Are Vertical and Square Business Cards a Good Idea?

Business cards are a great way to share information about yourself with potential clients or network contacts. They instantly provide a way for your contacts to get in touch, and the right business card will also help you stand out in their mind. Bland and boring business cards are passé: you need to be noticed in this world to be successful!

There are many different formats of business card that exist, and all of them serve a unique purpose. Typically, business cards are horizontal. But more recently, vertical and square business cards have gained popularity

Vertical and square business cards are more unusual when compared to the traditional landscape format. This makes them a unique and standout choice when pulled off correctly and paired with the right company. If paired with the correct design and information, a square business card can be more effective than the classic horizontal format.

When are Vertical and Square Business Cards a Good Idea?

If you want your business card to have the extra wow factor, opting for a vertical or square business card can be a brilliant idea. By their very nature, they stand out from the crowd – so they’re particularly useful if you’re part of a highly competitive industry, and feel that you need to go the extra mile in order to be noticed and remembered.

As they don’t follow the crowd, square and vertical business cards can help make you or your company look:
1) Progressive
2) Creative
3) Fun
4) Unique
5) Forward-thinking
6) Innovative
7) Clever
8) Young and fresh

If this is the image that you have in mind for your business, it may pay to go against the grain. Another benefit of vertical and square business cards is that, unlike other ways you can make your card stand out (such as using humour, an unusual font, or a vivid colour scheme), simply changing the orientation of your business card won’t risk making you look unprofessional.

Why Should I Choose a Vertical Business Card?

There are many reasons why you may want to stray from the status quo and go for a vertical business card.
Vertical business cards are distinctive and would work well for companies who are progressive and innovative.
They are perfect for displaying short, succinct pieces of information. This can be helpful to some as a business card looks more professional if it is less cluttered. Because of their width they enable you to be minimal, which tends to create a more effective business card.
Opting for a vertical layout means that your contacts will have to turn your card around in their hand in order to read it. This simple act alone will help to engage the reader’s mind, making them more likely to remember you than if you’d handed them a standard horizontal card.

These types of cards also tend to suit simple design. This means if you have a basic, colour blocked logo or no logo at all, the vertical card is a brilliant choice for you.
If you decided on a vertical business card, a design like Formal Dress would suit most professionals. If you are looking for a vocational card such as hairdressing, beauty or plumbing, there are hundreds of different job specific card templates available at 123Print.

Why Should I Choose a Square Business Card?

Similar to vertical business cards, square business cards stand out from the crowd. Especially at networking events, where hundreds (if not thousands) of business cards will be handed out and passed around, you need your own card to make a statement if you want it to be noticed.
If your business is creative and design-orientated, a square business card may suit you. This choice can be seen as bold and confident as it completely deviates from the normal business card shape. Square cards have gained popularity in recent years because of this, particularly with graphics or design orientated companies.
Square business cards also tend to use less paper than a traditional shape where the vertical or horizontal. This makes them better for the environment.
Unfortunately, the one downside to square business cards is that they don’t fit as neatly into a pocket, business card organiser or rolodex. Depending on the size of the square, they may not fit at all – running the risk that your contact will misplace or throw away your business card.

Why Should I Choose a Traditional Horizontal Business Card?

If you are uncertain as to what shape business card would suit you best, or if you’re hesitant to deviate from the norm, there is no problem with going for a classic horizontal business card. Horizontal business cards are popular for a reason!
By using a horizontal business card, you have more space to include your details than on a square or vertical business card. This may be useful if you are including multiple forms of contact on your card. It could also be useful for companies who may want to include opening hours or a list of services on their cards.

For these reasons, companies who use their business cards to serve the same purpose as a mini flyer may want to consider horizontal business cards. There is no reason why a horizontal business card will not work well for all businesses as they are classic, clear and easy to read.

For horizontal business cards, a design like Charcoal Border will always look professional. And if you still want to stand out, remember that you can customise any horizontal business card template with your own artwork, different fonts and text colours. You can even create your own business card from scratch, for a completely unique design that your contacts will remember.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Business Card?

There are a few simple rules to stick to when choosing a business card.
Remember that the most important thing is that your business card suits you or your company. This is especially important in professional settings.

If you follow these tips, you should have no problem creating an effective card.
1) Only include the necessary information. The more cluttered the card is, the less the reader will pay attention to or remember
2) Make a statement. Design the card to match your company’s aesthetic, so that your contact or client will immediately know what kind of business you are
3) Make sure it’s legible. As much as you want to stand out, don’t use a clashing font colour or style that can’t be read quickly and easily
4) Double check your contact details are correct. Just one small typo might mean that nobody can get in touch with you! Also, spelling errors can make you seem unprofessional and untrustworthy
5) Make use of the back of the card. Don’t leave it as an empty white space! Include a loyalty card feature, for example, or provide your clients with opening times
6) Include your branding, such as your logo, to spread brand awareness and recognition

Finally, never attempt to print your business cards yourself at home. Order from a professional business stationer such as 123Print. This will ensure that all of your cards are printed to the highest quality and will create a great first impression.

What Should I Include on My Business Card?

Whether your chosen business card design is horizontal, vertical or square, always strive for a minimalistic and uncluttered design.
Business cards with just the basics help potential clients to easily access the more important information. You want to make sure your name and contact details stand out as this will be helpful in the event that someone wants to contact you. Here’s what you need:
1) Logo
2) Name of company (if you have one)
3) Personal or company tagline
4) Your name and title
5) What you do
6) Links to your website and socials
7) Contact details

All of our templates contain ample space for the above information, and can be personalised according to your own requirements.

Where Can I Buy Business Cards in the UK?

At 123Print we offer a massive range of business card templates in both horizontal and vertical formats. Our templates cover a huge range of styles from conservative to contemporary, meaning that whatever you do, there will be a business card to suit you. We also cater to a range of vocations such as salon and beauty, gardening, sports and fitness, and automotive.

All our business cards are fully customisable, allowing you to change the font, wording and colour, and add your own logo to make it yours.
We pride ourselves on our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that if for some reason your high-quality business cards do not meet your expectations, we’ll refund or replace them. We also have a low price guarantee, so you won’t break the bank! Our 48 hour shipping promise means that you can get your business cards quickly and fuss-free.


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