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Here at 123Print UK we’re big fans of small business. You’re the backbone of our business and the backbone of our country. Because of this we’ve decided to dedicate part of our blog to you, giving you the chance to talk about your business and tell others how you got started and what makes you great…

Educate Business

This week in the 123Print UK small business spotlight is award winning agency Educate Business. Read on as we meet owner Laura Morris and she talks us through how she became inspired to take the entrepreneur route, as well as what makes Educate Business such a fantastic British business.

Laura, how did you get started with your business?

8 years ago I went on Maternity leave and never went back to work! I started an online forum for mums wanting advice when pregnant and then set up another business leasing out pushchairs. This business was very successful but my passion had gone so I sold the company. I loved helping other people and seeing them grow and I started helping friends for free with their Marketing etc. and 5 years on I now have my own busy agency.

laura morris
What are some challenges you faced in starting and growing your business?

Having done this for 8 years I have faced many challenges but I think I have learnt the most in the past two years. Starting up, I wanted to do everything in the company myself but I realised that by trying to save time and money doing this I wasn’t growing. So now I outsource many items of the business leaving me to concentrate on the important stuff.

What has been the proudest moment for you in your growth as a business?

I think my proudest moment was winning a Women’s business award back in 2012 and being shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Nectar Small Business Awards and the BT Business Grant Competition. It made me stop and realise how far I had come and that it was important to actually celebrate those successes in order to grow more.

What methods of online marketing have you found successful?

I am also Co-Director of a mums networking business called Networking Mummies UK Ltd and we currently have 25 branches nationwide. To me the biggest thing I have found successful is networking. It is great meeting people online and I LOVE twitter as I get a lot of business from it, however, meeting people face to face is key. My biggest motto is ‘People Buy People’.

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What other marketing materials do you use to promote your business?

I have just had my business cards printed with 123Print UK as I use these when networking and I also use flyers to sell more of a story.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business?

Don’t think that business is an easy ride and that it will be a success straight away. It will take blood, sweat and tears to get it to work but don’t be afraid to try. If you never give it a go, you will always be wondering ‘what if’ I had!

People buy people
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