14 Unique Ideas for Wedding Save the Dates (Cards, Magnets and More)

The save the date is the first piece of wedding stationery that you’ll need to order and send out to your prospective guests. It’s vital that you make a good impression, as for most of your friends and relatives, this will be the first they hear about your wedding!
Traditionally, save the dates are sent out between 4 and 12 months before the wedding. They serve as an announcement of your upcoming marriage, as well as disclosing the date, so that your guests can book the day off. Further details (such as the location, start time, and dress code) are sent later on, with the invitation.
When it comes to save the dates, you can always go classic and timeless (with a printed save the date card that matches your theme). But if you want to stand out, here are some unique ideas that will wow your invitees.
1. Photo Upload Save the Date Cards

Photo upload cards allow for true personalisation by letting you add any photograph of your choice to the front of your save the date. What better way to make use of that beautiful engagement photoshoot?
If you don’t fancy using a photo, you could even design your own artwork to scan and upload instead (such as cute cartoon or caricature of the two of you). It’s so much more personal than choosing a generic design or template.
2. Photo Upload Fridge Magnets

Save the date magnets have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Your guests certainly won’t forget your upcoming wedding if the reminder is stuck to the front of their fridge or filing cabinet!
There are many different save the date fridge magnet templates available, but we love the flexibility of blank save the date magnets that you can personalise yourself. You can upload photographs or designs of your choice, as well as personalising the text.
3. Save the Date Business Cards

We absolutely love these small save the date cards, which are around the size of a standard business card. Not only are they much cheaper to print and post than a standard-sized save the date, but they’re perfect for carrying around in your purse or wallet. Keep a few on your person, and if anybody asks when you’re getting married, you can simply whip out a card! Choose from one of our many templates, or create your own entirely from scratch.
4. Save the Date Keyrings

Who doesn’t love keyrings? They’re cute, small, and help you to find your keys when you’re rummaging around in the bottom of your handbag. They’re also pretty cheap to order in bulk.
You can have a metal or acrylic keyring engraved, or buy the clear plastic kind that allows you to slip a piece of paper inside. Simply personalise your keyring with your wedding date, and you’ve created a unique and fun save the date.
5. Personalised Mugs

Whether you prefer tea, coffee or hot chocolate, everyone loves a good mug. So, why not send a personalised mug as a practical and personal save the date? At 123Print, you can have your wedding date printed onto a quality ceramic mug, and even add a photograph if you’d like.
Choose from a single image or a wraparound image, and either edit one of our templates or start from scratch. Your guests will use their new mug for years to come, and they’ll think of you every time they enjoy a hot drink.
6. Save the Date Notepads

Personalised notepads are usually used as business stationery. However, we think they’re a fantastic choice for a unique and practical save the date. You can personalise your notepad with your wedding date and a message, using a blank design or one of our colourful templates.
Every time your invitee uses their new notepad, they’ll be reminded of your upcoming wedding, heightening their anticipation. And once the big day is over, the notepad will serve as a lovely keepsake of the day.
7. Mini Desk Calendars

Mini desk calendars are extremely cheap, come in many colours and designs, and can be bought individually or in bulk from many stationers and printers. All you have to do to turn a desk calendar into a save the date is to circle the date of your wedding, and add a note explaining that you’re getting married!
Mini desk calendars are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so relatively cheap to send by post – and they a cutesy touch to any office or study setup, which your guests are sure to appreciate.
8. Save the Date Flyers

Think glossy, mirror-finish flyers are only for advertising products, services, or public events? Think again! With our custom flyer printing service, you can design your own flyer from scratch to use as a save the date. You can choose from three sizes:
• DL (210 x 99mm)
• A5 (210 x 148.5mm)
• A4 (210 x 297mm)
Why not design a flyer to ‘advertise’ your wedding as if it was a music festival, or vintage carnival, for example? Your guests will love your originality.
9. Engraved Coasters

Drinks coasters come in a huge range of different materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, stone, and glass. Most of these can be engraved or printed on, either by hand, graver or laser. You can order personalised coasters with the date of your wedding, or buy plain ones and take them to a professional engraving service near you.
Coasters are perfect for unique save the dates, and will also serve as a lasting memento for your guests. They’ll be reminded of your wedding day every time they lift up their cup of tea!
10. Save the Date Bookmarks

If you or your partner loves to read, or if your wedding theme is based on a novel (e.g. Harry Potter), personalised bookmarks may be a perfect way to announce your upcoming nuptials. Bookmarks are small and cheap to print, and can be customised with the date of your wedding, or even a photograph of the two of you.
Paper bookmarks are the most common kind, but you can even purchase personalised leather bookmarks if you want to go the extra mile (and add a vintage feel to your stationery).
11. Postcards

Save the date postcards are perfect for destination weddings, whether they’re being held in another country or simply a scenic part of the U.K. You can choose a picturesque photo for the front, or upload your own.
One of the biggest advantages to save the date postcards is that you can put them straight into the post box without an envelope, saving money and paper. You can even get postcard-themed wedding invitations to match.
12. Stickers

It’s not just kids that adore stickers. They can be just as fun for grown-ups, too! Personalised stickers are, like magnets, perfect for adding a touch of fun to a save the date card.
But unlike magnets, stickers can be stuck into diaries and on calendars – meaning your guests certainly won’t forget the upcoming celebration. Have personalised stickers printed, or buy some blank stickers and customise them yourself.
13. Scratch Cards

Everyone loves the excitement and anticipation of a scratch card. But what if, instead of scratching off to see if you’ve won some money, your invitees could scratch to reveal the date of your wedding?
You can order custom scratch card printing from various websites and printing companies. Turn your save the dates into an interactive experience, and your guests will be talking about them for years.
14. Personalised Rubber Stamps

Did you know that with 123Print, you can order personalised rubber stamps with any message of your choosing? Choose from small, medium or large stamps, and customise them using our easy online tool. Add the date of your wedding (and the happy couple’s name, of course), and choose from many different available ink colours.
Once the stamp is shipped to your home, use it to customise any piece of stationery you like, and turn it into a save the date! You’ll then be able to keep the stamp as a memento for years to come.


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