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What Font is Best for Business Cards?

It can be a challenging task choosing a font for your new business cards. There are often many options, and it can be unclear what you need to base your choice on.
Should you go for a classic, elegant serif font – or will that come off as old-fashioned? If you choose a more modern or contemporary font style, will your company stand out as fresh and up-and-coming, or will it make you look unprofessional?

The best way to choose a font for your business cards is to choose one that you feel represents you, or your brand. If you have a logo which you are featuring on your cards, it would also be a good idea to make sure your font has similar design characteristics.
You will also need to consider what colour to have your font – this depends again on your brand, logo and what you want to communicate visually with potential customers.
In this article we will select some stylistic fonts and discuss how these would work best on a business card, as well as how to choose a font colour.

The Psychology of Font for Business Cards

In marketing, the font you choose for your business cards (and other marketing material and promotional products) is important. The style of the typeface that you use on your cards can alter how a potential client, customer, colleague or contact will perceive you and your company. In this way, font choice is quite similar to colour, which we’ll touch upon briefly later.

For example: a modern, sans serif typeface will come across as contemporary, fun, and casual. If your company makes children’s toys, this style of font would be perfect – you could also choose a graphic, chunky font that evokes excitement and creates an aura of child-like glee.

But if your company provides financial or legal advice, the above font choice would be a big mistake. It could cause potential clients to take you less seriously, and doubt your professionalism. Instead, you’ll want to go with a simple, sleek and professional font which will make prospect clients trust you.

What Are the Different Types of Fonts?

As a general rule, serif fonts (such as Times New Roman) are perceived as more old-fashioned, dependable, and serious than sans serif fonts (such as Arial). They’re the kinds of fonts you’d likely see in older books and newspapers.

Handwriting-style fonts, such as Comic Sans MS, are the opposite: they’re perceived as very informal, fun, and fresh. They work well for small or casual businesses, such as dog groomers and children’s soft play centres.

Cursive, calligraphy or script-style fonts, like Amadeo and Studio Script, give off a romantic and feminine vibe. They’d be perfect if you’re a wedding planner or florist, for example.
Let’s now go through some examples of popular fonts and when they might be used.

Business Card Font Examples

Here are four of our favourite fonts for business cards, and the impression they might create about you or your business.

1. Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a brilliant font choice for anyone who wants something unique, but still professional. The letter spacing makes it extremely easy to read which is important on a business card.
Without being too bold, the roundness of this font makes text look approachable and it would work particularly well to draw attention to the key information on your business card.

If you have a modern, progressive brand with a fun and contemporary logo, this would be a great font choice for you.
If you feel this is for you, you may enjoy the ‘Fashion’ business card template for its modern, bright design.

2. Century Schoolbook

Century Schoolbook is the perfect example of a professional, easy to read serif font. This typeface is bold but without the chunky letters usually associated with standout font.
Although the style is similar to more commonly used fonts, it is a fantastic business card font choice for those looking to make their cards unique than, say, Times New Roman.
This font would work well for any professional brand, especially if you have a sleek, elegant logo. Choose a font like this for a company that needs to be taken seriously, such as an accounting firm or a solicitor.

If your brand fits this category, you may want to look at the simple yet elegant ‘Solid Black’ business card template.

3. Courier New

Courier New oozes simplicity. This typeface, which bears resemblance to typewriter font, is minimalistic in the best way. It is extremely clear and will stand out against any background.

This is a brilliant font to use for business cards as it merges playful and elegant perfectly. If your brand uses a to the point, minimal logo, Courier New would be one to consider.
For a brand with this aesthetic, the ‘Swoosh’ business card template could be a good fit.

4. Bauhaus

If you are looking for a fun and funky business card font that is still readable, Bauhaus would be an excellent choice.
It’s distinctive, striking and yet it still comes across as professional. It’s boldness means it would read clearly, even against a coloured background.

Bauhaus would make a brilliant business card font for anyone whose brand is quirky, eccentric, and fun, and would complement a bright logo.
No logo? Bauhaus would compliment the ‘Unique Antique’ business card template.

Which Font Should I Choose?

