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Are Personalised Party Invitations Really Worth the Cost (and Why)?

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an anniversary party, a baby shower or any other celebration, you want it to be an occasion worth remembering. Not only for the benefit of the person or people you’re celebrating, but also for your party guests!
After all, you’ve spent so much money and time planning the event – you want it to stick out in everyone’s minds for years to come.

When it comes to inviting said guests, you might be wondering whether it’s worth the cost to invest in personalised, custom-printed party invitations. Wouldn’t it be easier – and cheaper – simply to buy pre-printed invitations from a party supply shop, or even to send out a Facebook invitation?

As it turns out, personalised party invitations aren’t that expensive, and are quick and easy to design and order – but they can make a world of difference to your guests’ experience, and the overall vibe of the party!

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the ins and outs of personalised party invitations and why you might go the extra mile for a special event.

Why Choose Personalised Party Invitations?

There are many reasons why personalised party invitations are worth the cost.
Personalised Party Invitations Create a Great First Impression

Standard pre-printed party invitations are available from most UK high-street party supply and greeting card shops. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with these invitations – but they are generic, and, well, a bit boring.

How many hundreds of times have those designs been used? Perhaps, in the past, you’ve received the same design invitation for different people’s birthday parties. How did it make you feel about the party—were your expectations set at a high level, or did you expect a run-of-the-mill birthday celebration?

And what about receiving a Facebook or text-message party invitation? You probably felt as though the party wasn’t that big of a deal – maybe not even one worth RSVPing to.
Sending a personalised party invitation helps to create a great first impression of the event right from the get-go, and also lets your guests know that this party is going to be a big deal!

Personalised Party Invitations Save Time and Effort

One major advantage of personalised cards over shop-bought is that there is no requirement to write anything. With a personalised card, all relevant information, including venue address and party start time, can be printed on the invitation – whereas on a pre-printed invite, you have to write it all by hand. Not only is that extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re inviting lots of guests (hand cramp, anyone?) but it also doesn’t look very professional! And the same goes for texting (or calling) each and every invitee.

Although personalised party invitations cost a little more, the time saved more than makes up for it.

Personalised Party Invitations Help Build Excitement

If you’re planning a birthday party for your son who’s a huge fan of comic books and superhero movies, wouldn’t it be amazing to design a personalised superhero themed party invitation with bold, primary colours and comic-book style graphics? Then you can personalise it with his name, age, and party details.

If you were to receive that invitation, it would naturally set high expectations for the party and even inspire you to make a bigger effort to attend and buy an expensive present. It will also create excitement and a sense of anticipation for a party or event. People who would ordinarily avoid a party might be intrigued enough to come if they receive a special invitation.

While it’s more effort than just buying a bog-standard pack from a local shop, the upside is invaluable. Imagine how happy your partner will be when their best friends flock to their 50th birthday party, gifts in hand. The extra effort pays dividends and shows that you care.

What Type of Events Can Use a Personalised Party Invitation?

Through personalisation, you can create invitations for any purpose—perhaps you’re planning a summer barbeque or scavenger hunt for friends and family, and want to make it special, with a fancy personalised invitation. It’s great for setting the party’s tone and expectations.

There is no limit to the imagination that you can put into this type of invitation. Including the words RSVP elevates the feeling of the recipient—it feels like a party they should attend.

This could be any type of celebration or event that you could imagine. For example:

1) Retirement parties. Make an imaginative invitation, chronicling their work-life and show appreciation for the sacrifices they made in bringing you up.
2) Anniversary parties. If you’re planning to host a party on your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, create a customised invitation in a golden colour scheme with a picture of them on their wedding day.
3) Birthday parties. Invite friends and family to your son or daughter’s 18th birthday celebration in style, with an invitation personalised with their name, party details and gift list.
4) Surprise parties. Plan a special surprise birthday celebration for your partner’s 40th birthday. For fun, include a baby picture, and add a personalised note reminding people not to spoil the surprise.
5) Baby showers. Pick an adorable baby-themed party invitation and instruct guests to dress up in pink or blue, according to their guess for the baby’s gender!

Don’t forget to include RSVP details on the invitation, so your guests know how to let you know they’re coming! This is particularly important if you’ll need a final head count before the big day.

