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The Small Business Guide to Creating Blog Content

Whether you’re looking for a great way to communicate with your customers or you’re looking for new ways to energize and stimulate your thinking, starting up your first business blog can have some serious benefits.

It’s your most valuable tool when it comes to giving your small business a voice. It can inspire as you put down ideas and kindle your thoughts. For a new business, it helps you tell the story of who you are, what you do and why you do it. Simply, a business blog lets your business personality shine.

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Creative T-Shirt Packaging

12 Creative Packaging Ideas for 2014

Whether you’re selling oranges on a market stall in Kensington, London, or dealing in the world’s electronics business, it goes without saying that great packaging can help captivate your customer in 2014.

Discard the old, tired and boring cardboard boxes! For your product it’s time to get creative and start using ideas from the best designed product packaging on the market.

Find some of craziest, funniest and often somewhat absurd packaging from around the world below…


Creative Throat Sweet Packaging

Credit: Ricola

Give customers a visual aid in what your product can do for them!

2.Creative Yoghurt Packaging

Credit: Yanko

Presenting your packaging with multiple uses gives the customer an added incentive to buy.


Creative Shoe Packaging
Credit: SneakerNews

Who needs all that excess packaging? A great idea from Nike that ties perfectly into their product.


Creative Orange Packaging
Credit: Alpha245

A smile can sell, and these certainly made us smile!


Creative Egg Packaging
Credit: Behance

It may be a little quirky, but you just know the company who produced these eggs has very happy chickens. It’s a fact: Companies who are on the right side of the environment sell.


Creative Light Bulb Packaging
Credit: Fengworks

Who else likes to check the light bulb is still intact before they buy? This packaging above is amusing and also makes perfect sense!


Creative Cookie Box Packaging
Credit: BrainandCaffeine

Buy these cookies on the way to work, and you can say with confidence that they’re straight out of the oven!


Creative Cereal Packaging
Credit: LucyKuhn

It’s the little laughs that could make your product just that extra bit more attractive to a customer!


Creative Champagne Bottle
Credit: Veuve Clicquot

It’s neither cheap nor environmentally friendly to produce Champagne Bottles, and this creative packaging is both biodegradable and stylish at the same time.


Creative Edible Candy Canes Spoons
Credit: PartyCity

We may only be a few weeks past Christmas, but these edible spoons put an excellent, creative twist on the classic candy cane.


Creative T-Shirt Packaging
Credit: RetailBlogDesign

A little dangerous, but it’ll go down a treat with the right target market!


Creative Aftershave Packaging
Credit: Oddee

‘For the handyman’. A Multi-Tool product like this can be great for the right target market.

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