If you’re having trouble choosing, there is nothing wrong with going for a traditional and well-known typeface for your business cards. For example, Ariel or Times New Roman. They’re both classic, professional fonts that would work for almost any brand and logo.
You don’t have to go the “unique” angle if you’re worried about what your chosen font will say about your business. You can always make your business cards stand out in other ways, such as through use of colour, orientation or clever image placement.

You could also consider looking at other brands, and consider how they use font to communicate with potential customers. If you find an example that you enjoy, you can try out a similar font on your business card.

What Font Colour Should I Choose for My Business Card?

Don’t forget about colour! On a business card, it is important that all the information can be read clearly. If your clients and customers have to put in extra effort to read your information, they may not bother, and will pick up a competitor’s card instead.
It’s best to go for a font that contrasts well with your background. If your background is white or cream, a classic and professional choice would be a dark colour such as black, graphite, or navy.

If your business card has a dark background, however (such as ‘Strike a Deal’), white (or another very light colour) would be the obvious choice.

If you do choose to go with another colour, make sure it contrasts strongly enough with the background to show up clearly on your card. As well as this, it would be best to select a colour that will accent your logo if you have one.

What Does Font Colour Tell Customers About My Business?

The psychology of colour is very interesting, and brands use colour all the time to tell their audience about their product or company. For example:

1) Black symbolises formality and sophistication
2) Purple oozes luxury and royalty
3) Red gives off an aura of energy and excitement
4) Green comes across as fresh and natural
5) Blue is a calm colour that signifies trust and honesty
6) Yellow represents fun, happiness and creativity
7) Pink symbolises love and emotion
8) Brown denotes toughness and simplicity

Business Card Colours

Where Can I Buy Business Cards?

At 123Print you can completely customise your own business cards to suit the experience you want potential customers to have. As well having a choice of 32 fonts and thousands of custom colours, you can also upload your own artwork and logo to make the card completely your own.

If you are not feeling so creative, you could have a look through our massive range of business card templates. All templates can still be customised so you can add your own personal touches to the design, and edit the font and colour to your liking.

You can order business cards with 123Print stress-free in the knowledge that we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our 48-hour dispatch time and low price point means you can receive your order of high quality business cards quickly and cheaply.

face on business card

Should You Put Your Picture on Your Business Cards?

In a business and tech-driven world where we are bombarded with advertisements, sales pitches, and often the same old boring text on someone’s business card, it is refreshing to see that some people have tried something different. In fact, if you look around, you’ll find all kinds of interesting variations on what a standard business card might look like.
As you may imagine, the creative possibilities are endless. One popular stylistic choice for modern business cards is the addition of your photograph. Yes, you read that right – many professionals are now choosing to make an impression by uploading their own picture directly onto their business card!

But is this a good idea? What are the advantages of including your photo on a business card? Let’s find out.

How Do Photo Business Cards Work?

The idea is simple. By adding your picture to a business card, you will help potential customers remember who you are and what you do.
It’s been shown that people look at other people’s faces more than any other part of the body. In fact, right from when our eyesight begins to develop, we hard-wired to notice, recognize and pay attention to human faces.
We’re also more inclined to trust someone with whom we relate. If your potential customer, client, or professional contact sees your picture on your business card, they’re more likely to pay attention, remember and trust you.

face on business card

What’s the Psychology Behind it?

We are social creatures, and we form opinions about a person based on whether we like them or not. If you’re in sales, then the odds are that you want to develop an immediate bond with your customer so they will trust you and listen to what you have to say.
Furthermore, if people are more inclined to trust you, they will be more likely to buy from you. So, when you think about it, having your picture on the business card makes perfect sense.
If you’ve got a photo on your business card, you also instantly seem more “human” to your customers and clients – you’re not a faceless corporation any more, but an actual person.

Why Should You Use Photo Business Cards?

If you’re still not sold on photo business cards, here are the top 9 reasons why you should use them.

1. Make Your Presence Known

If you’re a salesperson whose main job is to pitch products and find customers, then it’s a no-brainer that you should use a photo on your business card.
Having your picture will make it easier for you to form an instant bond with the customer, and since you’ll be trying to get them to buy something they don’t know very much about, this will help seal the deal.
A photo business card will instantly catch the viewer’s eye, and they’re less likely to toss it aside.