Personalised Party Invitations for Themed Events

When it comes to themed parties, the options are almost endless. For example:

1) If you’re considering a Harry Potter-themed birthday or Halloween party, complete with Quidditch, butterbeer and broomsticks, remember to use the same themes in your party invitation.
2) For a Christmas party invitation, use Christmas themes, including bold red, green and white colours in your invitation.
3) Plan a murder mystery party and create a personalised invitation using a Raymond Chandler, film noir style, and spike the theme by writing RSVP in an ominous blood-red-style font.
4) Design a spooky invitation to a Halloween party with this Boneyard design.
5) Create a scavenger hunt invitation and design the card around the theme of the scavenger hunt and, for added spice, include the first cryptic clue.
6) Throw a special university graduation party for your son or daughter, inviting friends and family with a graduation themed invitation.
7) Invite friends and family to the first night of an amateur dramatics show, featuring themes and lyrics from the show on the invitation.

A themed and personalised party invitation will quickly let guests know what to expect and how to dress (or what sort of present to bring), and will get them excited for what’s to come!

How Can You Personalise a Party Invitation?

As mentioned above, the options for personalisation are extensive. For example, look at the huge variety of invitation templates and design options available from 123Print, a UK-based professional printing company.

Invitation Size

Two sizes are available, standard (A6) and large (A5).
The larger A5 size gives much more scope for design and personalisation. It’s ideal for invitations that you’ll need to fit a lot of text and details on. The smaller A6 size, commonly used for postcards, is more convenient for delivery. Which size you choose is completely up to you, but depends in part on your budget, as the larger size is slightly more expensive. (Worth it, though!)

Choice of Templates

Hundreds of default templates are available, covering a wide number of themes and occasions. Each design includes a thematic image with some default text. Every party invitation template can be fully customised using a flexible, completely free and easy-to-use design editor capable of modifying any aspect of the template, including the text content.

The editor can update text position, font type/style, size and colour. But if you want to save time and you’re happy to use a default design, all you need to do to get an amazing custom invitation is to add your party details, and you’re good to go!

Custom “Blank Slate” Design

Can’t find a party invitation design that’s quite right? If so, you can start with a completely blank template and upload custom artwork to the editor. If your design requirements are specific, employ a graphic designer and upload their content to the editor! It’s a more expensive option, but you’ll get an incredible looking invitation.
It’s also possible to upload pictures directly from a computer, Facebook feed or Instagram channel.

Reverse Side

Don’t forget that invitations have two sides, and they’re both worth taking advantage of! It’s possible to be just as creative with the reverse side as it is the front. Add extra party details such as the dress code – or why not add a picture of the birthday person?

Order Your Personalised Party Invitations Today with 123Print!

At 123Print, we’ve got over 100 years’ worth of experience printing professional-quality party invitations, thank you cards, business cards and a wealth of other stationery through our parent company, CCA occasions.

Have a browse today through our extensive selection of party invitations to find one that’s right for you – or start from scratch!

The party invitation editor is free to use—no payment is required until you’re happy with the design and ready to order. And you don’t need to do it all at once: if you create an account, you can save your design half-way through to work on at a later time. If the party is an annual event, you can even re-edit and print a new invitation for the next year.
With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’re bound to be pleased with your custom invitations – and so will your guests. Get started on planning your perfect party today with 123Print!

16 Fun and Easy Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

There’s so much to think about when planning a birthday party for your child – especially if you want them to have the best party of all time! From deciding where to host the party, to what party invitations to buy, it can feel fairly overwhelming.
Having a solid kid’s birthday party theme can help make everything that little bit easier. You can design the decorations, invitations, and even the food to coordinate with the theme, so that nothing looks out of place. And theming a birthday party doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive!

Here are 16 fun and easy birthday party themes for you to choose from.

1. Detective

Why not put a twist on the classic theme of cops and robbers by throwing a detective themed party. Give out some cheap magnifying glasses, and have the children search for crime-solving clues in a scavenger hunt.
You could use brown paper bags decorated to look like evidence bags, and put some mini disguise kits and a notepad inside each one to act as their party favours. You could even finish the party with a classic game of Cluedo!

2. Sports Day

If you’d prefer an outdoor party, then a sports day themed birthday would be perfect for your back garden, or even the local park.
The children can dress up in their sports kit and you can pick activities such as a sack race, a ball relay, or if the weather is warm enough, maybe water balloon dodgeball! You could finish the party off by giving out medals and prizes to those who took part. This trees invitation will help spread the message that the party will be held outside!

