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Who Are 123Print?

123Print is a commercial printing company based near Preston, in the north of England. Our mission is to help you be you: whether you want business cards, personalised stationery like your own letterheads, or even personalised greetings cards!

Why Buy Personalised Business Cards?

Your business card is your first impression. Each one should be the embodiment of putting your best foot forward! But that’s no problem when you design your own unique card through 123Print, because we offer business cards that come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and more.

What’s better is that you’ll love our prices. We can print 50 or 100 cards for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee. Considering the big difference that personalised business cards can make for your career or business, this could be the best investment you ever make.

How Can You Personalise a Business Card?

Gone are the days of everybody having a plain white business card—where the only thing that’s different between yours and anybody else’s is the font. Today, business cards come in different shapes and sizes, different orientations, with a photo background (or without), with a border… Any way you can imagine personalising a card? It’s possible. We offer:

  • - Different thicknesses of card, from 300 gsm to 380 gsm.
  • - Full colour or gray-scale cards, to match whichever design you choose.
  • - Raised and embossed font so that your name or occupation stand out.
  • - Rounded or pointed corners.

At 123Print, we know how important it is that your business card stands out. That’s why you can choose from one of thousands—yes, thousands—of templates, or create your very own from scratch.

Want to see how you can personalise a card? Then why not take a look at our three key ranges below, or click Create Your Own to get started right away!

Which Business Cards are Right for Me?

Because there are thousands upon thousands of templates to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. If you’ve had a look but you’re not sure what to pick, consider the following questions:

  • - What impression do I want to make? Do I offer quality or quantity? Do I sell something deluxe? Something you can’t find anywhere else?
  • - What’s the most important thing about my card? My name, my role, my contact details or something else?
  • - Do I want hundreds of basic cards, or a couple dozen of the highest quality?
  • - What do I want the recipient of my card to think when I offer them my card? How best could I impress my target recipients?

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of the size, colour, texture and design of your card. If you can picture what you want in your head, get started by looking at our business card selections below. Or, if there’s nothing that fits the bill, you can always design your own card.

Our business card ranges

From £6.99


In our core range, we offer over 4,500 different stock templates for you to choose from. If by some miracle you can’t find one that suits you, you can upload your own design instead for no extra cost. Our core stock comes in between 330 gsm (standard) and 380 gsm (heavy). Starting at £6.99.

From £7.96


Our mini range is just like our core range, only smaller. Mini business cards are useful if you don’t have much room in your wallet, or if you simply prefer the look. Starting at £7.96.

From £5.81


Everyone has to do their bit to save the planet—you can do yours by buying from our recycled business card range. Again, there are thousands to choose from, and they’re even a little cheaper than our core range. What’s not to love? Starting at just £5.81.

Straightforward pricing

You’ll like our designs, but you’ll love our pricing. We guarantee that we can beat the competition, both in terms of quality and cost. When you compare directly, in many cases we charge a fraction of what our competitors’ products cost.

We can print in quantities of between 50 and 1000 cards. Here’s how much it would cost to have cards from one of our three main ranges:

Quantity Core Mini Recycled
50 £6.99 - £5.81
100 £8.99 £7.96 £7.95
200 £14.99 £11.16 £12.85
500 £30.99 £19.96 £25.95
1000 £53.99 £31.96 £44.95

We love our customers

With over 1,600 reviews, we can guarantee that our service can’t be beat. We’re rated excellent on Trustpilot, with almost all of our reviews being five stars! We like to think that’s because of the quality of our product and the care that’s a core part of our service. Here are a few of our favourite reviews:

Personalised Business Card FAQs

Still not sure if you’d like to order? Read over these frequently asked questions and see if they will change your mind. If there’s something you need to know, we’ve likely already answered it below. But if we haven’t, you can always get in touch through our online contact form or by ringing 0808 1788 608.

Why should I order from 123Print, and not from the competition?

Our quality and price can’t be beaten—it’s as simple as that. If you don’t believe us, read our reviews or order a sample pack (more on that in a moment).

One key point is price. Well-known competitors might charge twice, three times, even four times the price that we do. But that doesn’t mean we offer low quality, as our reviews and sample packs are a testament to.

But what else sets us apart? Well, we pride ourselves on being straightforward. We don’t spring any hidden charges on you for uploading your own picture, or picking a particular ‘premium’ font. What you see is what you get—which is how it should be. If one template costs more than another, that’s always clear before you start designing.

Better yet is our Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If there’s any reason why you don’t like your cards, you can send them back within thirty days for an exchange or a full refund. We’ll work with you to see if there’s anything we can do to help, but if you’re still not happy, you can have your money back.

How do you design your own business card?

Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Our online design studio lets you design your business card from the comfort of your chair. You can input your details, upload any photograph, move any and all elements across the page, and save your design for later if you’re not finished.

If you’re designing for lots of people, you can take advantage of our Time Saver option. This lets you keep the same design, but adjust the details on the face of the card. That way, you can design cards for lots of different people quickly!

But there’s no guarantee that a design which looks good on a computer screen will look good on a card. That’s why we allow you to download a proof before you place your order. You can print this proof to see what your design looks like on real paper or card before deciding to go through with your booking.

Can you create any design you like when you’re designing your personalised business card?

The design is up to you. But for best results, you should stick to our upload guidelines. The point of these guidelines is so that your design looks good on your card, not just on your screen.

For example, 300 dpi or better uploads are best, otherwise any picture on your card may look blurred or pixelated. In plain English, shots taken with a quality camera are good while those on a regular smartphone may not be (unless you don’t mind your design looking blurred). Other specifications relate to which file types you can upload and where things can fit on a card.

To learn more, check out our Artwork Specifications.

Do you offer sample business cards?

We firmly believe that you’ll be blown away by the quality of our cards. That’s why we’re proud to offer a free sample pack containing many of our ‘personalisable’ products to anybody or any business that would like one. Head over to our Free Samples section for more information.

Bear in mind that we can’t send personalised samples, i.e. with your name, address and contact details on them. If we did, nobody would ever buy our stock! Your samples will have placeholder details instead.

How quickly can you deliver personalised business cards?

We strive to manufacture and despatch every order by the next business day. Provided that you place your order by 5pm the day before, it should get to you by the following day. Failing that, your cards will be with you within 48 hours of the time that you place your order!

Our basic shipping method is seven-days guaranteed. That’s one business day processing, plus two to six days for delivery. If you’d like to track your order online, you can do so from the My Orders section of your account.

If you need more cards, and quickly, you can click Reorder on your My Orders screen. You can even make a few changes before ordering them again!

Do you offer discounted personalised business cards?

Our straightforward pricing promise means that on bulk orders, we’ve already included a discount for you to take advantage of. So, while 50 recycled business cards cost £5.81, 1000 (yes, a thousand!) only cost £44.95. You don’t need a calculator to work out how big a discount that is!

That being said, sometimes we do offer further discounts in our promotional material. Contact us or sign up for our newsletter for more information.