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14 Motivation Hacks for Small Businesses

Motivate Employees
Let’s face it when you have a happy employee who loves coming into work, you know you’re doing something right. Whether you’re a multi-national money making machine or a small business hustling on with 2 – 3 employees, a motivated workforce can be a critical factor to your success.

As many great men and women have said, ‘It is not thee who is great, it is they that surround thee that is great’.

With a crushing economic outlook and tough business competition, it can be hard to keep employees riled up and ready to go. The even bigger bad news? Employees can only really motivate themselves, and there is often little a manager can do to cultivate high morale amongst workers.

Luckily, as a business owner, we can try to remove the many common pitfalls that lead to a demoralised and demotivated workforce. Whether it’s the stress of day to day life, poor communication or quite simply boredom, eradicating these symptoms out of your business can bring the balance of morale back in your favour.

From the dog that makes people talk to the company that pays you $2000 to leave, here’s how to banish boredom, get employees talking and hunt out the causes of stress in your business. Continue reading 14 Motivation Hacks for Small Businesses