3. Lego

When it comes to throwing an awesome, creative, and gender-neutral party, what’s better than lego? Not only will it be popular, but it’s likely that you will have enough at home to add to the decor.
Why not have a building challenge, or use some moulds bought online to create sweets or chocolates in the shape of these bricks. You could even create bigger bricks for decoration by using some boxes and painting them in the same colours as your theme. A construction-themed party invitation will help get guests in the mood for building!

4. Princes and Princesses

The great thing about a prince and princess themed party is that as well as being timeless, it’s also flexible. Whether you go for a general royalty theme, or base it around a specific Disney princess, you’re bound to have a perfect time.
Consider activities such as magic wand making, a scavenger hunt for royal treasure, and maybe swap musical chairs for musical thrones! Have pink lemonade and cut some sandwiches into dainty heart shapes. End the party with some cheap plastic crowns as party favours. This sparkly pink love heart invitation definitely gives off princess vibes.

5. Pirates

If your child is into pirates, then have a swashbuckling good time with a pirate-themed bash. Organise a scavenger hunt and have the kids search for pirate booty, and if they’re dressed up then even better! Luckily, pirate costumes are cheap and easy to make – all you need is an eye patch, a bandana and a billowy shirt.
You could even add to this with some temporary skull and crossbones tattoos, and if you have activities making pirate flags and telescopes, then they will really look the part. End the party with some fish and chips and ‘grog’. This spooky skull invitation would be perfect!

6. Pancakes and pyjamas

If you’re not a fan of sleepovers, then throwing a pancakes and pyjamas themed birthday can be a great alternative.
With a spread of pancakes, pastries, fruit, cereal and yogurt available, consider activities such as pancake decorating, pillow sack races and making necklaces out of your favourite hoop shaped cereal, all whilst wearing the comfiest pyjamas!

7. Rainbows

The best part of throwing a rainbow themed party is going crazy with all the colours, and not limiting yourself to just one or two hues. This makes shopping for props a breeze!
You can buy brightly coloured balloons and streamers for some exciting décor, have guests dress up in their favourite colours, and provide face painting as an activity. Food can be kept simple with rainbow fruit or veggie kebabs and if you have the time, you could make some rainbow fruit ice lollies. Add to the theme with this bright rainbow balloon party invitation.

8. Robots

Consider picking robots if you are looking for a versatile theme. With mostly silver, and one other colour, such as orange, blue or green, you could recycle some old boxes by sticking robot faces on them. You could even cut a circle in one of them to make a photo booth!
Why not put your snacks into different sized aluminium food trays, and arrange them to look like a robot, and for drinks, label some bottles as fuel. For activities, create your own masks and play a special game of musical robot statues.
And don’t think that robots are just for boys, either – this gears of love invitation combines robotic gears and subtle hearts for a girly touch.

9. Science

Throwing a science party is one of the most fun themes on this list; think orange, green and purple to create a mad lab with your little scientists. You could use food colouring in water for drinks and decorations, and you could even buy some petri dishes to put jelly in with some gummy worms.
Some simple science-themed party activities could include making slime, or conducting the classic coke and mentos experiment. As long as you have lots of bubbles and foam then you are bound to have a fun time. Don’t forget to dress up in your white lab coats!

10. Unicorn

If your little one wants a magical or fantasy themed party, consider picking unicorns! You could stick to a pastel colour scheme, or even combine this with the rainbow theme for an enchanted time. Party snacks can be as simple as candyfloss for unicorn hair, and chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles for a unicorn horn.
Activities can be just as easy, with adapting a simple ring toss game to create toss the ring on the horn, or pin the tail on the unicorn instead of the donkey. Why not have the children decorate unicorn shaped biscuits for a fun and yummy treat.

11. Under the sea

Under the sea is another simple yet effective theme for your child’s birthday! You can keep it basic and stick to sea animals, or you could adapt it and make it mermaid or Spongebob themed, for example. Consider decorating with blue, green and purple streamers – they would make a great backdrop if you hung them from the ceiling, or maybe you could add them to some balloons to make some wiggly jellyfish.
For food, you could cut pizzas and sandwiches to look like starfish, or even decorate fish-shaped biscuits as one of your activities. For delightful ocean themed desserts, consider individual jellies with gummy fish in them, or skewer some grapes to look like seaweed! This seaside party invitation will tie the theme together.

