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Promotional Products
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  • from only £12 .95
  • from only £15 .95
  • Starting at £12.95 for 50 postcards
    • Size: Standard and oversized
    • High quality 330 gsm card
    • Ideal for marketing & announcements
    Starting at £15.95 for 50 postcards
    • Size: Small and large
    • Thick 12 mm vinyl magnets
    • Over 2300+ designs
  • from only £4 .30
  • from only £14 .36
  • Starting at £4.30 per mug (qty of 200)
    • Image size: Single or Wraparound
    • Quality white ceramic mugs
    • Free templates or create your own!
    Starting at £14.36 per 50 flyer
    • Three Sizes A4, A5 or DL
    • Upload your own artwork
    • High Quality

Perfect Promotional Products

The power of promotional products

Your potential client has arrived. He’s waiting only meters away in your meeting room. This is your chance, a chance to finally get that client who can turn your fledgling business into a lifelong dream. You tell yourself “chest out, big smile and an unmoving handshake”. As you walk the final steps you find yourself repeating it over and over like clockwork. Chest, Smile, Handshake. Chest, Smile, Handshake. This is your moment.

Casually, you sit at the meeting table across from your client. You mastered the three point checklist and now you’re hitting all the targets as you fire off the small talk that precedes a meeting. Your client is laughing at all your routine jokes, yet when he reaches for his notebook you feel the atmosphere in the room change. You feel a knot in your stomach tighten as the conversation fizzles out. Suddenly you realise all your small talk is rebounding, you start to panic as you see a look of concern and rising frustration form across your clients face. Your mind begins to race. Your moment is slipping away… theories and questions start to collide as your brain races to find a solution to an unknown problem. What have I done? Do I have something in my teeth? Oh God, I have something in my teeth! You are in a state of absolute free fall of the mind.

You see, the power of a promotional product isn’t just in its fantastic advertising abilities or that it’s more affordable to comparable marketing tools. The power of a personalised item is that in moments like the above situation describes, when you can really make an impression with a potential customer, you have a piece of branded and useful merchandise that can act as a subtle and natural voice of your quality and professionalism.

Show your true style

The key to successful branding, and thus a successful business, is to ensure a consistent message is projected across all of your marketing channels. A consistent message, whether it be the ability to provide the highest quality of services or deliver a product in the quickest time frame, needs to be delivered time and time again to ensure it stays focused in your customers psyche.

With 123Print UK, ensuring you receive custom promotional products that clearly identify your message and style has never been easier. Whether you use one of our custom templates to design a standout postcard or upload your own artwork to be printed onto one of our promotional mugs, we’ve made our studio as flexible and unique as your business.

After all there’s a reason why your customers love your small business. It’s you, your personality and your style. Moreover if your current customers love your company, it’s therefore imperative to ensure promotional items that are used to bring in more customers clearly represent you.

Stand the test of time

If you are a veteran in business I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you on the short term effectiveness of modern day marketing. A poster may last a week before it is torn down, an email a couple days before making its way to a junk folder and a tweet has a matter of seconds to resonate with your customer before it expires below a thousand other individuals vying for attention. It’s our 21st century hyper speed world in which the modern consumer is bombarded with marketing and promotional messages wherever they turn.

With branded promotional products from 123Print, standing the test of time and making a longer lasting impression can be the key to your business success. Think about it. An engraved pen can become a personal writing companion for months. A mug with a clever design can stay with customers for years. And a high quality magnet? How long ago was it that Aunt Aileen brought you back that Las Vegas fridge magnet? We bet you have magnets that are over a decade old!

Although we may be slightly exaggerating, the fact still remains that branded promotional items can stay with your potential customer well beyond all other marketing media. In our hyper speed world, it’s important to look at ways you can make your message last a little longer than the rest.

Gifts, Tradeshows and More

The special thing about our promotional products is that they are not just for the corporate and highly charged business world. Since introducing our promotional products to the site a few years ago we have been working on developing a design studio which allows you complete flexibility. Now, with complete control over your product, you can make a custom mug or a personalised pen exact for your own desires. Whether you’re a quick thinking teacher who would like to keep track of her pens with a little customisation or just a Mum who can’t think of anything better than having a little one’s image printed onto a mug, our design studio allows you complete control with your products.

So what are you waiting for? Make the office tea round a little more interesting with a unique mug, browse our range of high quality pens to make a lasting impression at local tradeshows or, alternatively, why not design yourself a promotional business magnet – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!