Personalised Mugs: How Much They Cost and How to Use Them

When you think of ways to advertise your business to potential clients and customers, personalised mugs might not be at the very top of the list. But company mugs are surprisingly versatile, long-lasting and universally loved as a gift or as part of a welcome pack.
Mugs (and other such products bearing your business’s logo) form a type of advertising known as promotional products, promotional merchandise, or ‘advertising specialties’. They are incredibly effective at keeping customers loyal, and drawing in new clients.
So, what can you use them for, and why do they provide such good value for money from a business perspective? Let’s find out.
What Are Personalised Mugs For?
For a nice brew, obviously!
But in all seriousness, there are many reasons why your business could benefit from personalised mugs. It might sound silly, but something as cheap and cheerful as a mug can have a real effect on your business in lots of different ways…
1) For the Big Opening Day

A mug may seem like an odd choice for a promotional product. If you want to promote something, fliers make sense: you can post them through letterboxes or hand them out, and they’re cheap to design and print. So, what’s the idea with mugs?
The point is that mugs are built to last. A good, solid mug can last for years or even decades. And what’s even better is that they see actual use, because, well, they’re for drinking from. A flier or a business card might get straight to the point, but both end up in the recycling, whereas a mug can sit on somebody’s mug tree for years.
The kicker, of course, is that a mug is more expensive than a flier! That’s why they’re best used for special events, like your big opening day, or when you’re networking. An opening day has a special ‘buzz’ about it, and customers that are there for your opening night are probably going to be good customers down the line, too. You can build up a special relationship with these customers with mugs, coupons and other goodies.
2) For Promoting a Sale, Advertising a New Product, as a Prize…

Beyond just the opening day, there are lots of ways to use personalised mugs to build up a loyal customer base. The prime example is definitely Sports Direct. Sports Direct mugs are famous for being huge, a neat tie-in that gives customers the impression of value for money. They’ve been given away for free and included as automatic add-ins to online orders, and being so cheap, they’re good for customers who need to add just a little to their basket to qualify for free shipping or a discount.
This is a great example of how versatile personalised mugs are. You could give them away as prizes, sell them cheap through your online store, use them to advertise something specific, or sell them straight to the customer!
3) For Building Good Client Relationships

Personalised mugs are even better if you work with clients rather than customers. Building up good client relationships is crucial, both in terms of ensuring that current business goes smoothly, and snagging repeat business.
While they obviously aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ of generating a positive working relationship with a client, personalised mugs can help. Again, a mug is like a permanent advert, a reminder to the client of the work you did together and the service they received. You can give them out as part of a ‘welcome pack’ to every client—while the other things you give depend on the trade you’re in, a mug will always be welcome! And if just one of these mugs helps drum up repeat business from a client, they’ll pay for themselves.
4) For Around the Workplace

Personalised mugs aren’t just good for building relationships with customers or clients, though. You can also get some for the office.
On the one hand, everyone likes to have their own ‘work mug’. This might be their favourite that they brought from home. But as you’re probably intimately familiar with, somebody might use your mug or even break it.
Having business-branded mugs can work here for a couple of reasons. First, you can have stock ready for if/when somebody breaks their mug. That way they can have a cup of tea without having to use someone else’s mug, perpetuating the vicious cycle of mug theft. Or, you could go the heavy-handed route and say that everybody should use a branded mug and leave their own crockery at home.
This can look good to any customers or clients who come to the office: everybody has a slick-looking branded mug. And if your employees choose to take their mugs home with them, they’ll also be showing off your company’s logo to the other members of their household – and anyone who comes round for a visit.
5) For Proud Business Owners

If you own your own business, you don’t need a reason to have a branded mug—you call the shots, and don’t have to answer to anyone! So, whether you want to show your pride in your business, create a consistent branding image in everything you do (and everything you drink), or you just really love your business’ logo, a personalised mug would make the perfect ‘self-gift’. You could also gift them to friends and family – it might even encourage them to try your products!
What’s a Good Price for a Personalised Mug?
Personalised mugs don’t have to be expensive. We offer high-quality white ceramic mugs with personalised printed designs from just £3.87! The price-per-mug depends on two main things: the style of printing you’d like, and how many you’re going to order.
Personalised Mugs in Different Styles offer two different styles of personalised mug: single image and wraparound image. Single image mugs have your logo printed on one side of the mug along with any details you want to add on. Wraparound mugs have an image that covers the entire outside of the mug, which can be anything you like: a photograph, a big logo, artwork—anything. Wraparound mugs are slightly more expensive than single image mugs because there’s more printed on them.
Single Order vs. Bulk Order

Depending on the size of your team, or how many mugs you plan on handing out, you could want anywhere from one or two mugs to one or two hundred. As is the case for any kind of bulk order, ordering personalised mugs in bulk means that you pay less ‘per mug’ than if you only order a couple. So, at, the cost per mug for orders of 200+ is almost half what you pay for just one on its own! The more you order, the more you save.
Is It Easy to Design Your Own Personalised Mug?
Designing your own mug is very, very easy. In fact, it only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is upload the artwork of your choice, or choose from one of the many professionally-made preset designs available. You can upload directly from your computer, or if it’s more convenient, from your Instagram or Facebook account.
You can also add any text you like: an email address or the address of the business, for example. You can save designs for later, too, if you’d want to spend a while coming up with something perfect just for you!
Our mugs are British made and we offer 2-day turnaround. If you need support, we offer a chat feature, or you can call 01772 625179. You can also request a free sample of our printing if you’d like to try out the quality before you buy.
With all those reasons to order, why not try personalising your own mugs today?


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