12. Zoo

While going to the zoo can be fun, when you invite even just a few of your child’s friends the ticket price can soon add up. Instead, why not bring the zoo to your home, with a zoo-themed party! Have everyone dress up as their favourite animals, and make masks or use face-paints.
Why not have animal themed snacks: bananas for monkeys, veggies for goats and peanut butter sandwiches for elephants, and as well as decorating using different animal patterns, why not pop some small toy animals on the snack table that can be used as party favours. This adorable pastel zoo invitation would fit the theme perfectly.

13. Dinosaur

Dinosaurs will always be one of those “roarsome” birthday party themes that will never go out of style, and with a simple colour scheme of green and brown, you are bound to organise this with no effort whatsoever.
Why not have a sandpit as a digging site, with some plastic dinosaurs for the children to find? Or if you want to go the extra mile, you could make some fossils using salt dough. Biscuits with dino footprints would make a great snack alongside a fruit-a-saurus salad, and hold a dinosaur egg and spoon race for some extra fun.

14. Outer Space

With space missions starting up again, now is the perfect time to throw a space themed party! Gear yourself up with space themed decorations – multicoloured balloons would make great planets (whether from this solar system or not!)
Come up with some galactic activities, such as painting ‘moon’ rocks, creating ‘UFO’ frisbees, and making some ‘alien goo slime’. How about some out of this world flying saucer pizza or special star shaped sandwiches? However you choose to throw this intergalactic bash, don’t forget to pick a side for dressing up. Will you choose to be an astronaut or an alien?

15. Woodland creatures

A woodland themed party is great for all ages, and can be perfect for any season of the year. The best part is being able to use things from nature in your decorations and activities, saving money. Why not have a pinecone treasure hunt? And if you’re out in the woods, you could have a den-building competition from logs and branches.
You could even incorporate a fairy theme into it if you wanted to, decorating fairy doors and making fairy or animal masks. The food is where you could get the most creative: decorate cupcakes to look like mushrooms, use Swiss rolls as logs, pretzels for twigs, and incorporate lots of different berries. This neutral toned butterfly party invitation would be perfect for a woodland party.

16. Ice Cream Sundae Party

Perfect for the summer months, an ice cream sundae party is simple, but very tasty! Create your own sundae station, and add things like sprinkles and chocolate sauce, but also different fruits, biscuits and fun cereal toppings.
Consider a themed game: participants roll a die and depending on the result, put a cherry on top, add some chocolate syrup, pass the bowl to the left, etc, and when it ends they eat what’s in front of them. You could also play the classic game of “duck duck goose”, but instead change it to “banana banana split.”
Have you chosen your ideal birthday party theme yet? When you’re ready to pick your perfect matching invitations, head over to 123Print to browse our huge range of templates. They’re available in two sizes (A5 and A6) and are all fully customisable. Happy designing!


The Complete Guide to Promotional Postcards: How, When and Why

Digital-only marketers reading this article might be asking why they should be thinking about promotional postcard ideas in the 21st century. Isn’t paper marketing a little passé?
It’s a fair question, but there is a lot of data about the importance to a brand of direct mail advertising. For a start, according to the latest statistics, up to 87% of people read all their physical mail – compared to promotional emails, where the global average is only 23%.
That’s less than a one in four chance that your promotional email gets opened, assuming that it didn’t hit the spam folder.

Now, no one is suggesting that you dump your promotional email campaigns—email is a powerful marketing tool—but consider promotional postcards as an interesting and highly customisable adjunct to your online marketing activities.
Aside from being useful for digital marketers, promotional postcards are an essential marketing tool for brick-and-mortar retail businesses, too.

Why Should You Use Promotional Postcards?

Promotional postcards are exactly what they sound like – postcards sent out to past customers, current customers, and potential customers to promote a business.
They can be used as a sturdier alternative to flyers, to advertise your products, services, or special offers. They can also simply be used for brand awareness and recognition, by wishing customers and clients a Merry Christmas, for example.

The one big advantage to postcards is that they can be put straight in the post box without an envelope. So you’re not only saving money on envelopes, but you’re also saving time stuffing and sealing them.

Promotional postcards can be designed to fit almost any colour scheme, theme, industry and occasion. They can also be fully customised with your business’s logo, preferred font and wording options.

When to Send Promotional Postcards

You can use personalised postcards in almost any way you’d like – as a thank you to a loyal customer, or to wish a longstanding client a happy birthday. But they’re most often used to advertise some sort of sale, promotion, or special discount that a business is currently offering.

