discount code. This works wonders in keeping you placed firmly at the front of your client’s mind in several ways.

Firstly, it utilises the otherwise blank side of your card; secondly it may encourage them to contact you sooner if you add an expiration date, and lastly it means they’ll take extra care with your business card, more so than they would in usual circumstances.

Refer it! We use referral campaigns in marketing all the time so why don’t we use it with our business cards? Family and friends can be really useful referrers, all you need to do is split down your cards into 10s and 20s leaving a line on the reverse of your business card for the referrers name.

It also works well with clients who you’ve worked with before, so they can earn themselves discounts whilst helping you grow your business.

Your business card is a business magnet… If your fridge is like mine, then it’s absolutely covered in magnets of all shapes and sizes, some mementos of trips, some gifts and others just plain and simple freebies. We never seem to get rid of them and they stay on a fridge year after year.

Now you can create your very own magnetic business cards and hand them out to clients. They last longer than your standard business cards and have the advantage of being much more creative in your public placement than regular business cards.


It’s also good to remember that business cards don’t just have to be about business. Magnetic business cards can be great for exchanging your details with your children’s friends’ parents for example. Plus, you never know who might see your business card stuck on someone’s fridge and what rewards you might reap one day.