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Business Card Holders

Business Cards
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  • only £6 .95 each
  • only £5 .95 each
  • Starting at only £6.95 each
    • Size: (H) 54mm x (W) 111mm x (D) 51mm
    • Sleek acrylic holder with bevelled edged
    • Can easily hold around 50 business cards
    Starting at only £5.95 each
    • Size: (H) 64mm x (W) 94mm x (D) 6mm
    • Sturdy metallic holder with corrugated hinged lid
    • Space-saving, holds around 14 business cards

Business Card Holders

Show off your new business cards in style!

We know you're proud of your new business cards and want to look after them - who wouldn't be! You've invested time and effort in these cards, and the last thing you want is for them to end up dog-eared and scuffed. It certainly doesn't give a good first impression! That's why we're keen to offer you our business card holders that will care for and protect them.

Hold on, which one should I choose?

Of course it's down to personal preference, but your business card holder has to be practical. Therefore, if you regularly host meetings at your office, our acrylic desktop holder would be best. Whereas if you're usually offsite or networking, our metallic holder will slip perfectly into your suit jacket pocket. But of course there's always room for both card holders!

Business Card Holders Pricing Details
Acrylic Holder From £6.55 each Made from high quality materials and sturdy
2 Card Holders currently available
Metallic Holder From £5.95 each

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