The point of a promotional postcard is to remind your clients and customers about your company, and encourage them to get shopping now- otherwise they’ll miss the special offer! So, the right time to send a promotional postcard is whenever you’ve got a promotion or sale on.

There are a few typical sales periods to consider, such as:
Spring sale
Summer sale
Back to School
Black Friday
Christmas or Boxing Day sale
New Year

Think about how your product or service fits the season and create matching postcard promotions. For example, if you sell fashion products, promote clothes appropriate to the season.

Over the past ten years, the amount of online buying has risen massively. Now, throughout the year, there are various ‘cyber’ sales from online retailers, such as Amazon. It’s good to time your promotions to coincide with these sales and hook onto the shirt tails of the online sellers.


What Do You Put on a Promotional Postcard?

Like any other form of marketing promotion, the design and content should be simple and eye-catching. Think about your marketing goal, and design the card in a way that guides the reader to take the action that you want.

If, for instance, you expect someone to buy a gym membership subscription, you might wish to write some enticing copy and offer a two-month-free discount via a QR code. The recipient scanning that QR code and accessing the sales page on your website is your promotional postcard’s ‘call to action’.

That may seem obvious, but without that one clear goal, the recipient might read it once, then toss it into the rubbish bin. The best promotional postcard ideas as simple and easy to execute.

How to Design a Promotional Postcard

How do you design a promotional postcard that will get read, as opposed to being thrown away? It’s all about making clever design choices that will help your postcard stand out from the rest.
Here are some promotional postcard design ideas that are sure to pull customers in.

Try Portrait Format

Most cards use landscape format. A portrait formatted postcard might prompt the recipient to pick it up and read. Getting someone to read your promotional postcard is the first hurdle to clear.

Contrasting Colours

The use of contrasting colours in a postcard design can help direct the recipient’s eye to an important piece of information, like price or a discount code.
However, use carefully, as overusing this technique may make a postcard hard to read.

Include Social Proof

Customers are far more likely to shop with a new business if they’ve got some sort of evidence that they won’t get scammed, or be sold an inferior product. People trust brands that other people recommend.
Where possible, leave space in your design for pictures of satisfied customers, testimonials or reviews. Even including your rating on TrustPilot, for example, is helpful.


Try to avoid sending postcards and direct mail to ‘The Occupier’ or some other anonymous entity. Unless you’re a cable company trying to entice a new tenant or owner to buy your service, it doesn’t work and is very impersonal.

Work at making your customer database as complete as possible. First name/last name and address are the minimum. If you are a local company and your mailshot is small enough, consider writing the name and address by hand, too.

People who receive direct mail consider it more personal than other forms of direct advertising, such as email promotions. Take advantage of this bias and make your promotions as personal as possible.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Use bright images that stand out. Your promotional postcard must grab the recipient’s attention before they move onto the next item. Make sure that your postcard stands out from the rest by choosing crisp, clear, large images that use eye-catching colours such as red.

If you haven’t got any of your own images to use (such as pictures of your products), there are plenty of royalty-free image sites that you can make use of.

Use Both Sides

A postcard has two sides, so make good use of both. What’s on the front of the postcard should entice the customer to turn it over and read the other side.
Of course, don’t forget to leave space for the customer’s address on the reverse of the postcard – unless you’re going door-to-door and won’t need to actually use the postal system.

Include a QR code

QR codes are becoming more popular as a marketing tool. Include one in your promotion and make it easy for your customer to find your online information.
By scanning the QR code, the recipient will be sent directly to your website, and straight to the pertinent page regarding the promotion. This is a lot easier than typing a link into a web browser.

You can even include a personalised tracking number linked to the postcard recipient, so you know who’s reading your mail.

Postcard Promotion Ideas

Understanding your business and customers will lead to many great promotional postcard ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

Loyalty Cards

The invention of the loyalty card has been a great boon to the marketing activities of many brick-and-mortar retail businesses.

The cards enable them to track customer spending and offer discounts for a product that they routinely buy. The loyalty card application process captures a lot of customer data, suitable for direct mail marketing campaigns, including postcards.

Personalised Offers

Using the customer’s purchase history, you can create personalised postcards featuring products that they regularly buy, or products they might like to try in the future.
For instance, if a customer buys an expensive cosmetic product from a boutique store, the store may estimate when it’ll run out and send a 10% off coupon. The customer comes to the store to use the coupon and buys more.