2. Help Your Business Cards Stand Out

Having a picture on your card will help you stand out from the card. It will make you unique, and it will help bring you attention. Not only that, but if your business card is something memorable, there is a possibility that people might keep it for future use or even refer to your picture when trying to contact you.
Also, don’t underestimate your appearance. If you’re in sales, having a friendly smile and looking well-groomed can help sell more than just the product; it can also help sell yourself. This is especially true of younger people who are trying to make their way in the world.

3. Match Your Image to the Product

There’s one thing that you want to be careful about when using your picture on your business card, and this is making sure that it matches what you’re selling. For example, if you’re trying to sell an expensive product, having a fun-looking photo might not be appropriate because it might not reflect the kind of business you are trying to run.
If you want to use your picture and make sure it’s appropriate, then a good tip is to think about the message that your card will convey and match it with a serious look on your face or even something that exudes confidence. After all, if a person trusts what you say and your picture matches, they will be more apt to do business with you.

4. Build Trust and Form Connections

Most business cards are left in wallets or desk drawers, where they aren’t looked at until they’re needed. However, having a picture on your card means that they will see your face every time they run across it.
Having a picture on your card means that they might remember you later or be able to connect you with someone else if the need arose. This is true of people who make business cards for themselves and then give them out to everyone just to leave their own personal impression.
Making use of your cards isn’t limited to just business people. These days anyone can make and use their own card, even if they aren’t working for themselves. If you want to make an impression, then putting a picture on it is one of the best things that you can do.

5. Create a Professional Image

Over the years, many business owners have realised that having their picture on their business card helps people remember the name and gives it a more professional appearance. Dress up for the shot – do your hair, don your finest suit, and it will work wonders for your professional image.
Making yourself look more professional shows others that you are here to stay and you have legitimate products that you are selling. That can help a business grow when someone is trying to evaluate the merits of doing business with you or your company.

6. Make Your Name More Memorable

I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we couldn’t remember someone’s name, but as soon as we saw them (or a photo of them), then we remembered it. Faces are powerful!
Putting your picture on your cards lets people remember you and associate your name with your product or service. It can also help customers and clients remember your business’s name, your logo, or even your phone number!

7. Building Rapport with Others

It’s essential to build trust and rapport when you are in the business world or anywhere else, for that matter, but it can be even more difficult if you use one of those cards with no personal connection.
When you have your picture on one of your cards, others that see it will instantly see your company as more human and personable than your competitors. They’ll associate your face with the name and company so they can remember that connection easier. They then will be more likely to trust you when they are doing business with you.

8. Reinforce Your Personality

Including your photo on your business card allows other people to see more than just what you look like. It also lets them get a feel for your personality. Making people feel more comfortable with you and your brand can be critical when evaluating what to buy. Once again, putting a photo on your card will help reinforce that personality.

Not only does it make you look better in the eyes of others, but it also helps them see how customer-friendly you really are. When they are looking at other options, your picture on the card will have an emotional impact that will make people feel more comfortable doing business with you and your company.

9. Have an Easier Time at Networking Events

One of the biggest reasons people put so much time and energy into getting their pictures taken is networking events – such as a Chamber of Commerce breakfast, a conference, or even a happy hour. It can be challenging to build relationships with other people when you don’t remember what they look like, but having your picture on the card helps a lot in this situation.

Putting your picture on the card will be a plus when you are at networking events because people will remember you better. After they come home, they’ll have dozens of business cards stuffed into their pockets, and they probably won’t remember many of the people they spoke to – but they’ll remember you, because your face is right in front of them!

Where Can I Order Photo Business Cards?

When you’re having a photo business card made, it’s not an area where you want to skimp on quality. On the contrary, it’s critical to have a high-quality photo printed on high-quality cardstock. A photograph that’s grainy, lined or badly printed will instantly make you (and your company) seem less professional.

At 123 Print, we can make the perfect photo business card to project warmth, knowledgeability, and professionalism for your business or brand. Visit our site to get started today by choosing from one of our thousands of business card templates. Simply click the “upload artwork” button to inject your personality into your chosen design!

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