Home Buyers

Through public records, it is usually possible to find when properties are bought and sold. It is safe to assume that when someone moves into a new property, they need to buy household goods or services.

If your business sells anything that would interest a home buyer – such as kitchen gadgets, soft furnishings, home décor, or anything of the like – create a welcoming personalised postcard and send it to their new address.

Discount Codes

The discount code is probably the most effective form of promotion. An estimated 40% of direct mail receivers will access a target website after receiving an attractive offer.
Even if you only offer a small discount – such as 10% off your first purchase, or buy two and get one free – it will entice new customers to shop with you. Include a special coupon code that you only distribute through your postcards, and you’ll be able to track how successful your postcards are!

Free Gifts

This is a great way to reward loyal customers. The gift doesn’t need to be super expensive, and you can save it for your long standing clients. When they come to your store to redeem their gift, they’ll have a browse of your other products and may leave with more than they bargained for.

Customer Feedback

Postcards aren’t just for selling products. Shops and restaurants may also use them to get customer feedback. Include a few questions on your postcard such as “how did you hear of us?” and “how would you rate our products or services?” and leave space for your customers to write their answer.
You can also offer a free gift or discount in return for a completed survey!

Greetings Cards

If your customer database includes your customers’ or clients’ dates of birth, send a personalised birthday postcard with a gift certificate or coupon code. You can also send out promotional postcards at Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so on – simply to wish your customers a great holiday.

Where Can I Buy Promotional Postcards?

You’ll want to have your promotional postcards printed professionally, rather than trying to do it at home. And there’s no better place to order promotional postcards in the UK than 123Print!

At 123Print, you can choose from hundreds of promotional postcard templates in two sizes. Our standard postcards measure 143 x 102mm, while our large postcards are 203 x 127mm. All of our postcards are printed on high quality 330gsm cardstock.

When you’ve found a template that you’d like to work with, simply click on it to begin editing. You can upload your business’s logo or other artwork straight from your device, and play with the text colour and font until it perfectly matches your company’s aesthetic. Feel free to save your design and come back to it later, if you haven’t the time to perfect it in one sitting!

We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 working days, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Head to 123Print today to browse all of our affordable and high-quality business stationery.

Help Your Business Correspondence Stand Out with Personalised Rubber Stamps

Personalised stamps are a great way to set business correspondence apart and increase brand recognition. The best thing about personalised self-inking stamps is that they’re so easy to use. All you have to do is stamp your information onto a piece of correspondence, send it off, and voila! It’s that easy.
Stamps come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be customised with your company’s name, tagline, address or contact number. Rubber stamps make business correspondence faster and easier for busy people; stamping your information on the mail or an envelope takes just seconds. And you’ll save plenty of time with bulk mailings too. You just need one stamp for each envelope you send out. So there’s no need to spend the extra time writing out mailing addresses on every letter you send.

What Are Personalised Rubber Stamps?

A rubber stamp is, as you likely already know, a rubber tool etched with a design (shape, logo, or text). Traditional rubber stamps are dipped into ink and then pressed onto paper; however, self-inking stamps are a modern improvement, and are much easier to use.
Personalised rubber stamps can be customised with any text you’d like. Smaller stamps are great for stamping your business’s name or contact telephone number, while larger stamps can fit your business address as well.
You can also get stamps that use images, such as loyalty stamps, which are designed for stamping a small image onto a loyalty card.

Why Should I Invest in Personalised Rubber Stamps?

Business owners are always looking for ways to help their company stand out in a crowd, and personalised stamps are a great way to accomplish this goal. Using custom rubber stamps will help create a unique and professional image for your company.
Stamps are one of the most effective marketing tools you can invest in with your business, and they’re a great way to help your company get noticed.
Personalised stamps are very inexpensive when compared to other promotional items. They also help save you a lot of time – and time is money! Rather than writing your address or company name on all of your communications, you can stamp it quickly and easily.

What Types of Rubber Stamps Are There?

When choosing a stamp, take into consideration how many letters you’ll be able to fit onto the stamp and where exactly you want those letters placed.
Personalised rubber stamps can be customised for practically any use, but some more common usages for them include:

Name/Title Stamps

These stamps show your name or title together with the business name in a very professional way. They’re great to use on completed proposals, letters sent to customers, or anywhere else you need to display your name as well as the business’ name.
Business name stamps can also contain your company’s name with one line of text underneath, such as a motto or telephone number.

Address Stamps

These stamps allow you to stamp your business’s address on large envelopes or documents, so that your employees don’t have to write it out by hand. It has the added benefit of making your letters appear more official and professional.
Address stamps can also be used in other unique ways, as you can customise the eight lines of text in any way you’d like. For example, create a stamp to display your business’s opening hours, or your social media handles.

Loyalty Stamps

Loyalty stamps don’t use text at all – instead, they are designed to print a small image. They’re mostly used for stamping loyalty cards (where customers can ‘save up’ stamps for a free gift or discount). You can choose from a variety of images, such as a pizza slice or a paw print, and choose your preferred ink colour.

Date Stamps

If you have to stamp dates onto your mail, you’ll obviously need to change the date on the stamp regularly. You can purchase special dater stamps that use a simple roller mechanism to allow you to change the day, month and year.

How to Use Personalised Rubber Stamps

Most businesses get a good return on investment when they use personalised rubber stamps in their correspondence. In addition, because they make mail easier to send, they can be sure of getting their message across promptly and accurately.
Personalised rubber stamps are also fun to use because it’s almost like using your own personal seal. When you see how much time you can save each day on correspondence with personalised stamps, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive they can make you.
To make sure you get the most out of your personalised rubber stamps, follow these tips:

1. Buy from a Reputable Company

You don’t want to buy cheap, low-quality stamps that won’t stick properly and will damage easily if they accidentally hit something hard like a countertop. Instead, be sure to find a company that sells high-quality products, such as 123Print. That way, you’ll get the most out of your investment.

2. Stamp Smartly

Choosing the correct type of stamp and message for your business can be a daunting task. To help you decide, take some time to think about how often you send out letters or proposals, who they’re going to, and what you want them to remember about your business.
Once you’ve got that down, all that’s left is to choose the perfect rubber stamp, and customise the text to your liking. You can even choose the ink that best matches your business’s colour scheme!

3. Test the Stamp Before Using It

If you buy pre-inked stamps, make sure they work properly before using them on important documents or correspondence. This will ensure that the stamp is not defective, and prevent problems down the line. It’s also a good idea to test out any non-inked stamp before using it to make sure you like the positioning of your message.

4. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk saves you a lot of money on each stamp and lets you get more uses out of them as well. Plan ahead to buy stamps before you run out, and be sure to take advantage of bulk pricing when you can. The best place to look for deals is online. For example, the more stamps you order with 123Print, the more you save.

5. Use a Self-Inking Stamp

If you have multiple names or titles that would fit on a single personalised rubber stamp, using an ink pad can get quite messy. It can also waste valuable time. Instead, use a self-inking stamp which eliminates the need for an ink pad and is much more convenient to store and carry around.

6. Select a Stamp Size that Fits Your Needs

There are many different sizes of personalised rubber stamps available on the market today. Therefore, it’s crucial to select the right size for your needs. This will ensure that you can use it across all your correspondence and make sure the impression left on letters is large enough to recognise easily.

7. Apply the Stamp Appropriately

Be sure to position a personalised rubber stamp correctly so that your text looks great when it’s stamped. Choose a location on the document that is flat, and large enough to display all of the text. Don’t press too hard, or you could damage the rubber.
Check for flaws in the design before you put it on a document. If it’s not perfect, reach out to the company that designed it. At 123Print, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – so if for any reason you’re not pleased with your stamps, we won’t give up until we’ve fixed the issue.

8. Store Your Stamp Correctly

Always replace the lid on your stamp after using it, to ensure that the ink doesn’t dry out. This will help you get the most use and longevity out of your rubber stamp.
Over time, the ink will begin to run out. The easiest way to find out if a stamp needs replacing is by running your fingers across it. If it’s dried up, discard it and use a fresh one to get better stamping results. (You should always make sure you have lots of new stamps on hand!)

Where Can I Buy Personalised Rubber Stamps?

Stamps add a professional touch to business correspondence, envelopes, documents, and promotional materials. Your customers are more likely to respond to you if they feel like you’re a true professional.
Stamps also save time and money by ensuring that letters are promptly sent to their destinations with the correct return address information. But, most importantly, they help you stand out from the crowd.
When choosing where to buy your personalised rubber stamps online from, remember that service is key! You want to find an online store with plenty of customisation options available and fast delivery, such as 123Print.
We offer a wide selection of personalised rubber stamps, great for any business of any size. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, fast delivery, and low prices – so shop online with us today to find your perfect stamp!